Udiliv 300 For Jaundice


After blood test, doctor said me, I have minor Jaundice. They have prescribed me Udiliv-300 twice a day daily. But i am not finding it is remedy for jaundice, is it the case ? what should i do for minor jaundice then ?

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Udiliv contains the active ingredient Ursodiol, which is a bile acid, and yes, it is normally used to dissolve or prevent the reformation of gallstones.

Your doctor may be hoping that it will improve liver function and thus resolve the problem that is causing jaundice.

Have you tried asking them for more information?


As to more information on Jaundice and its treatments you can check this link:


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I am 19 years old I checked my s.billurubin 7 days ago it was 3.6 and I checked today it is 8.6 and I am taking actimarin fort and polibion syrup and I am also not taking spicy and oily food I have tested hapatitis b and c but it was negetive and ultasound also good

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My son 25yrs old.His bilirubin tested range between 3.5to 4.6 and ultrasound report is good.Dr has prescribed udiliv 300 and patient take it bd pc.Is it taken safely?Pl advice me.

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I am suffering from possibilities of stone in gall bladder, is udaliv 300 is correct medicine

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My bilirubin is 1.5 doctor give udiliv 300. Whate ken I do Sir.

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I am a patient of jaundice my bilirubin level is 1.7

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