Where Can I Buy Paregoric


Have always had this in the med cabinet for occasional stomach cramps. Am finally running low. I'm 67 years old. Suggestions?

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I've seen many questions about this product recently and I can only inform you that it has been discontinued.

The main problem with it is that it contained a tincture of Opium, which lead to severe abuse and addiction in some people. These dangers led to it being pulled from the market.

From what I understand, it is now only available by prescription, in the U.S.

You may want to ask your doctor or pharmacist for a product that can help with stomach cramping. Proper treatment requires discovering what is causing the cramping.

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I too are trying to figure out what they are doing with Paragoric. I have had a prescription for about 1 year. I used it if Lomotil did not work for IBS. Around December 2010 they pulled it from the market. The pharmacies didn't even know why. I didn't like taken it, but sometimes that was the only thing that would stop my IBS . they need to put it back for those who really need it. Every drug out there some druggy is going to find a way to abuse it. That is not fair to the ones who need it.

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I found a gallon of Paregoric USP Tincture Opium Camphorated. We cleaned out a house for a woman whose husband died and he owned a drug store. How do I dispose of it?

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I will take some. It relaxes the smooth muscles of the stomach and intestine and is a great remedy when you have a serious attack of IBS. In the fifties when I was a boy, my grandfather who was a doctor, gave it to me for severe stamach cramps. It worked really well. He was an exceptional doctor even for his time. He had two Presedential citations for his contribution to medicine. Too bad it has been abused and that it has been discontinued; because for some it is the only thing that works.

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Lance, under U.S. FDA guidelines, proper disposal methods advise you to mix it into some undesirable substance, such as kitty litter, or to add dish soap or detergent to it, to thin it out and make it worthless.

Your other alternative is to take it to a local pharmacy and they will gladly dispose of it for you.

Has anyone consulted with their doctor to try and find an alternative?

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Think you need a doctor's Rx now-you won't be buying that over the counter anymore. How long have you had that bottle, anyway? I'm 63 and I know they stopped selling paregoric OTC in the 60s. I am wondering now since it is an opiate how many people were hooked on it and that is why they yanked it off the shelves.

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It is no longer available in the US either as of months ago I'm told by my pharmacist.

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So truth I also has IBS when Lomotol dont work then Im force to use Paregoric but now with so hard to find forced to stay in home when I get flare up please help us put this back on market so some of us can live a normal life people will abuse any drug so dont let us suffer because of them we need something else if they arent going to put back on market

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I thought Lomotil was supposed to be really good at controlling diarrhea but I had food poisoning once and lomotil didn't do a thing. I don't know what else you cdan do except to try to phone a doctor to see what takes paregoric's place. I feel sorry for your problem, really. We all have to suffer because of people abusing things, sadly.

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U dispose of it by taking it.. and Enjoying it

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If you or someone you know goes on a cruise to the Caribbean islands, you can find paragoric in their pharmacies OTC.

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Paregoric is available from Hi-Tech Pharmacal and has been in the supply chain since August 2012. Independent pharmacies and chain pharmacies should be able to order through their local wholesaler. Pharmacists can also speak with your doctor about the availability of Paregoric.

Thank you,
Hi-Tech Pharmacal

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I have a perscription and can not get it filled because the manufacturer took it off the market. I have taken Paregoric since I was a kid only when needed for severe stomach cramps.

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You are wrong. Paragoric was available into the 70's when I had my children. It only took a signature at the pharmacy. This was in Ohio

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@Lorbee - You are mistaken. Paregoric was available w/ out a prescription via pharmacists only as late as 1981 when I last took it for severe illness following the birth of my 2nd child.

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It's a potent drug. I had a room mate in 1964 who would go from pharmacy to pharmacy buying up all the preagoric he could find, over the counter. He would then heat it, and the opium would rise to the top and then he would decant it, ingest the now almost pure opium. He was way ahead of his time. Eventaully one pharmacist spoke to another as to why the paregoric was flying off their shelves. The cops set up a sting and caught him red handed. He never spent time in jail, but he was on parole. A few years later he was killed in an auto accident and i'm sure he was high.

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@lumpy1, your roommate story is funny and sad all at the same time. He and others like him are the reason it became unavailable OTC.

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I would have saved it. It never goes bad, lol!

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Verwon, tincture of opium BP is also available from MacFarlan Smith of Gorgie, Edinburgh, Scotland, the major opiate and opioid manufacturer of the UK.

Gee's Linctus is the only over the counter preparation containing opium still available, made by many manufacturers and sold under mainly store brand label. Boot's the Chemist, the largest UK Chain, is the best known of these.

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Since the schedule for Paragoric has been changed to Schedule II, there seems to be a shortage. My pharmacy can't seem to get it from McKesson, the supplier. Is this going to be long term?

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Re: Deb (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, it makes me angry. Because some people misuse drugs, we all must suffer. That is not ok. The government needs to address the real problem out there and stop denying responsible people from purchasing what gives them relief when needed. It just does not make any sense to me.

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Re: Richard (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

You can get it in Aruba?

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Re: Ladybug (# 38) Expand Referenced Message

If you can find a store that sells products from Trinidad you can still buy it legally OTC. I just bought some in Florida less than 2 weeks ago.

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Where can you find paregoric?I have already had my gallbladder removed and Dr. now says I have IBS.I live in Texarkana,Texas.

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Send it to me I am a MD and it could help a lot of people that have Pain and stomach illnesses at no cost.

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Only thru prescription. I took when I had cancer. Funny...mom used to paint this on my thumbs when I was a kid to stop thumb sucking. Lol

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You can get paragoric by prescription however it needs to be at a local pharmacy. The big chains can't get it

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U gotta be kidding? Who knew when we young that paragoric was opium. All we knew was that it worked. Ugh! So sick of politically correct drugs. The AMA has given up its power to the govt. what a bunch of wusses. What ever became of "first do no harm?" It is harmful to your patients when u don't dive them tx that works. We live in a world where doctors know how to treat their patients but are afraid of what the govt will do to them if they do. STAND UP AND BE HEARD. SPEAK FOR US, your patients!'

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Where did you get it filled at I need it for my stomach not sure if you live in the USA any information would be great thanks

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Where did you get it filled and was it in the U.S.

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