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Hello out there. I have just retired from professional mixed martial arts, 27 years worth of full contact fighting. I have ankles of a 65 y/o and I am only 36 y/o. I had to use Oxycontin to continue to fight because of pain, 3 years worth. I didn't know it until I wanted to stop, but I was physiologically addicted. I found out about Suboxone and tried it. I did exactly what I was supposed to do by tapering off. I got all the way to less than 1 mg, a piece about as big as a piece of rice. Then I stopped. I only experienced 2 days of anxiety (NOTHING like the DEMON, oxy addiction). Now I am in my 3rd day. I am very tired, but getting stronger and I do not have any anxiety. The only bad thing, I have terrible insomnia and no appetite. It's coming though. People out there, if you are not psychologically addicted, this is the stuff. If you are, repair whatever it is that is making you use. Then you will be able to break the habit. Go online and look for a Doc near you to prescribe Suboxone. They're out there, I promise. Best to all of you.

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hello james How did you go about getting this prescription? I need help for my brother, he wants to get this medicine because he is an heroin addict.. please help

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The only way to get this medication is to go to a treatment center where the doctors are specially trained to use it to treat addiction. Your family doctor or doctors at other treatment centers cannot prescribe it. There have a website that lists various treatment centers throughout the country at:

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