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They are completely counterfeit, the amount of counterfeit medications coming from India has skyrocketed. I have had two prescriptions of these and they have had NO medicinal effects whatsoever. People are using pill making machines and blank blister packs that look like the real thing, but they are just baking soda, plaster, polyethylene glycol or some other source of bogus material.

I have actually had these tested with a police certified test kit, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO TRACE OF BENZODIAZEPINE IN THEM. Cyril pharmaceuticals FROM Mumbai is just a made up corporation for these folks to make there Medicines look legit. it is for looks only. If you by these meds called ONAPIL-2 CLONAZEPAM, YOU ARE THROWING YOUR MONEY OUT THE WINDOW, THERE ARE COMPLETELY FAKE. THESE MEDICATIONS WERE MADE IN cOUSIN eLMERS BASEMENT WITH A CHEAP PILL MAKING MACHINE PERIOD, ANY legitimate controlled medicine would have control numbers on the pills so you can identify them, not just a cross or a single score mark across the top. once again, these are fake and don't blame me if you spend your money and get fakes which you will.

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that's just NOT possible. I have a ten year clonazepam habit..taking anywhere from 2-10 mg a day. My girlfriend was in withdrawal & ordered some "clonazepam" off an iop, they were the Cyril Onapil-2's, & this is the 5th day that i've ONLY TOOK THE ONAPIL-2'S BY THEMSELVES, NO OTHER MEDS, & I'M OT EVEN CLOSE TO WITHDRAWEL. Feeling great, actually. I could NEVER go even a few days without my meds so there must be aa fair enough amount of clonazepam in the pills. Maybe weak, but real. I have been taking klonapin's for years & nothing else gives me that minty aftertaste in the back of my throat like real pills.

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You know you're really gambling with your money when you place 'any' order for prescription drugs over the internet; especially one from overseas. Sure, they may work differently for each individual... but it's probably just as much, if not more of a hassle than going to the doctor's office and getting it legitimately, than if you were to find out that what you ordered and patiently waited for doesn't even do anything for you. I hope you were able to try and get your money back.

It sounds like post #1 (Jay) got a different batch of medication altogether, since there were no active ingredients in the one's you had tested.

Does anyone else here have feedback on this brand from India?

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If your telling people that onapil 2 are fake you need your head examined... they are completely real

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they are real for sure.....

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They may be full of drywall, as the internet rumors claim, but from what I can tell they are completely real. Are they as strong as the real deal? Probably not, but -- as another poster here has mentioned -- if they lacked the active ingredient, I'd be in trouble right now. And I'm not. I'm feeling good, even. A placebo can't fix what ails me, only Clonazepam can, and I ain't ailing right now.

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I am familiar with Clonazepam and can automatically, nearly instantly feel the difference in my anxiety after I've taken one.
I received an order of the Onapil 2 from India a few days ago.
It is not counterfeit. It is the real thing.
Sorry if you perhaps received a bad bunch. What I got is the real McCoy.

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I agree with you COMPLETELY. I had took 4mg and felt amazing.

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Ditto. Onapil 2's by Cyril are nothing but dirt. As a 40 year Benzo user, trust me they are dirt and nothing else. I was tricked into buying 180 of these tabs thinking they were Clonazepam 2 mg only to find out they contained no medicine. I worked my way up to taking 20 at one time. At my tolerance 40mg of real clonazepam would affect me but I wouldn't OD.These are garbage and if you paid $0.01 for one you lost a penny. Go out grab some dirt and eat it for free.

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I take klonopin. I have Valium and Onapil-2 from cyril India. Can temazepam come up in a U/A as alezopam or onapil?

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Could u tell me where I can fill a prescription for onapil-2?

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The Indian pharmaceutical industry is unregulated and no doubt there are fake pills made as in other countries. I got fake vicodin from Mexico. But all other times i got the real thing or a pretty good copy of Vicodin(R) (hydrocodone) from Mexico. From my experience of Indian drugs is often they use anything for binders that is cheap like chalk and dirt. the drug is in there but i worry about the risks to health of the s*** they use to bind the pill together. BUT the drug in question does have the real thing, clonazepam in it. But i get stomach aches from it. those fine graines of chalk i think can wreck your digestive track.

Many of us have been on benzos for years. but in the past seven years or so the god damn war on drugs is hanging the "sword of Damocles" over our doctors heads. Many doctors are rightly scared s***less. And many don't realize that cutting someone off benzos is like a death sentence. You will have seizures and ask any smack addict who came off opiates with the aid of benzos. Most will tell you their benzo detox was more suffering than their opiate detox and it takes a lot longer. And ironically if your long term low dose its the longest suffering for years sometimes. if i can't get a cheap anaesthesia assisted detox than death would be better, especially at my age, 6 decades on this planet and 32 years of being on benzos.

When doctors were allowed to give us like a half year of monthly refills, you felt secure and actually used less and at the end of that period you would have at least a half month of underuse(back up). Now you got to call in every month and your constantly in anxiety and dread they'll just cut you off. that is the reason people overuse today including myself.

The whole war on drugs is a monster that benefits the cartels, big banks, politicians the prison and rehab industry etc. it punishes and kills the poor and the users. Like the violent crime rate plummeted after lifting the prohibition on alcohol the same would happen regarding lifting the prohibition on drugs. In countries like Switzerland where addicts and dependent are quarenteed a legal a fix every day, the naturally moderate their intake. and more find it easier to eventually recover.

Here is a great organization LEAP = Law Enforcement Against Prohibition of drugs (

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BS. There's clonazepam in there. But you may have to take 3 x 2mg tablets instead of less. They may be slightly weak but not much. I've been taking them for 3 months after my understandably fearful or just stupid family doctor cut me off cold turkey. I've been rx's bz's for 2 decades.

If you think they're nothing but placebo, than why have i not had a seizure yet, have been able to sleep the long clonazepam sleep (attention!!! don't ever switch from clonazepam to ativan. ativan is like nothing compared to klonopin) etc after three months on India Onapil 2? I do agree with ymouszanon that the chalky binders and fillers may do damage to your internal organs. I can't remember the name( i'll post it when i find it again) but one brand of Indian clonazepam was great. odd small oblong green pill with good binders and you could taste that good cinammon or mint flavor of clonazepam.

Lona-2 from india is even worse binders or fillers. It's a coated pill. Cut it in half and there's sand in there with a little color like they put a few drops on Clonazepam in there. I chewed one and broke off part of one of my teeth. but i got to get a shrink even though i think i correctly hate psychiatrists to rx me the american clonazepam. I'm losing tons of money and i only have 700 bucks to live on from my SSI for disability. BTW: DON'T EVER GIVE YOURSELF TO MENTAL HEALTH EVEN IF YOUR GOING PSYCHO. Shrinks are medical school failures. Even if you're depressed they will give you a neuroleptic. Atypical or old anti psychotics are sheer torture.

The Quaker retreats of the 19th century lunatic and neurotics retreats out in the country had a far higher successful rate than today's drug based psychiatry. They hardly used drugs except for moderate doses barbiturates and Laudenum(a small part of opium liquified and mostly whisky to fill up most of the bottle) On the other hand if you been on benzos for years you have to stay on them. and a weaning should take more than a year and you'll still have to go inpatient after last pill. you need prophalactic phenobarbital to make sure you don't die of seizures. I talked to an expert in drug rehab and he said every one of his clients that went of benzos on their whether they were on them for years or a couple months, a couple days, a week, a month later all had major seizures and a few died from grand mal seizure.

Clonazepam is very powerful even though its not a quick panic attack med like ativan (again ativan are only good in an emergency but you will start going into first withdrawal symptoms in 6 hours after taking ativan). Clonazepam is the strongest benzo. has a long half life about 48 hours, BUT suddenly drops off.

I want to start on Valium. It has a half life of several days and withdrawal symptoms start about 7 days after stopping. Not saying you won't feel withdrawal in a day after stopping, you will. but every day while it gets worse there are a couple hours you can relax. it gives you time to either get more or find a doctor. Do not change benzos milligram to milligram. For example, you need 4 mg of ativan to equal 1 mg of clonazepam. but you have to take ativan 4 times a day, and if you are a person who has trouble staying asleep, ativan won't help. you need about, at the very least 40mg of Valium (diazepam) to equal roughly two mg of clonazepam.

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I totally agree that Onapil-2 IS the real thing. I've been on Clonazepam for many years and would be experiencing withdrawal if these were not real.

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Thank you for the information I was going to try for myself but definitely not going to now thank you very much

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The first time ordered I kolonpin they sent me xanax instead of klonopin. They even threw in another 10. So i called and b*****ed and they sent me the cypril onapil-2 and they worked great and I got another extra 10. Then i ordered another order, got more cypril onapil-2 and they were great too. Then about a months ago I ordered a bigger shipment; went from 60 to 90 and then with the percentage deal i got 112. Now the news not one of them yet had made me feel anything. So i called and they said they would ship out a different manufacturer this time. That was last monday morning and its already into US customs. Does anyone know the other kolonpin manufacturers?

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There are real ones and fake ones that look exactly alike. The only way you can tell the difference is by the taste. The real ones of course have a minty taste but last time I ordered my meds they had the taste of chalk. Several years ago they were never fraudulent but now you take a big gamble when ordering them. You're very lucky if you still get authentic ones. I haven't had real ones for almost a year. I've had them tested and they literally contain no benzodiazepines.

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Yes, thanks for the telling off, I'll bear it in mind when my doc prescribes 2 mg of diazepam twice a day (yes in uk they produce 2mg diazepam and declare that ciprolex is SSRI and suddenly anti anxiety in 6 weeks. Just hide til then. Know what u mean, just being tiresome).to the post before, totally agree. The Indian product is much better now. Diaz, lorazepam,and clonazepam all ever gets the structure of alprazolam right. My final Cyril Diaz pack was stopped at customs so couldn't finish withdrawal pattern. First benzo withdrawal to get me in hospital. Their lorazepam is top notch at mo and has a Xanax like hit ( but less) if take the sufficient dose. Otherwise 1 at lunch helps me get up and do something without nodding off or giving high. The clonazepam def helped with seizures and particularly jerking hands.

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They're 100% genuine clonazepam without excipients.

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If any of you really suffer from legit panic attacks then you know you would be willing to take anything to stop them. If the binding agent was that old dog poop that turns white after awhile, you would still take it. I got mine, they're good. I tried 4mgs just to make sure. The prescription came from India in a blister pack. This whole nonsense in taking a half or bringing them to be tested or buying a drug test to see if you test positive is the silliest thing I've ever heard. If your panic is real, you would try them, if your withdrawal is real, you would take them. If you're too concerned on what they might be cut with to take them, your anxiety is not real and you don't need them. You didn't waste money, the cop, or pharmacist or all around healthy do gooders that are saying they are fake are full of s***. If your panic attacks are real, you would stomp on new born puppies if it made you feel better.

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You need to get pase 2 clonazepam they come in a box of 60, 15 per strip. Or get some Tehran darou they come in strips of 10. I take these all the time. For diazepam I would go for loghman 10mg. or get sedil 5mg by square pharmaceuticals

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Wish I new the website now, but 5-6 years ago I got the On-2 and they were the best. Like the Serb Rivotril, cheap but better than 2-3$/tab

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Nonsense on a pill is the bomb don't listen to this person

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Thank you!!! Damn some people are just straight dumb.

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You are so right. Just because somebody had a bad experience doesn't mean that they're all fake. I've taken all kinds of different Klonopins from various pharmacies and I've never had a problem with the medication. But thanks, somebody needs to get their stories straight before they make other people believe that all of these are fake. Just cuz they got burnt doesn't mean that it'll happen to everybody else LOL, just saying.

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The Cyril, Onapil-2 works for me. Weaker than the real RX but I use marijuana so my doctor cut me off when I went in for a urine test for diabetes. I was and am still so pissed off. I need this medication for anxiety attacks. I take one or two 2mg tablets and they work. I've never had an issue with this medication. I just wish the federal government would allow this RX especially since I am from California where marijuana is legal

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Re: ymouszanon (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Just wanted to say GREAT POST. Agree 100 percent. Sadly, in the couple of years since your post, the situation has gotten even worse. So much needless suffering!

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Actually Clonazepam is not as strong as xanax. That's the strongest and most prescribed. The ones from India are weak. And their phentermine was definitely counterfeit.

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How much does Onapil or a similar generic for Clonazepam 1-2 mg typically cost and is a prescription needed?

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They were tested as being legitimate guys...

Source: "Onapil-2 (Clonazepam)", Web. October 27th, 2017

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