Tablet For Jaundice


Please tell me the name of a tablet which was made for treating jaundice?

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I've been suffering from Jaundice for many months. l'm not getting enough rest due to my studying and my health is becoming weaker day by day. My exam is also coming up. So what medicine should I take now to help me recover from Jaundice?

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I've been suffering from a disorder called jaundice for the past month. I took medicine for treatment but it's not helping. Please advise.

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Total biliruben _1.89,direcct_0.5,indirect_1.39,sgot_30.7,sgpt_37.4,alkeline__117. 6, ggt_35,protein total_8.3,albumin_4.8, globulin_3.5, albumin/globulin_3 ratio_1.37,
Haemoglobin_13.2,w.b.c_10500, neutrophils _66%, eosinophils _02%, Basophil_00%,monocytes_01%,lymphocytes _31%
Doctor prescribed udliv300. Please suggest me.

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I am suffering from jaundice from last week. My billur. Is 3.1 sgot was 98 sgpt 80. I used to drink alcohol a lot which i have stopped now. Doctor advices me reheptin and liv 52 . Are these ok

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