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Okay. I've been eating Xanax like candy since February when my dr did prescribe me 1 mg a day... But I often took more than that. I went from about 8 mg a day to 1 mg a day a few weeks ago... My withdrawal symptoms are awful, I even had a seizure 2 months ago when I tried to go cold turkey. I have excessive sweating, my forehead is on FIRE, I can't eat, I feel like I'm panicking constantly. What are my odds of dying at this point? I mean, it's been a few weeks... Wouldn't that have happened by now? I'm scared. My dr cut my 1 mg dosage completely in half to .5 mg a day... I just need some advice... I don't know what to do.

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It happened to me on 3 mg a day. I stopped cold turkey and experienced all the symptoms you mentioned and some others you didn't. I did not have a seizure but by the time I walked into the Hospital about 2 weeks later the ER doctor was freaked out and couldn't believe I could speak as I was in "Walking Critical" condition. You need to get to an E.R. even though its been a few weeks and never do this again. Sure I am back on Xanax but at a much lower amount per day. Basically you are dying! I fully expect the word filter to hold this message, always does on my most important replies but please, you now know what to do!

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:( I have a child. I don't think I can just walk in & tell the truth... But I do have an appointment with my doctor at 9:30 in the morning. Should I tell her? Will they take my daughter away? What happened after you went to the ER?? I'm so scared now.

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I mean, I have meds that my doctor prescribed to me. Would it help to take some & then explain to her tomorrow? I'm so afraid of losing my child...

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I didn't mention the Xanax thing and had a years supply of Lorazapam that I hated so started the process you described. My Hospital, the only one in a 200 mile radius invited me to stay a week. On day 2 I told the attending Doctor what I thought it might be as I was pretty sure why I was so sick for the previous 2 weeks. Could have written a book as each day was different! Hope you follow this advice

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I'm just so afraid of losing my child.
But now I'm really really scared.

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You shouldn't lose your child. I just felt if I went in asking for Xanax they would send me on my way. This is a last chance Hospital where most people who check in don't check out. About telling your doctor, you know the first thing they will do is stop prescribing them so just think of the immediate couple of days right now, perhaps even get there at 9:30 to see your doctor!

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It ate my last message, go to your 9:30 appointment and then possibly then the Hospital

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:'( okay. I'm so upset. I love my child & now I've failed her.
I can't even sleep. 11 hours until my appointment.

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The results at the hospital won't lie, basically your body is shutting down and they should admit you. My Hospital is a last chance facility and mostly drug seekers go there. I was lucky that the E.R. Doctor wasn't from this horrid town. Good luck to you and be honest with your personal doctor, EKG's and Blood work will tell most of your story for you!

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I'm so scared I feel like I should go to the hospital now. ):

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If you feel now is the time to go then go! You can have a Heart Attack between now and then as well. You mentioned you have something to take, take it and make arrangements for your child as you might need to be gone for a little while. Nobody is going to get into trouble. I'm not sure what your Doctor will say, they tell you about addiction but many are not knowledgeable in withdrawal.

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I did take my meds. I still feel awful, but they have to help, right?

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What all withdrawal symptoms did you experience??

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They all will never pass through the word filter until approved. Each day was different, like a violent storm. After a period of time your body breaks down so while I'm glad you still have some medicine left, damage very possibly could be done. I feel for you because of your honesty, the same honesty that might hurt your continued procurement of the medicine you need. You know now they are NOT candy and don't be surprised if your Doctor isn't going to help you and possibly drops you as a patient. These days it can be hard to find a prescriber, personally I have had little problems. My doctor from the hospital alone set me up with a multi year supply, its all wrong. Get well and write back after tomorrow to let us know how it worked out for you!

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So basically they'll just drop me & let me die?
:(( well, that's comforting... I know that she most likely isn't going to prescribe me anymore medicine, but I don't know what else to do.

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Headed to an ER & praying for the best. Didn't want to waste money going to my doctor if I'll end up elsewhere, anyway.

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The ER gave my hydroxozine to help with anxiety but nothing for the withdrawals. Does anyone know about this? If it even helps?? They also gave me a list of treatment centers... I'm gonna have to go. I applied for Medicaid, but I won't get it until October 1st but since it goes back 3 months I'm just hoping I can get it somewhere. Somewhere to help me.

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Nah. No one can help me unless I have thousands of dollars.

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That would be in an inpatient program. However even the most basic of hospitals can help you if there are immediate problems. I did feel if I walked in there asking for drugs they would say no, and that night they shot me up with liquid lorazapam, the same stuff I had in pill form but refused to take. At first I was mad, actually thinking of ripping the tubes off and leaving the place but within minutes started feeling better. What exactly happened today?

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I went in & at first I lied, but then I told them the truth. That I was actually taking way more than prescribed. They checked blood & urine & started an IV on me with fluids. Then took my IV out, gave me meds (which do not seem to be helping.) and sent me on my way. :'(((( I'm so upset I could punch the wall right now!!!

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Re: Xaviier (# 43) Expand Referenced Message

When you are in withdrawal, and you are dying, your body IS shutting down and your organs are failing. Any qualified Emergency Room can run tests to diagnose this. I walked into my Hospital in "Walking Critical" condition, freaked out the Doctor. Xavier, I hope you are enjoying your diasison or whatever you call it. Try calling it Valium next time troll

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Re: Xaviier (# 43) Expand Referenced Message

They gave you a Diaper. President Trump wears a diaper, good for you!

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Re: EDDY (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Eddy is giving you incorrect , twisted and completely
Unqualified information. You’re not shutting down at all. You are in withdrawal. You need to taper the dose
Down and do it slowly. Do not stop taking them completely. See a qualified practitioner in addiction and get a plan to reduce to zero. It took me 6 months. During my treatment I was temporarily switched to a long acting benzo - diapason to stop the fits and shaking which worked fine. you are physically addicted to the drug like millions
Of others - there is no shame an no one will take your kids.

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Re: EDDY (# 41) Expand Referenced Message

You can’t switch from Xanax to Clonazepam? I thought they were the same. I’m sorry you went thru that.

Is it safe to take Xanax and Buspirone at the same time? Just wondering.

Hope you’re feeling better now. Take care.

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Re: Suzy (# 40) Expand Referenced Message

I had a 1000 colozePAM and dumped them in the trash. I tried to go from Xanax to colozePAM overnight, the biggest mistake in my lifetime. 2 weeks later I showed up in the E.R., and my vital signs were so bad they would not allow me to leave. So much for Elizabeth Taylor's favorite Benzo

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Re: Ihatethis (# 22) Expand Referenced Message

Try getting some colozePAM, maybe that will help you. Just a suggestion.

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Re: Ihatethis (# 26) Expand Referenced Message

Please please make them last! When you feel like you absolutely have to take one,,try getting into a tv show or something like that for 30-60 mins,, Then take one. Im trying to help, in my own way here, because I really don’t want you to end up like me! I’m sorry that you’re going through this. You may try a different provider in the meantime.. I would try to find another doctor BEFORE you run out. My PA is done prescribing my Xanax so now he says “I’m off of it!” Believe me I am not or I wouldn’t feel like I’m going to die any day now. I hope you get help. Please keep me informed. Thanx.

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Re: Missy (# 31) Expand Referenced Message

We’ll said! My PA and doctor will watch me DIE! Literally. because I lost my Xanax.

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Re: Chris (# 36) Expand Referenced Message

Melatonin would help for sleeping as it makes you tired. Yet you say you are tired all the time, which is normal for Xanax. The symptoms you mention are familiar, nothing sounds abnormal in your post. You might try to limit your dose for nighttime use. Strive to cut down to 1 mg (slowly), and then continue from there. You might seek a Doctor to help in your taper to zero. There is a Benzo bud forum that could possibly be of use to you. Look for the Dr. Ashton method of kicking Xanax. I almost died when I stopped Xanax, surprised I didn't have a stroke. If you are taking 2 mg it can happen on as little as a milligram or two

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I am taking 2 mg Xanax given when my husband died. Started at .25 mg. Then went to over 6 years when Covid dropped my income 3/4, I had to sell my home and live on SS only. I have only been on 2 mg for about 6 months. I am so tired all of the time. I want to get off Xanax. I have read where Melatonin helps withdrawal. My symptoms are heart palpitations, shakiness, fatigue when I try to wean.

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