Tussigon (hydrocodone Bitartrate + Homatropine) : Can't Get It


For those owners in the unenviable position of needing Tussigon for their pets chronic cough: as a veterinary specialist in canine and feline practice, let me say we vets would LOVE to be able to dispense this med to your pets since it is highly effective BUT 1) the drug is essentially now unavailable even to pharmacies at the veterinary teaching hospitals; and 2) the DEA in its "wisdom" has decided to make this drug a Schedule II drug (eg. morphine) because of perceived increase in human abuse.

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Thank you for the heads up on Tussigon's availability. It looks like those pet owners will have to resort to other forms of treatment for their pet's chronic coughing. I wonder though, what would be the next best alternative that patients will have access to since Tussigon is no longer an option? And in your expertise as a vet could you make any recommendations for remedies that may be outside the realm of prescription drugs (i.e. different herbs/roots/etc)?

Your feedback is much appreciated!

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I have been able to obtain Tussigon 5mg at Walmart and Costco in the past two months. For some resason CVS did not want to order it for me -- sent me to Walgreen's

It really is helping my dog with COPD --

I am in Texas -- if that makes a difference

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Yes, the Hydrocodone is really helping my dog. However, the last supply I got from Costco was a generic ( a white pill - the branded Tussigon was blue ) and does not seem to be as effective as the Tussigon brand. Next refill I am going back to Walmart and get the Tussigon and see if I can tell any difference.

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Yes, the Hydrocodone is really helping my dog. However, the last supply I got from Costco was a generic ( a white pill - the branded Tussigon was blue ) and does not seem to be as effective as the Tussigon brand. Next refill I am going back to Walmart and get the Tussigon and see if I can tell any difference.

Also, found out the Vet must supply a lot of paper work to Rx this Drug now. Most Vet dont have the need to go thru the paperwork. We finally took our dog to a Respiratory specialist and he had gone thru the trouble of finishing the necessary DEA paperwork. If your dog needs this drug because of the Dry Cough of COPD you will probably have to see a specialist as we did. It was interesting my Vet didn't really suggest this drug and we were the ones to ask to see a specialist.

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Just got a refill -- and none of the stores could obtain Tussigon -- so I am using a generic Hydrocodone from Walgreens for $55 for 60 pills

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My beagle has been diagnosed with heart disease, heart is extremely enlarged, and a Grade 4 heart mumur. Also chronic bronchitis. He is 15 yrs. old. He is on several medications. My regular vet sent him to a veterinarian cardiologist, as she felt there was nothing more she could do and it was time for a specialist. I buy the white tabs, at CVS, 90 tabs for 110.00 dollars, hydrocod-homatrop 5-1.5mg tab. he takes 1 in the am and 2 in the pm, to make sure his cough is controlled enough so he can get some sleep. He has lost several pounds but that is expected. Klinger is my 4th beagle with heart disease. Also I can get the tabs from farm fresh, but they always have to order them, where as cvs keeps them in stock. hope this helps.

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I quoted doseage and price incorrectly in my previous post, it is 120 pills, for 110.00 dollars at cvs. Does anyone know the price at Costco? Just wondering if it is less expensive. Hydrocod-homatrop 5-1.5mg tab, a white pill, same as tussigon, but the dea no longer will allow the dispensing of the brand name tussigon, the generic is fine with me, helps my beagle immensely.

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A recent COSTCO Rx for 60 5mg was $80 in TX. I was able to also get 60 at Walgreens for $55 --- so It sounds like you are getting a good deal for 120.

Our dog bowel's became irregular so we had to something from the Vet to help that side effect of the Opiates.

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I purchased Tussigon yesterday for my dog. It's still available but I highly doubt it's going to be at tractor supply. My husband is a pharmacist and there is no "perception" of abuse of opioids.....it's an epidemic and people are dropping like flies....you just don't hear about it unless it's Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston....the obits are full of people that overdosed....but no one is going to tell you their family member died from depressed breathing from too much hydrocodone.

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Where can I get Tussigon from? My dog is coughing with a trachea problem with severe heart enlargement. I have prescription from the vet. PLEASE HELP!

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Have you tried COSTCO or Walgreen ? I tried CVS and WalMart and they wouldn't order it for me. But COSTCO and Walgreen did order a generic Hydrocodone. I think the opiate problem has gotten so bad that the Pharmacies are staying away if they can.

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Hydrocodone and Lasix! Hydro is bad enough but lasix is a Kidney killer! Please support liver (Denimarin or Milk Thistle for liver) and Kidneys (Epikaten to block phosphorus) while your baby is on these! The Hydrocodone should dry them out enough not to need lasix!! Have you tried Tramadol?? (Not as strong) I am not a Vet but been there.

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I had my dog on it for over 8 months. He had cancer, he was 16 years and 4 months old when we lost the battle thursday. I had to put him to sleep. I had just ordered his latest meds, so I have over 100 tabs that they won't take back. never opened. Anhyway They were his saving grace. after just a week the cough went away, and he didn't cough until the night before I had to have him put to sleep. Those along with extra support of cancer herbs and supplements, and a detox soup I would make him. He was also on a non GMO food/ Fromms. He got losts of herbs, and love. The hydrocod/homoa tabs though kept his cough and pain at bay. But I do believe the tumeric and other supplements helped too.

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