Triamt Hctz Uses And Side Effects


What is Triamt/hctz 37.5/25 caps used to treat, and what are the side effects of this medication. Thank you.

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This is a medication called Dyazide with hydrochloradiazide. It is 37.5mg of triameterene (sp.?) and 25mg of hydrochloradiazide. It is a medication used to treat high blood pressure. Also, it expels the extra water or fluid in the system to help keep the blood pressure lower. Side effects include dizziness, thirst, fainting, headache.

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I am taking triamt hctz for my blood pressure and i am getting some bad side effects from it such as severe muscle crampts in my back and leggs and arms also lose of appettite will be hungry one minute then upset stomach the next i love to play the drums and i cant even do that at the moment. has anyone else expierenced this amd maybe figured out how to control it if so please let me know.

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I too just started Triam/HCTZ for High BP, and experienced severe cramping in my arms and hands/fingers. Took it for 3 days, bad cramping, didn't take it for the next 2 days , no cramping, and started it again today as to perform my own test of it. Will continue it for a couple of wks before I call my Dr. on it. Good luck to you.

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I actually developed constipation and chest pains with this medication. I began having pain in my extremities and then a couple days later in my chest area. The pains were sharp, almost stabbing type pains that then radiated throughout the body. The constipation...well, I couldn't poop for almost 6 days then a small poop then not again for almost 5 more days that and with the chest pains I had to go off it.

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Wow, Neil that sounds like a really bad reaction and I sould suggest not trying this medication again.

Make sure you doctor knows what happened when you took it, that way they can mark it in your medical records to ensure that no one prescribes it for you again.

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I was just checking around to see if cramping in my left bicep could be related to triamt/hctz. Good to see I'm not alone, guess it's time to get to the doctor's and change back to the original med for high blood pressure. I've also been very dehydrated. Possible another side effect it looks like.

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Been on Triamt.ctz three days. Having severe crampi ng in feet and legs. Feeling extremely lethargic and nauseated. Time to call the Doc.

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Take this on a one a day basis for Minere's disease in order to keep inner ear balance. Willing to live with slight muscle tightness in left calf at times and some muscle spasms. Will say some weight gain has occured since beginning regimen.

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I have been taking triam/hctz 37.5/25 the doctor put me on them after i begain to swell holding water i already take caduet for my blood pressure and i have noticed no change it doesn't seem to be taking the water off. I have noticed I am eating more just what I need I will be calling the dr also good luck all

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what does your pill look like my are tablets green oval with barr on 1 side the other side has a line down the middle with 555 on 1 side and 643 on the other

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im taking triam/hctz for swelling in my legs i have diabetes not that bad but also have a aging thyroid im 48 years old went through menopause at 39 why did this doc give me this medicine for i dont have high blood pressure at all

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I started the triam/hctz on june 26th for retaining water and pressure in my chest. I have had leg and back cramps but I have not had anything like everyone else is writing about. Constipation was a problem with me before taking this and now I seem to be going better and more often than ever. I have not had a upset stomache problems and I am down six lbs from the 26th. I am staying on the meds for now.

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I started this medication on saturday, July 12, 2008, for swelling and I am down 10 lbs. I don't have high blood pressure and so far the medicine doesn't make me sick but I have experienced cramps in my lower legs... the doctor told me to take potassium supplements to help with the cramping. I too had problems with regular bm but now I am one-two times a day.

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Well.... I started taking this drug 10 years ago with lisinipril and some others. Off and on I had symptoms like yours and pelvic pain. I too am diabetic. Whenever i complained, the doctors( you noticed I said Doctors plural) would say that was just my disease progressing. To make a long story short. I was up to six shots of insulin a day and had severe allergic type reactions, like shock. I had a very hard time for about six months and lost about 70 pounds in 3 months. The doctors just didn't know how to help me. I had to quit taking all meds but lisinopril and the triam. Thats when I found out what it was, the lisinopril and triam. My hair is very thin and alot has fallen out and my ankles swell with out the diuretic but my blood sugars are almost normal and my blood pressure is ok. I am still sick at times, but I can feel my body healing itself. i went through this for 10 years. I hope you all will think twice about getting on this med. it made me insulin resistant, and gave me terrible gastric problems, flushing of the face and shot my blood pressure up after these years. My body finally rejected it. I am eating normal now, even fruit. The only meds I can take is Excedrin, 12.5 mg Tramadol and skin, nails and hair vitamins, which by the way if I take after every meal, will bring my blood sugars down. I still don't know why this happened. I mean 10 years. God Bless all.

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James Says: Report Abuse
Saturday, 2/23/2008 3:56:54 PM
The Cramps are caused by loss of pottassium, I take 3 to 4 pottassium per day to offset the cramps. I have been on this for 7 years.

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My husband and I took this medicine and both had side effects. He got very dizzy and nauseous and I had leg cramping. The doctor changed the prescription to another diuretic that is blue, hydrochlorot 12.5mg, and that was the end of side effects. Blood pressure is fine now.

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First night after I took the pill I woke up with several severe muscle cramps in my right leg. Took another pill the next morning and had even more severe pains in my right lieg and left arm.

Called my MD and he told me to discontinue the pills. I am going to a make an appointment with a specialisit, rather than go back to my primary MD.

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i just went off the hctz as i am experiencing severe tremors and cramps, the legs being the worst. no sleeping either. I have been on it for 2 years and just recently started taking it with lisiniprol. my doctors and i think it is the hctz not the lisiniprol. I do know that one of the side effects of lisiniprol is a dry cough as it releases some sort of enzyme that triggers cough. I want to know how long it takes for the hctz to leave the body as i have been home for 3 days now suffering from these tremors and muscle weakness. All of my blood work and EKG were normal so i am assuming it is the hztc. I dont think these side effects are lisiniprol related

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I have LOW blood pressure and was given this for water retention.I was also given a Blood pressure pill for my heart ..eventho I have LOW blood pressure...???

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Oh Great, I should never have read this- I am going to start this mediciine in the morning....and am fearing the side effects!

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I am taking this pill, I have been on it for at least one year . My doctor knew i had allergies to pen and sulfa. Had trouble with kidney stones and still gave it to me. I am now having trouble with ligaments i my left leg,and sometimes can hardly walk. is anyone else having that type of problem? I have to go for an mri

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Yes please be very careful and consult your doctor asap. I had this side effect and it was due to increased spinal fluid pressure which can kill you. While this med was prescribed to treat this problem in me it made it much worse and before this I had taken hctz alone for years until if gave me fluid in my lungs and interstitial lung problems. I stopped it and this issue went away. Stopping the triam hctz made the spinal fluid pressure go down kind of quickly which wasnt pleasant. Im clearly someone who cannot tolerate these meds. The pain from the spinal fluid began slowly with aching in my legs and bouts of sacroilieitis. then throughout my back then headaches with doublevision then bad neck and spine pain becoming excruciating along with the othe previous problems. I became bedridden. finally spinal fluid started coming out of my nostril. all of this came on slowly. The all over aching made it clear that the spinal fluid in the spine was increased causing pressure in my entire spine.

I think this kind of a reaction is due to something like kidney damage from the drug. please get checked out. I dont know that i will ever be better. These druga are not safe for all.

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Hi James,
I saw your post and decided to write to you. I was taking triamterene for a week because of my meniere's disease but it didn't work. I actually fainted last night. I was wondering how long does it take to get it out of your system. Also, I'm a drummer too and have been feeling really tired, light headed and dizziness.

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my high blood pressure medication reads Triamterene/Hctz Tabs 37.5/25. I've also been prescribed Lisinopril Tabs 30 Mg. does this sound like a reasonable dosage?

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So u have menieces disease. I to just got that if possible I would like to talk with you about the inner ear disease or to anyone that has it.

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I've been taking it also for my lack of balance originated from my ear, and it works great, at one time I stopped taking thinking I was Ok and didn't need it anymore, well I started with the horrible dizzy spells and lack of balance etc.,, I stared taking the medication again, and I feel good, for me it has worked real good

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That's me I have extreme swelling but blood pressure runs low. I know before I was giving a blood pressure pill and it just left me like a zombie, I could barely move had no energy. Felt horrible! I don't know what to do I can't handle the swelling because I smother. I don't know what to do??

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Do this med really take all ur energy somebody please help me and im losing weight fastof the meds triamt/hctz37.5

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I was told I was allergic to iodine so I have avoided it for many yrs.Maybe thats why my ears are ringing.i will have to try it but can i get it somewhere besides whole foods? We dont have whole foods in my area.

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