Udiliv 150 Is Taken For Enlarged Liver Size


My liver size is enlarged and doc suggested udiliv*150 gor 1 month it is good for

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My liver size is enlarged and doc suggested to take udiliv*150 for 1 month its correct for me but what diet I shud follow or what food shud I eat pls let me no that

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Is diareah is symtom of liver damage

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Hello Doctor, last year in July I was diagnosed with GERD, acidity issue. I have been consulting Gastroenterologist and had NEXPRO RD 40 whenever required. Now 2 weeks backs again I started feeling acidity in my throat and sometimes I felt pain in abdomen towards right whenever I used to skip any meal for hours(breakfast,lunch or dinner). Now I have got ultrasound done for full abdomen and everything is fine except I have minor stones 1 to 3mm in my gall bladder and doctor has adviced me to take Esoz D 40 in the morning and udiliv 300 twice a day for 15 days. Now my question is my treatment is on the right path? Please suggest. Thanks

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I have chronic Hepatitis B, had Baraclude 0.5mg for last 3 years, and my viral load report was below detection level, 6 months before my doctor changed my med and advised me to tale Udiliv 150mg, but unfortunately I could't take this med for last one and half month because of not availability of this medicine. I am wanting to start taking this med again, will it be any problem?

I have fatty liver as well.

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