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Does anyone use Zolpiderm (Zolpidem) and are they ok? Thanks for any feedback.

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I have used for appx 4 years, and it often did not help. The latest formula, is doing so much better, and a, getting at least 6 hours of good deep sleep, and very little grogginess.

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Thanks Diana how many do you take at night...

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I used Zolpidem with no side effects but I'm having a problem getting my RX refilled by my Doctor due to having another pain med.

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One 10 mg. appx 30 minutes before I go to sleep. The only other med I am on is Valium and take 10 mg 2x a day, but try not to take later at night as seems to not work well with the zolpidem.

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Hi is zolpidem not Valium?.... I thought they were sleeping tablets.... Tia

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Zolpidem or zolpidem tartrate is the generic name of Ambien. If your healthcare provider prescribes either zolpidem or Ambien, your prescription bottle will usually say zolpidem tartrate because the pharmacy provided the generic version of the medication. I take one at night, my Valium which is also called diazepam, is for general anxiety disorder, and taken at morning and afternoon.

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Thanks Diana that's very helpful... ??

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I think when you refill your zolpiem they refill 1/2 your prescription with 5 mg or nothing in them. This time I marked how many pills did not work and it was 15 out 30. If I am paying for my prescription I want all my pills 10 mg, not fake pills. FDA needs to check on generic Zolpidem.

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I have to agree a bit, as some months the meds work perfectly, and then other months not so much in aiding good sleep. Side note-We also build up a tolerance, so that has to be understood. I only take every other night now, and have the best results. I use an OTC magnesium sleep aide (cost more than the generic ambien but worth it) the alternate night and have had great luck with this combo. It contains 420mg Elemental Magnesium, L-Threonate, Bisglycinate Chelate, and Malate, and works just as good. Insomnia down to one night a week vs 4, and some weeks zero, but had to work out a homeopathic plan to go with prescribed med.

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Ambien is not considered a pain pill, different category, in a class of drugs known as Sedative-Hypnotics--but I get Dr.s are now so stringent it's a joke on giving people the meds they need to thrive. I can not get pain med for back, neck, and another issue I prefer not to share, because I am on diazepam so they refuse. I need my anxiety med to function, drive, handle business etc and it is sad i may have to chose one day as my other condition worsens. I can go without the Ambien as have found an OTC version that is as good. Our health care is a shame, and at times a sham, depending where you live and your age.

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