White Round Pill 460 On One Side, Other Side Is Blank


Hello. I have white round pills that say nothing else but "460" centered on one side. That's it.

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This tablet is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries and they list it as containing 8mgs of Buprenorphine in a sublingual formulation, it is a generic for Subutex, which is most commonly used to treat drug addiction.

" How Supplied ... Buprenorphine sublingual tablets containing 8 mg buprenorphine are uncoated, round, biconvex, white to off-white, sublingual tablets, debossed with ‘460’ on one side and plain on other side and are supplied as:

Bottles of 30’s with Child Resistant Cap…………….. NDC 62756-460-83

Unit-Dose blister pack of 30 (3×10) tablets ……..... NDC 62756-460-64 "

via DailyMed

Inactive Ingredients:

- Lactose Monohydrate
- Mannitol
- Povidones
- Anhydrous Citric Acid
- Sodium Citrate
- Butylated Hydroxyanisole
- Magnesium Stearate
- Corn Starch

This medication is an opiate, so the FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, constipation, headache, and dry mouth.
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How big are these? Or can you post a pic? I've been trying to find a photo of this type of buprenorphine and can't find anything. I just got back from the pharmacy and found this instead of my normal 54/411 tabs. From the size of the bottle I'm guessing they are 1/4 of size??

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These are subutex or buprenorphine HCL sublingual tablets.

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Be careful. Watson makes a tablet with 460 imprinted and is also white. Main use is for diabetes. Look at images. I'm positive there will be a whole lot of people trying to profit from this immediately. And then it will die off once everyone gains this knowledge. And Sun pharmaceuticals is in bed with watson. This isn't a coincidence. Its common sense. In southern ohio there's a white bar with the "gg" that has the exact letters and numbers as the xanax that I love so much:) Well they call it the "super pill". Why? Its killing people because it has xanax, morphine, and other stronger ingredients. Now if you can prove to me that multi million dollar companies dont have the knowledge that another company makes the exact color, shape, size, letters, and numbers, as this "super pill" and others, ect., I'll let you come to my house and pet my unicorn. For those who have suffered a loss of life or been through a dramatic experience because of these "errors"..bs and im sorry for your loss and plzz know i do not mean to offend anyone by other statements i have made here today. These companies know exactly what they're doing.

Unfortunately our young brothers, sisters, and children think they're taking a xanax and do not know how they actually taste, burn, or feel like when administered intravenously. To my real OG's out there I say lets expose these mother******s. Do something positive today to help the innocent and lets shake the throne of these big companies. We have made our choices and would most likely knowing my tolerance would love to ingest this killer pill. Sad huh? But these kids...your kids may not be able to. And to you "normal" people I say meet an addict today and shake their hand. You think you know more about life because you made the right choices even when its tough. See what we learned from our mistakes and open the hell up if u really want what u claim. 30min in front of me and you will wipe your ass with that degree u worked so hard for, but dont worry I got u a new one from the school of hard knox that will serve your goals like your professors subjective info never could. Peace out, organize, stay clean, and lets do this s***!!!

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I got the same ones today it won't let me post a pic tho

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So the 460 on one side & blank on the other is defiantly subutex?? That's what I want to know bc I can't find 1 image for these

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I also can not find 1 image of these 460 ones. I just want to make sure these are the same as the 54/411.??

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Yes it's a Buprenorphine 8mg tablet. When I went to pick up my normal prescription from CVS the other day, they were out of my normal brand. Which is Roxan I went to pick up my normal prescription from CVS the other day, they were out of my normal brand. Which is Roxane Brand. So all they could get in from the distributor was Sun Pharma Brand. But yes mine are round and say 460 on the top and it's blank on the underside. I personally don't care for them, I prefer the Roxane brand. The Sun Pharma have a real minty taste to them which I don't care for.

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Regarding my original question: so it looks like no one else been able to find an image of the 460 on one side imprinted round white pill (with nothing on the other side)...As the above Dr D Junky somethin somethin posted, I do not care for big pharma and their marriage with the FDA for many reasons (ever see Dallas Buyers Club). They are all about money and not people's health. I realize r & d and employee salaries make a lot of dough but c'mon. As far as the "super pill", and other counterfeit versions of xanax on the street which have no effect, people buy presses, like a mold of the pill and sell for huge profit. I do not believe that has anything to do with big pharma (well, not directly anyway). But some of you actually are prescribed Subutex with 460/blank huh? Ok that makes me feel better. And to the person who said it was for diabetes, I found that during my research as well but upon further inspection realized it was different (a different imprint) so that's not it. But thanks everyone.

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Hi , I am prescribed subutex. My normal pills are the 54 411, but it seems by reading a thread similar to this one, cvs was out that brand and they gave me the white round tablets with 460 on one side and blank on the other . I just want to know if I let this pill dissolve under my tongue too? Please let me know! ThNk you so much!

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Apparently CVS no longer will be ordering the Roxanne ones. They got a better deal from their suppliet so they will now give out these ones from sun pharma. Anyone else get a burning feeling under the tongue from these?

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Also for anyone getting these from CVS you can have them put in your file you prefer the Roxanne ones and that the sun pharma ones are causing/giving you an issue. They will put it in your file and every time you get a script htey will have to order the Roxanne ones special thats what my cvs did for me. I have to wait till Wed but damn cvs for paying sun pharma less and switching. Apparently tons of ppl are having issues with these new ones :( sad face big time.

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you asked about a burning feeling? YES YES YES.. I do not like them, the other tasted awful but this just taste bad and burns.. it takes a while for it to stop too..

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Hi! I am dealing with the same thing! I just need to know if they still dissolve under your tongue ?! Or you take them like a pill?

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They still go under your tongue. Bupe doesn't asorb well in your stomach. So it is still made in a sublingual formula. Although some people have complained about a minty taste. Personally I'll take minty pills over withdrawal anyday. I kinda like its a smaller pill too.

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Just got mine from CVS the 460. I'm used to the Roxane brand now wtf??? Is this a lesser quality? I can't really tell but they taste bitter. I hate change!! I'm going to request my next refill be the Roxane. I wonder if they are doing away with that brand. The only pharmacy is CVS that has them or did in Atl.

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But the Watson 460 pills actually have WATSON on the pill, correct? I looked into this as my person I get them from - I normally get the 54-411 and this time got these. Most pharmacies are changing to the white round 460 pill to replace the normal buph pills which is still a sub. If your only looking to get your normal feeling and not to just stay clean you may want to find the normal pill cuz this ain't the same. At all.

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I'm sorry...I don't get your post, Christina. I mean I didn't really understand it. It's not Watson.

Anyhow here's the issue: the few of us on the same page together are wondering why you can find an image to ANY FDA approved drug on the internet except this Sun Pharmaceuticals "560" white round pill. It's just weird.

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Maria - I was posting a reply, actually hit reply to a comment on this thread. I was stating that it is the same pill and that if a person is using it to be clean, as am i, then it's not really an issue because it is the same meds. People who have allergic issues or people seeking to misuse the meds are the ones I said for them to probably look to find what they are used to. Does this better explain it? I was trying to quickly respond and it doesn't appear as I thought it would.

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Roxane pharmaceuticals have been bought out by another company. The 54 411 will b discontinued

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Re: Dani (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Yesss! It’s freaking me out thats it’s burning like what’s causing that?

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Re: Kari76 (# 64) Expand Referenced Message

I agree with you. I just got these 460 sun pharmas today. Taste pretty much the same. I'm just glad they had buprenorphine.

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Re: Christina (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

I totally agree!!! 100%

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Re: Maria (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I found the image right away. They are fine y’all. They have a slight tingle, but “burning”, not really, I don’t think so anyway. You get what you get. The pharmacist told me they’re having a hard time getting their normal generic bupenorpherine, because the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are running low on drugs. This is because of the pandemic apparently. This kind seems to be doing the job. I’m not sick or having withdrawals. Just be grateful we are able to get this drug at all!

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Re: Dani (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, they hurt my mouth so bad! You aren't crazy ( :

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Re: Abs01 (# 8) Expand Referenced Message


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Re: Dani (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I’ve received a burning sensation under the younger from these sun pharma ones.. I’m really unsure of how well I feel like they work but I’d like a response from someone on that.. they don’t seem to work and be as good as the roxane brand or the other tablets I’ve had…???

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Re: Dr D Pro Junky PROtector of babies (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Wow that’s soooo disgusting they are getting away with this!!! F this s*** I say most like the government THEY’RE ALL IN BED TOGETHER.

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So is the 460 pill a Suboxone or Subutex that's what I keep getting the run around on

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Re: Dani (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Yes!! I noticed a burning sensation under my tongue immediately after taking them.

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