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I was prescribed Ozempic for weight loss. 12 hours after taking the first dose, the fatigue and brain fog I’ve struggled with for years was greatly improved. This leaves me wondering if I may have pre-diabetes or even the beginning of Type II. Can anyone advise if having such a positive response to Ozempic could be a sign of this condition?

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I am pre-diabetic. My doctor tried to prescribe me I was Ozempic but insurance wouldn't allow it. I am on Medicaid and as with most things they'd rather wait until there's a problem then be proactive. It sounds like you had good results and so I am encouraged and if I do become diabetic it will be a big help. It's so hard to lose weight with chronic pain. Take care of yourself. Sounds like you are!

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It is possible, but only your doctor can say for sure.

The FDA lists the typical side effects of Ozempic as possibly including anxiety, constipation, stomach pain, low blood sugar, and flatulence.

Ref: Ozempic Information

Dee, I'm very sorry that your insurance wouldn't cover this medication for you. Has your doctor suggested any alternative?

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Unfortunately, no but I was thinking maybe I could try to contact the manufacturer of Ozempic?

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Those of us that actually need a Ozempic for their diabetic condition cannot get it now because it is on backorder for the over prescribing of this medication for those that want to use it for weight loss. I suggest you talk with your doctor and find out if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic before just assuming anything. keeping in continual contact with your doctor is the only way that you will actually find out if any of these symptoms that you have been released of were because of being pre-diabetic or diabetic. Now that no one can get a Ozempic at their pharmacies… I would strongly encourage you to think about other forms of weight loss, instead of taking the actual medication off of the shelves from those of us who really need it.

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Ozempic is in short supply because of all the people taking it just to lose weight. Some of us NEED it to control diabetes. I haven't been able to get my prescription filled at the drugstore in two months and they don't expect to have any before the end of December, if not later.

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No alternative. In the spring when I finally move back into a one bedroom and live by myself with my cat I will be able to eat much healthier and control my stress so that this pre-diabetes will hopefully not turn into diabetes.
I wasn't aware there was an alternative. I should Google this! Thanks for your question.

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