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Has anyone else experienced sleep paralysis accompanied by hallucinations since starting viibryd? I have been on the medicine for about 4 months now and for the last 2 1/2 months have had several very scary episodes of sleep paralysis... I have never been on a anti-depressant before and never experienced sleep paralysis until i started this medicine. I am a 23 year old female and i take no other meds except a daily multi-vitamin. Ive noticed that if i accidentally miss a viibryd pill i have sleep paralysis... but have also had it on occasions of not missing a pill. It occurs about once a week... its to the point where i dread going to sleep at night in fear of sleep paralysis, but the hallucinations that come along with it are what I dread the most. Has anyone else had a similar experience with this medicine?

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I have had sleep paralysis on and off for years, but with Vii I did experience dream craziness for several months and some sleep paralysis episodes and crazy ones (with halluciations) too. As the months went on the dreaming got easier and though I still have weird dreams it is nothing like sleep paralysis that I was having! Believe me I know, sleep paralysis is awful and scarey when a long with hallucinations!! Chipur also has a good article he wrote (you can google it). You can get through it!! I do understand though!!!

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I posted a reply that I hope will help if they let it through! I had the same problems but have gotten through it. It gets better as the months go by!!


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Have you consulted your doctor?

It is possible for these SSRI antidepressants to cause this type of vivid dreaming, as side effect, in some people. While it may be terrifying, what you have to remember is that the paralysis and hallucinations are actually just dreams and not really anything else.


However, if they are causing you a severe problem, then you should contact your doctor, as this may not be the right medication for you.

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Thank you soo much! I have done a lot of research online and haven't found much to help! It actually does help to know that I'm not alone and that this might actually get better!!! I feel like I can't talk about this with family or friends because they've never experienced anything like this and sometimes I get the feeling they think I'm crazy! They just don't understand....

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Believe me I understand and it does sound crazy to other people!! really didn't know what I had all these years til I read the article I posted. My kids have had a couple of episodes and they don't even like to talk about it! I know how horrible it can be!! And scarey!!! The hallucinations that I have had were like horror stories you see in the movies. They had stopped for the most part and I was only having them every once in a months and months apart. When I started on Viibryd they came back but they have gone pretty much away. I try to sleep in a position that I know I can get out of more easily if it happens. Some people say to just lay there, but I can't do Vernon is right thogh, it IS just a dream and not real....I hope that helps you some!!

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I actually have the exact same thing happen to me as you are describing. If I miss a dose, even if its the next evening and I havent taken it yet (I usually take it around 9 PM.) and I take a nap after work, right as I'm falling asleep it will feel like a waves of pressure inside my head along with sleep paralysis. Let me know if you find any solutions to this.

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Hi Rick,
I usually take mine at around 9 also! And I actually start getting that waves of pressure feeling a 2-3 hours before that sometimes... I know with that feeling that if I were to sleep before my pill I will have sleep paralysis... So if it's really bad I'll go ahead and take the pill to make that annoying feeling go away!! Can't believe how close our symptoms are! Soon after I take my pill the feeling goes away... I would say 30 mins or so... Have you talked to your dr about this? Wondering what other people's dr has told them... Thanks soo much!

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Is there a reason that yall don't take it in the morning with a good breakfast? Eating with it is suppose to make a big difference.....don't know about the sleep paralysis, cause it happened again last night...gee I hate that!!!!! But still love this med!!!

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Yea... I dont usually eat breakfast... And due to my work schedule I have dinner around 9... So I do take the pill with a good meal still. And I feel your pain!! Was exhausted after work last night so I crashes on the couch in hopes of relaxing, dozed off and began to go into sleep paralysis.. So I got up, made dinner and took my pill... And thank God I had a peaceful nights sleep after that!! Lol and I do agree... I love everything about this pill besides the sleep paralysis and the weird feeling I start having a few hours before I'm due for my pill.

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THANK GOD I JUST FOUND THIS BOARD! I firmly believe that Viibryd should be yanked from the shelves. I have never in my life experienced terrifying sleep paralysis until trying to wean off the Viibryd that I've been on for 7 months. It's like waking to being trapped in a dark cocoon with horrible sensations, trying to move feels like seizures, my voice is small & unheard by my sleeping husband next to me & my repeated requests AGAIN for him to wake me by saying "HELP ME" over and over again went ignored, because A. he couldn't hear me or B. my audible voice was only in my head. WTF is in this medication!? It actually led to an MRI of my brain, which is normal, because I told my oncologist, neurologist, & family dr. ALL about the wave like sensations hitting my head causing dizziness when trying to wean off Viibryd. If this is sometimes typical for SSRI's, then there are a lot of screwed up people in this world. I wish I could sue the F out of Forest Lab. for pain & suffering. Yes, I did have back pain from what felt like trying to shake violently to wake myself up. I felt pain during sleep & the next day. And now I am afraid to sleep. I posted my 1st ordeal on Chipur. I was the 1st guinea pig to take this med. from my family dr. I've been thru a lot & do not feel I am overly sensitive to meds. but something isn't right with this med. My family dr. sounded baffled by my symptoms & has referred me to a psychiatrist. Yet, my neurologist was very clear these are nasty symptoms from discontinuation syndrome. She very gladly gave me 2 sample packs of 14 days of 20 mg. and 14 days of 10 mg. I have 3 days left of the 20 mg. and I've had a few sleep paralysis attacks since I've started weaning off. Also, my neuro. dr. (i see her for neuropathy from chemo) said that viibryd & effexor are similar. That kind of freaked me out, because a few years ago when starting Wellbutrin (I am taking 300 mg. w/o issues) my pharamacist accidentally gave me 150 mg. extended release of Effexor, instead of 75 mg. of Wellbutrin. Well, I took the Effexor not knowing it wasn't Wellbutrin, got in the shower, and suddenly felt like the walls were closing in & dizzy. I'll never forget the pharmacist apologizing on the phone, telling me it's too late, it's already in my system. I tried vomiting, taking benedryl and sleeping it off for 2 days. I had terrifying hallucinations, while stuck in bed, for a solid day. So after recently hearing about Effexor being similar to Viibryd, it all makes sense now. I can't even tell you how many times I've had dozing off periods where I wake up what feels like every 30 sec. & slip right back into the nightmares again. It took me until 3:45am the other night to pick myself up to go up to bed! Do not take this med!!!! Also, the 1st mo. I was on it, was weird with the sexual/boost in libido. I swear there is viagra (for women too) in this pill!

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The waves of pressure vibrating up and towards the left side of my head started in the week I went from 300 mg to 150 mg. of Wellburtrin & cut my 40 mg. dose of Viibryd to about 30 mg. I thought maybe it was the brain zaps everyone talks about. But this was definitely a huge WAVE sensation. And actually, it reminds me of LABOR pains. I can almost hear it coming on, starts from far away, and goes right thru my brain. And this is the most nauseating thing to talk about, other than my sleep paralysis thanks to Viibryd. Last week I was dozing in the afternoon & I started having brain zaps? for the 1st time. But one of them actually felt like I was hit right on the top front part of my head with a softball. I felt an explosion like feeling, some pain, it was quick, I woke up & knew my kids would not throw a ball at my head & was too embarrassed to ask them as they'd look at me like I was nuts. That sensation was freaky. I even had an MRI of my brain, & the results are normal. Thankfully. Wondering what is in store tonight?! Taking 5mg. of Ambien too, so the Viibryd won't have a chance to play mind games with me.

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Why are you going off your Wellbutrin? Just curious, I take both well, and vii....and also xanyx. I understand the sleep paralysis as I have said and had a bout last week...I hate it... but I heard something, or read something that said if someone touches you, you come out of not being able to go to sleep without it starting over, I reached over and held my dog and went back to sleep..guess they were right...or maybe a coinsidence, don't know.

When I started vii, I tried to go off the Well, and felt awful!! Maybe you shouldn't go off both of them at once.....

But this has still been the best combo of meds for me. Hope you get better soon!!!

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Thanks for your reply. Again I am so relieved to hear I am not alone here. I hope Forest Lab. starts to listen up here. My husband suggested that we contact the FDA. My ? is, does the sleep paralysis w/ terrifying nightmares happen with any SSRI? None of this started in until I cut my dose from 40 to 30....& currently 20. I took my dose late last night again, & then read on this board not to take it at night. But weeks ago, when I decided to wait until the am to take the smaller dose, I had the worst of the nightmares w/ seizures?! Never have I had seizure problems before. So you asked about the 'WB' (as I call it, 'wellbutrin'). My family dr. told me to increase it back to 300. I had thought, nahh...I'll keep it at the 150. But then after a few more wave like headrush/dizzy symptoms, I didn't want to take any chances w/ maybe the 'WB' causing the symptoms so I went back to the 300 over a week ago. I used to feel unsure about the 300, because I felt it was making my eyes tear up some/hyperfocused vision or pressure? in my eyes? Well, that turned out to be issues w/ wearing contacts! Discovered after a bout with dry eyes that is still persisting. One other thing that I'll probably start a new post on is that my oncologist checked my thyroid & my levels were 0.32, which is hyperthyroid!? I am not being treated for hyperthyroid, as my Dr. said it's nothing to worry about, but I do have to say that I have felt all the symptoms of hyperthyroid more so than ever since I've started the Viibryd. I wonder if it's caused this? Lastly, I was nervous about falling asleep last night. I took 5 mg. of Ambien & 1 Xanax (.25) neurologist said I could go up to 4 xanax as needed during the discontinuation syndrome with Viibryd. Normally I would just fall asleep. But instead, I doze off & then wake up, feeling 1/2 asleep but yet aware of the overwhelmingly scary vibration pulling feeling all over my body. It's nauseating & I felt frightened. BUT! thanks to reading info last nite on how to stop it (I did consider having my dog sleep with me :) I immediately RELAXED and mentally grounded my body back into the bed, like a sinking feeling, and it worked! I'd snap out of the feeling, my mind felt released, and then I'd doze off again. Unfortunately though, I did have to experience this 6 or so times before the Ambien probably fully kicked in. My suggestion to anyone dealing with sleep paralysis from discontinuation syndrome, take the Ambien. I never considered the Viibryd as a stimulant, because especially in the last few mos, when I take it at night, I will get really sleepy about 20 min. after taking it. I should hop into bed & wait for the dozy feeling, but I can't wait until 'late' to take the Viibryd. Now that I am aware of the sleep paralysis, I am going to TRY not taking the 20 mg. tonight & wait until tomorrow am, to get back on the morning schedule. If by 9pm tonight I am started to feel any wave sensation, I'll probably take 20 mg. tonight & again tomorrow morning. Doubling up for a day, even though it is a 24 hr. pill. I just cannot believe I am having to write about this. :\ So disappointed in Viibryd. The ONLY thing it did for me was completely wipe out PMS & I did feel 'content' with the area I live in, which I do not like. But the honeymood period wore off quickly with the drug and the 35 lb. weight gain came on. Like other's have said, it causes more belly fat weight gain. And I've had no libido & stopped crying. The 1st 2 days on the 20 mg. I had emotional meltdowns. Thankfully, that stopped. I was days before TOM or AF, whatever you want to call it. :) And I am fine now. My libido is way better. I just have to figure out the sleep issues!

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First....32 tsh does not make you hyperthyroid!....please make sure you look into that before you continue on that road. There are forums with lots of info. Atkins has a thyroid forum on their low carb site. I am hypo and many are hypo even with lower than your tsh number. There are other things to look at......just wanted you to know.

My sleep paralysis isn't from any med. I have had it a long time and even my kids have had it happen to them....but when I first started the Vii, it did get much worse until I got used to the dreams and all that has worn off for the most part. Course you never get use to the sleep paralysis....that is awful I know!!!

What did you read that worked??????

I took Ambien a few years back and it did nothing but give me awful dreams....I didn't want to go to sleep. I tried several sleep meds and they did the same. Xanyx is the only thing that works for me in that area.

The Wellbutrin in the Vii both mess with your eyes...that is a side effect. But I don't think I would go off the Wellbutrin and Vii at the same time....why not stay on the Wellbutrin? Course that is up to you....sounds like you would have to much withdrawals going off both...course I have gone off and on Wellbutrin many times when I was taking it by itself and it didn't bother me until a couple of weeks later when I would be mad at the

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Yes, I am borderline Hyperthyroid & it's just something that they will watch. It just seems odd to me, because my mother is 'hyper' with many growths on her thryoid. Only my oncologist thought the hyperthyroid was a little odd. My family dr. dismissed it. Also, I am not going off the Wellbutrin (300mg). As much as I'd like to, it decreases my neuropathy foot pain a little, but not a cure. So that's really the only reason why I take it. The 'Xanax' is used sparingly, due to it being an addictive med. But since I've successfully taken it for going on 4 yrs. now, maybe 1 (.25)/day if even & going many mos. w/o it while taking Buspar (that drug is a joke & didn't do anything for me but make me feel weird & dizzy). Prior to Ambien, I had my share of nightmares & Ambien has actually helped with that. But the Viibryd is causing distressing nightmares when trying to sleep. Now that I've been on 20 mg. for almost 2 wks. now, I am having more consistant nightmare/sleep paralysis. But NOT bumping back up to 40 mg. No way. Are you also weaning off of it? I also read about 'going with the sensation' of heavy wave like/sleep paralysis feeling instead of fighting it. And so last night when I kept on feeling the crazy sensations a good 6 or so times, repeatedly, I would just relax, move my hands (because I could, the other day I couldn't move at all, & I had not taken Ambien) and I tried clenching my jaw & opening & closing my talked about....maybe on youtube? I'd snap right back into feeling normal again. Tonight if it happens, I am going to try getting out of bed immediately to see what happens, because that is supposed to help? From what I can recall from last night, I don't think I could have jumped out of bed quickly enough, because I was in sort of a relaxed sleep state. I've been thru so much with my past cancer that scary images in my dreams do not scare me. In fact, I've noticed that in the past few mos. as these dreams intensified (I know it's from the Viibryd) that I have found myself really in control of my dreams and moving towards the scary image until I am face to face and then it goes away. That's why I feel like my dreams are almost 'Nightmare on Elmstreet' like w/o Freddy. I don't run from them. But Sun. night worst attack of total sleep paralysis had me so cocooned & frozen that I eventually was trying to wake up my husband by saying "help me." WTF. I cannot even believe I am talking about this happening to me. I already wrote the FDA. And to think that my family Dr. dismissed this, when it's all over the internet now! Thankfully, the drug has been out there long enough. I was his first guinea pig. I do not have severe depression or bipolar or anything of that nature. So to think that Viibryd can take a somewhat healthy brain & give such awful side effects if very frightning to me and I worry for everyone else now. :O

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I meant to say my mom is HYPO.

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Are they only going by TSH to say you are hyper? If that is what they are going by then that isn't necessarily true. The TSH only checks the putuitary gland.

Anyway, no way am I going off this. It has been wonderful for me. I can now drive and be normal. I used to have awful anxiety while driving and for some reason this med helped...YAY!!! It has been years since I have felt this good!!

The dream thing is what I had to work through, and I also went through a time, and still can a little...control them which is weird. If I am having a bad dream, it seems I can change it...sometimes anyway. Now the sleep paralysis is not as bad as it was when I started Vii, but I have had that before this med anyway. (For many years actually....and like I said my kids have also experienced it.)

Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!

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Thank God the brain wave attack sensations went away and I haven't had any sleep paralysis attacks. But tonight I am dropping down to 10mg. Viibryd & a little concerned. I guess what I've noticed more since decreasing the Viibryd to 20 mg. is a definite increase in libido. 20 mg. might be the perfect dose. I might be more spontaneous in a good way & easier ticked off in a bad way. :) I'll post more on the 10 mg. dose soon. Hope I don't get emotional about something tomorrow? Like a Hallmark commercial? :)

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OMG! I thought I was the only one with this horrible sleep paralysis problem. I also have severe joint pain and insomnia. I have been taking Viibryd for about 4-5 months and these problems seem to be getting worse the longer I take it. I also have autoimmune thyroid disease and was perscribed Viibryd about the same time my thyroid med dosage was changed. I am so thankful for everyone's posts because I now know these side effects are all linked to Viibryd. Thank you, thank you. I will be asking my doc to help me wean off of this horrible drug. I must say, it has never really made a difference in my depression, anxiety or libido.

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need to take my 40 mg. dose before the creepy nightmare sensations take over -pretty much while I am awake. What happens when I am late, is if I so much as doze off, I get mentally 'stuck.' And it will take me from 10 min. to 1 hr. to just do what my brain is reminding myself to do. It's different than just 'feeling sleepy & feeling lazy' & not wanting to get up. So as I posted last time, I am still taking 40 mg. Viibryd, because once I got down to the 5 ?mg. dose, I caved and took it. All based on a nightmare of course. Thanks Viibryd. It screws with your head. My neurologist said it's like Effexor. I had that BAD experience when a pharmacist 'accidentally' gave me Effexor instead of Wellbutrin. I am also back on 300 mg. of Wellbutrin. I was crazy irritable 2 days before AF/TOM (whatever you call it :). Huh. I had thought the Viibryd took away the PMS. So I don't want to freak you out or anything, but I had the scariest frikking sensations during sleep paralysis last week. Movie directors should be calling me. LOL. this is what happened. I got into bed. Pretty quickly, I started to feel that 'upper body turning into a hardened shell' feeling. Also vibration like, the back of my neck stiffens up, my stomach is tight, and instantly I think OH NO and I seemed to be able to snap out of them if I caught it quickly enough 'last nite', but last way. I must have went into sleep paralysis 'episodes' about 50 times. It's exhausting. So along with the 'seeing' the room, feeling mummified, there's that awful feeling like there is a creature from hell running around my room. Last night I heard running footsteps. My husband heard nothing. Last week, during one of the worst episodes, I had finally had enough of trying to NOT fall back into sleep paralysis...I try to stay relaxed....I try to grind my teeth together....I try to shout for HELP...but all I can do is make sounds like 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeee' (or whimpering, like when my dog has a nightmare!) And I had told my husband the 'SP' (abbrev.) was BACK. So he heard me whimpering out loud and did nothing! But I did tell him that he wouldn't be able to move me. I am pretty certain that my arms hold stiff. Kind of afraid to try it. So anyway, so DONE with this BS, I tried something else. I mentally decided a scary twist on the scary images that I was seeing, and I said 'in my head' to 'get out of my body!!!!!' and that's when everything felt like pulling and tugging and chaos for a few seconds...yes it was intense... & scary and it gets worse....I had FELT a scary creature JUMP inside my upper body and I was laying face to face with my husband---& for a split second, his warm breath on my face was the creatures warm breath--freaky. Then I announced 'to get out of me' again and I felt my soul? being pulled forcefully out of my body, BUT I wasn't having it and I had to fight back and mentally hold on. WTH is all that? SO THEN...yes it gets worse....the f'in creature feeling ran to the side of my bed and then slapped it's frikking alien claw like hands back and forth at the end of my bed, hitting my feet!!! I FELT THIS HAPPEN! I heard the slapping sound on the bed. Then the creature ran off. I guess I should have never looked at images of sleep paralysis on the internet. I am a Christian woman & now feel like I need to sleep with a crucifix & seriously get into prayer mode before bed. There is not any rhyme or reason for all of these nightmares. But it doesn't happen when I take Ambien (5mg). So I never know what to expect with sleep. I just hope for the best. Staying strong & I do expect to have serious feedback from several dr's soon on this. I hate to endure more nightmares from the SP, but I have no choice. I cannot dream up these sensations. And because I get into the stuck mode and uncontrollably fall back into SP over and over again, seconds apart.....well.......honestly......I've even noticed that I can't breathe! I try to, but cannot draw in oxygen. FDA......are you FRIKKING LISTENING TO THIS??? I was the first FRIKKING guinea pig to take this from my family dr. last Aug. 2011. Trust me when I tell you, I have no other psychosis history. Just anxiety & depression from past cancer. Who wouldn't. & PTSD. Please notify your Dr. I did also read online that Effexor has been known to bring on HELLISH like dreams. I tried the 14 days of 20 mg. & 14 days of 10 mg. Well, guess didn't work. Just as the nurse told me on the phone, if my nightmares were still bad, I'd probably have to go back on the medication. (LOL--really? I thought it was silly for her to say that) Considering on shaving a tiny bit away daily. Very trusting & knowledgable NEUROLOGIST said to take up to 4 Xanax to get off of Viibryd. I don't think that's enough. It seems to me to need a medical stay weaning process. No one should have to mentally live thru such traumatic PS episodes. : ( HUGS! Please keep me updated!

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I started Viibryd about one year ago. I was initially taking it at bedtime and did experience the horror of sleep paralysis and nightmares. Since I started taking it in the morning with food, I have not had a single issue.

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Yes I have also had them
Very scary and can't move
I'm getting off this stuff

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Hey I've had this happen too. As long as I take the meds in the morning or afternoon, it does not happen.

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can anyone tell me if I can take viibryd and seroquel. Are there any side effects

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I am glad I'm not the only one having these side effects. I am up out of bed just because I can't handle the dreams and sleep paralysis that come with it.

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I, too, have just experienced a horrifying episode of sleep paralysis. I am 29 and have tried several different antidepressants over the past decade or so, none of which have effected me in this way. It's too late in the evening to reach my doctors office, and a Friday to boot, and I don't know if I should trouble the oncall Doctor. Just describing it too my husband makes me feel like I've lost my mind, explaining all of this over the phone just feels embarrassing.
I've read over other posts before coming to this one, others that describe how they push through these types of experiences and continue with the medicine. I can't imagine doing that. No judgment to them, but I'm scared to go to sleep again out of fear that it will happen again. Once was more than enough.

To be thorough on the details, in case others share this experience, I've only been on the medicine for a week and a half. And intend to discontinue it immediately.

My sympathies to those that also go through this, this has been truly terrifying, and not something I think I'll be quick to forget.

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I would also like to know if a suit is filed. I've been experiencing all the terrifying effect of Viibryd for months!

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I'm scared and don't know what to do. I know after the dream tonight I am going off viibryd. But I don't think I will sleep again until I'm off of it. I'm too terrified to dream of demons laughing at me and spinning me again. I'm calling my dr first thing in the morning but right now I don't know what to do but cry.

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Thank you so much for posting this question! I've had sleep paralysis in the past many times, but now that I'm taking Viibryd it's an every night occurrence, and it's very different from the sleep paralysis I used to experience. It started almost immediately, with the feeling of falling inside of my body while drifting off to sleep and the sudden jolting awake of my brain accompanied by a loud sound in my head. Sometimes when I'm not even trying to sleep I'll get that weird, familiar feeling that I'm about to slip into sleep paralysis. My head and neck will suddenly have that dizzy/lightheaded sensation while I'm sitting on the couch or the bed wide awake. My dreams luckily haven't been terrifying, but they do make me feel uncomfortable, and this whole situation is getting to be too much for me which really sucks because this medicine has done wonders for my anxiety!

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I weaned myself off, like a half for 3 or 4 days. I still had a few episodes as I was weaning but I did it. I suffer from occasional depression and I began taking 1200mg of fish oil twice a day, it has really helped me. It does however, act as a blood thinner so you have to go off every so often. Please report this to the FDA

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