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Yes-what is the major difference between these 2 meds? I have taken xanax for several years. I'm thinking abt. changing to Buspar. Can you switch meds like these without tapering off the xanax. Does Buspar help w/ Panic attacks?

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I wanted to address the panic attacks you are experiencing. Often panic attacks and anxiety are the body's natural reaction to telling us something has gone wrong that needs to be addressed. It is usually some form of trauma that has happened in our life that creates the panic attacks and anxiety. Medication numbs the symptoms but do not address the root of the problem. Have you considered going into therapy to see what is causing the panic attacks and anxiety?

Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
California, United States

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buspar is suppose to be taken everyday its taken to level u out....zanax are suppose to be taken as needed...when ur having an anixety attack u take zanax.is taken only when your having an anixety attack where the buspar is taken everyday to level you out so u dont have them, Long term

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Unfortunately, I have found buspar to be incredibly useless. Xanax is a benzodiazepine, which controls GABA in the brain. Buspar doesn't do that. The most buspar does is make you groggy with anxiety, instead of just having anxiety. It is true that you can become dependent on xanax, but if is only taken when you are having true, uncontrollable anxiety, you shouldn't have an issue with dependence. I believe the biggest problem with xanax is many doctors prescribe xanax to be taken two to three times a day, when it should just be taken prn (as needed). I understand that when buspar is prescribed, it is to be taken one to two times daily because it is more effective when built up in your system. That's just my advice. I'm not a doctor or pharmacist, but I've been on both meds. so I'm speaking from much experience. Xanax does work incredibly, but be careful not to take it unless it is really necessary, not only for concern of dependence, but also because your body builds tolerance to the medication.

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Hello, I was just prescribed buspar in place of xanax which Drs. had me on for 14yrs, ugh? Bad news! Anxiety is the issue. So will buspar take care of it? I do not want to be on any bezo's anymore. They are dangerous and I shouldn't had been on them for years.I'm concerned about panic attacks an overall nervousness. will this take care of them?

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It's truely sad that people like myself, a post menopausal woman who developed severe GAD during menopause (family history) cannot take the most effective drug due to the stigma of it being a "recreational drug". Even physicitrists won't write it anymore due to lawsuits for dependancy. I have tried EVERY other drug, all antidepressants and Buspar, nothing "tamed" my severe anxiety disorder. Since I support myself, keeping my GAD under control is literally a life or death situation. I started Buspar several weeks ago, and wondered why it felt with a placebo...until I just now researched many sites stating is has very little effect on severe GAD such as mine. I'm angry, frustrated and concerned for my health and my financial future if I cannot work due to being unable to take the only medication that WORKS. It is addictive? Of course! I don't care! I'm in my 50's and if I have to take xanax the rest of my life, why should that be an issue? In my case,, my anxiety is NOT caused by trauma but family history, all my sisters have it, although not to my extent, and my mother suffered from it most of her life. But I am treated like a coke addict or someone trying to get high, when in fact, the xanax only allows me to focus so I can function like my old self before menopause. I know I am not alone in my frustration. But I also know there is little I can do.

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Hi. I recently started having bad panic attacks. I'm 32 Years old, and had a very mild case of this in my youth, but recently I have a panic attack about 5-10 times a day. For me, I feel like I'm having a heart attack. It's awful bc I can't control it and I truly feel like I'm dying. I hate it. I was also taking melotonin to help me sleep at night, but I read one of the side effects of that is anxiety. So I stopped taking that, and around the same time started going to the gym 3-4 times a week. That seemed to really help. 9 months ago I got engaged, and I'm pretty much planning the entire wedding on my own. Because of this, I've had a lot of stress & anxiety. I went to the Dr for it and she prescribed me .25 Xanax. Only 15 pills with 1 refill. I have only been taking them when I truly need them just to be able to calm down and focus when I'm feeling extremely anxious. I called for her to refill my prescription and she acted like I had taken too many and that she didn't want me taking anymore bc it's addictive. I don't feel addicted to it at all. It is an extremely low dosage, and I only take it when I'm feeling like I can't function due to anxiety. Maybe once a week, twice at most, and sometimes once in 10 days or so. It really works for me, and I don't even have to take it every day. Yesterday I went back to see her and she put me on Buspar so that I can have something to take everyday so that the anxiety & panic attacks stop happening all together, and bc she doesn't want me taking xanax. I took my first pill of Buspar last night, and about 30 mins after I took it, I became very disoriented, lightheaded, dizzy, tired, and naseaus. It was horrible. It was the same effect that hydrocodine has on me. There is no way that something that makes me feel this way is any good for me! Why can't she just let me take Xanax only when I need it? It makes no sense to me!

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Kristin, If you have trouble with concentration and anxiety, you may want to have yourself checked for adult add. It can cause the anxiety and the busbar works great with the ADD meds. I take them both together and take only half a busbar at a time. It calms me down but does not make me have the crazy side effects mentioned like I do if I take a whole one. I have found that the busbar doesn't work as well or sometimes at all if I do not take my Adderal with it.

I was 59 when I found out I had it, it has changed my life for the better to know what was causing me to be different. And the meds have helped me to cope so much better.

Hope this helps.

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Look if you really need Xanax for anxiety, take it, but be aware its addicting and is said to have worse withdrawals than heroin. Please go in thinking about how your life will be affected. I never once thought i would end up this dependent on Xanax. I get 90 2mg a month and still happen to have an empty bottle on 19 days after my refill. I only came across this post looking up things that would help this anxiety that wont go away. Buspar is also said it have withdrawal symtoms but none that are like xanax. Buspar also has weight gain as a side effect. For EXAMPLE after i got off buspar 2 years ago i went from , 170 down to 118. They both have their side effects. If you really think you need meds i would recomend klonopin as a benzodiazipine. ITS STRONG and has a longer half life so you dont feel the quick on set of withdrawals. You can skip a dose and not feel like garbage. Please take this into major consideration as Xanax dependancy has ruin my relationship with people i love. Please

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i just got perscribed buspar 2day i wanted xanax or even klonopin or advan but my psychiatrist says theyre addictive an buspar is not at all will buspar help me? if anyopne has experiance with this drug plz let me know

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been taking buspars 10 mg three times aday, and must say everytime i take it, it makes me feel delirious. i must be the only one that likes this drug, it has help me alot with my anxiety! but ya, i feel the addiction to it.

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buspar is for anxiety not depression

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I am prescribed buspars and i took them for a little while but they made me sick, stomach pain, vomiting, major headaches. I'm prescribed xanax now and the work so much better for me BUT your body is not the same as mine so the effects can vary. both are for anxiety but xanax are fast acting while buspars take a while (as in days to weeks) to kick in.

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Xanax are highly addicating and dangerous.I started taking them at age 25 due to a bad past relationship and have always had anxiety ever since.I'm currently on 1.5 xanax from 3 a day and on buspar and on my 3rd day and hopefully weening myself off xanax completely.I'm a mother of 3 that has anxiety over everything and want to get off these benzos its a quick fix and I dont drink or take any other medicines except these 2.Be careful please!!

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I took Buspar everyday for three years (1 pill twice daily) for my anxiety, had no side effects. Then it seemed to stop working and panic attacks returned and anxiety worsened. I would say Buspar is more for general anxiety but not panic attacks for me. Now I take Pristiq daily (it is not only for depression) and also Xanax .5 whenever I need it for severe panic. I do not take it like prescribed 3x a day as I do not want to get dependent, only take when I have a particularly bad anxiety/panic attack. Have been on it now for 2 years and everything has worked out fine.

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Thank you! I know I have ADD. The Dr wanted to give me aderol, but I just don't like taking a speed so often. I worry about having heart problems from that, not to mention it would keep me up for days!!! Everything effects my sleep. I'm so sensitive to medicine and even vitamins. I tried busbar but it made me sooo sick. I noticed that when I stopped taking melatonin to sleep, the panic attacks have slowed down. I just don't know what to do with myself. This sucks! I just want the anxiety to go away. It didn't start this bad until I was about 30 years old, and it's been this way for almost 3 years now! No fun!

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I am sixteen been taking buspar 15mg three times a day.. i started out on 5mg twice a day, and every month the dosage gets upped 5 mg's .... I have been on them for quit a few months. a lot of people said they wouldnt work or they were no good, but you have too be on them for a while and let the level build up in your body before you start to feel it, which usually takes about three days and you need to stay on them til you get your mg dosage right,, mine is still being ajusted because after about a month i get used to it and I have to get them upped, you can get up to 30mg 6 times a day. but I also think it works different on everbody, like some people saying it wasnt working for them but some say its the best thing, for me it works great i love it, I have taken xanax before and it does nothing but make me high, I still keep the anxiety and mild depression.

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Ive taken Xanax and Amphetamine at the same time, for quite some time and at a low dosage. If these medications help you with life, work, and family and your doctor is to afraid to get the script pad out, get another doctor. Not all doctors are equal. Some suck, just as some people suck in other professions. Be you own strong advocate for YOU, and keep trying until you find a doctor that puts your well being first. If you are taking too much of any mind altering substance, you have an addiction and need to stop. All of this hysteria about addiction to Xanax is from people who would just get addicted to something else. Also, make sure you are diagnosed for anxiety or depression or both before you take a medication. I was improperly diagnosed and treated for many years with medication that was not really appropriate for me. Siblings sometimes respond well to the same meds. Talk to them if they are being treated for anxiety or depression. Talk therapy is great if you can manage it.

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I am in the same boat as you. I have anxiety which became really bad after menopause. Buspar used to work and then it just stopped last Jan 2011. So I saw a doctor and was given a very low dose of zanex. it worked well, I also started HRT and with in a short time I was back to normal. However, it's about the same time one year later and I am so anxious I can hardly work. I have my own business and it's a one woman show. So if I am not able to work nothing happens. I have zanex but it seems to not work this year for my anxiety. I have not been taking much of it or more than .25 mg.because it seems to make me depressed if I do. I don't know what to do. Just wanted to respond.

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I have taken catilopram (sp??) For several years, close to 15 years. About 3 years ago I started experiencing rage and anxiety, I am in recovery from alcohol and a survivor of sexual abuse. I talked to my doctor and she looked through the prescription interaction book, she found buspar worked well with the citilapram. I'm on a very low dose, 15 mg it has been very helpful. You are your own advocate. I encourage you to keep asking questions and maybe challenge your doctor if you want more options. But, your doctor and your pharmacy must be able to tell you if there is going to be interactions unless you see different doctors and each prescribe you different meds and you use different pharmacies. Someone has to know everything your prescribed so you can get the right answers. I wish you the best of luck because I know how painful depression and anxiety are.

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I have been taking xanax off and on for 10 years, usually when I go to the dentist or have an MRI. A 30 day prescription will last a couple of years, at least. Initially I was concerned about addiction, but my doctor and I talked about it. I have severe claustrophobia and that's why they help me. Occasionally, when I have too many worries, I take one to relax so I can sleep. I've never had a problem with addiction. I agree, some people will become addicted to anything. I'm addicted to m&m's!

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Re: Glen (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

busbars are garbage they will do nothing for panic attacks or anxiety u can take busbars everyday as written but garanteed u will be crying for a real benzo if your having a panic attack or bad anxiety,your better off just keep going lower on your benzo until u think u can stop all to gether or like i said keep going down until your comfatable because there is nothing and i mean nothing that will stop panic,or anxiety thoughts from a pill u took at 8 am and takes time to help i guess but what you do at 2 pm 6 pm ,11 pm,u need a instant help sometimes so maby take busbar but have your dr. give u a small dose of valuim or k pins for a instant attack!!!!

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Re: Barbwire (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

FYI ADHD meds work great by themselves too if someone has ADHD.

And yes my anxiety got immediately better after one dose of Adderall. I was sad that I resisted stimulant medication for so long because I thought it would make anxiety worse. It was what I needed the whole time because I have terrible ADHD

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Re: Veronica (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Yep a 0.25 mg xanax fixes my anxiety attacks pretty immediately. Buspar never did a thing for me. At all.

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Re: Stephanie Davis (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Probably not. Gabapentin would probably help more, but that medicine is problematic too.

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Re: Glen (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Same I don’t believe it actually does anything for anxiety I think it’s placebo effect in people who thinks it works, if they even exist. I’ve never heard of anyone claiming this medication helps their anxiety.

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Omg no lol buspar is NOTHING like a benzo. Good luck to you I don’t think you will like this change.

Try it, but BuSpar never did anything for my anxiety at all. It didn’t make me feel as sick as other SSRIs, but it didn’t do a thing for my anxiety.

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Re: SpriteLee (# 183) Expand Referenced Message

Now thats a good doctor,sympathetic to the patients needs

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Re: chris (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I agree it’s highly addicting and it becomes dangerous if take anything else sedating (like ambien or if you drink) because you’ll likely black out quickly and have major gaps in time. It’s only worth taking if you have the will power to only take it as prescribed, and get clear confirmation from your doctor that when you decide to go off of it, they will give you a 2-3 month taper. I know it sounds long, but it depends on your dose and how long you’re taking it. I had a taper that was a few weeks after taking 3mg a day and had an episode of psychosis unlikely anything I’ve ever experienced. I eventually went back on it and when I was ready to go off 2mg/day, I had an 8-week taper schedule, followed it exactly and it was much much easier. You can also take supplemental medicines to help with coming off of it (buspar, gabapentin, etc.) so talk to your doctor about whether that can be part of a transition plan when it is time to go off of it.

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Re: Kirstin (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. I've been on buspirone for five years. And it works. Just at the beginning I had
those symptoms but after ur body gets used to it it will work. Be patience. I know it's hard, but things will be better..

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Re: chris (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

There's one thing about klonopin if you take it you can't ever get stay on pain meds even when you have both problems they will tell you that you can't take both I know this cause I was told by doctors

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