Round White Side With Pill One M A How Long Must You Wait B4 Taking Subutext After Taking 4 10 Mg Of Methadone


have taken 4 10 mg of methadone pills and want to know when i can start taking subutext. b4 that taking 80 mg of oxy's off and on for 3 mo hear you can get very sick with subboxone if taken too soon but with subutext it is different? hear you can take as soon as you go into withdrawl

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That is correct, Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone, which counterats opiates and can make you go into withdrawals, the Subutex does not.

That said, it is actually the Suboxone that you are supposed to wait until you are in withdrawals to take, so it doesn't cause you to go into them by neutralizing the other opiates you have taken can cause a bad reaction.

Subutex is generally started immediately, in place of the narcotics someone is taking and then gradually tapered.

Are you seeing a doctor for help with this?


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I've taken suboxone for 3 and 1 half years and must tell you it has literally saved my life. There are no "buzz" , or feeling of getting high. I also attend 12 step meetings and was 11 years sober when I became addicted to Loritab.

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Hi Andy, mu son has iterally just started Subutext and he's lareday saying he might stop them before he's told to as he says they are as addctive as heroin. In your opinion is this true, I am at my wits end, he did get off heroin for months by himslef, with my help, but has got back on it and he really wants to get off it and stay off it. I just wonder and hope you might have some suggestions. I am pretty well informed via websites etc, but it's never as good as speaking to someone who'se done it. Thank you

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hi hopethis reply is not to late to help. i have been clean for 6 years now thanks to suboxone. yes if taken the wrong way suboxone can be very addictive. but it gives you time to think straight and change the things in your life that made you an addict in the first place. herione is much more habbit forming than suboxone but you still must tapper down slowly under a doctors care as suboxone does cause withdrawls if stopped suddenly. god bless you and your son i wish you the best

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I can tell you that suboxone has saved MY life, also! I've been taking it sublingually for about 4years and I feel somewhat "normal" again.
(As opposed to the way I did 10 years ago before the opiate addiction started).
As a parent, I can only imagine how you parents have been dealing with my sisters 20+ year addiction to H/crack/opiates/benzodiazepines, and it had taken a great toll on them. (I never let my addiction get as bad as hers for the sake of my parents). Tell your child to continue taking suboxone....the fact he is telling you it's more addicting, etc
....., is just an EXCUSE (which us addicts are great at coming up with!!!).my sister used to tell my parents the SAME THINGS!!!
Hopefully he will realize suboxone IS a good thing and can only make things better for him.
Good luck!!

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Yes with subutext yes with suboxone no bcuz it jas the blocker and u c will with suboxone {edited for privacy} txt me with qu De stion fror advise or help if ur on methadone or percs any opiate and. Have a question orbneed help finding them

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What should i do if i have taken 50mg. of methadone and then without knowing i shouldn't took 8 mg of suboxan@

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Im on subutex am I able to have methadone just once

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I think suboxone is for withdrawals. And subutex too; but it's not as potent cuz I thought that's what they gave to these youngs girls that are pregnant to get off opiates...

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Suboxone really does work for me but I can not at times make um last I’m on 2 and half day but sometimes I take more than prescribed getting 75 strips mouth but I’m going to not take no more than 2 half day but they are a life saver, just got to take what I’m suppose to no more, Russell:

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I'm an addict so this is from the heart, saying one is clean is akin to saying I'm only taking beer now instead of whiskey so I'm clean

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You better not. It made me think I was gonna die.i would at least wait 48 or 72 hrs after taking methadone. Subutex is what I did. It sucked.

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