Oxycodone/percocet Generics! Which Are Most Effective?



First, let me start by saying that I am somewhat opiate naive. I am not in pain management and hopefully won't need to be. I've had scripts here and there for norco and percocet. It is the generic percocet, or more specifically the oxycodone, i'd like to discuss here.

Over the past year i've had issues (such as a broken elbow, recurring kidney stones, and a staghorn lodged in my renal pelvis [kidney]), that have lead to several prescriptions for percocet from a total of 4 different manufacturers. Mallinckrodt 10/325, Amneal 7/325, Rhodes Pharmacy 10/325, and AuroBindo 10/325.

I've read a lot of reviews about the aforementioned generic manufacturers. The majority of them have been negative especially for Rhodes. Mallinckrodt and AuroBindo are the only two that seem to have, at least, a couple of favourable reviews.

I've got a new script for a week's supply of percocet 10/325. The primary pharmacy that I go to is Kroger (my local CVS carry Rhodes). Kroger carries the U17 Aurobindo which seem to help with pain but cause other issues; tinnitus, anxiety, drowsiness, agitation and at times nausea. Those are things I can deal with but I'd rather not.

Does anyone have any input on what they find to be the best generic manufacturer of oxycodone? I've read about endocet, actavis, watson, kvk, and others but none of them seem to be readily available in my area.

These are what i've tried in order from best to worst:

1. Mallinckrodt - good pain relief, seemingly no side effects, mild euphoria. (Unfortunately I cannot find Mallinckrodt anywhere around my area.)

2. (tie) Amneal/Aurobindo - Kind of a toss up between these two. They seem to work for the pain but have noticeable side effects. Auro (effects listed above) and Amneal both seem to cause anxiety/panic. Profuse sweating and itching have also been experienced with Amneal although not with Auro.

3. Rhodes Pharmaceuticals - I've read some horrible reviews for these. While I don't think they're as bad as some of the reviews, they were definitely very weak compared to the others i've tried. Sort of hit and miss though as one pill would make me feel high and another would make me feel sick (while not doing much for the pain). A plethora of side effects with these as well with malaise and dysphoria; the ultimate worst!

Okay now that you've heard my subjective opinion and rant, can anyone out there offer their opinion on these generic oxycodone/percocet manufacturers. Are there any generic brands I'm missing or never heard of? What's the most effective for killing pain with the least side effects? (I'm taking them for pain).

P.S. I'm going to have to fill at Kroger and get the Auro U17 regardless but would like to know for future reference. Thanks in advance! I'm in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

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Well I ended up asking CVS if they had any other 10/325 percocets on hand. Turns out they have Qualitest. I had them once; a small script I got from the ER in 2015. I do remember that they didn't make me sick and seemed to help with the pain. So i'll be filling it there and getting Qualitest. Most of the reviews i've read about qualitest have been good.

What confuses me, though, is that Qualitest no longer exists, does it? I know Endo bought them out and that they have some kind of affiliation with Pars Pharmaceuticals. Apparently they still produce pills with the Qualitest "vintage" V on them. I'm assuming anyway. Haven't actually seen them yet.

Does anyone have any further information on Qualitest 10/325 Oxycodone/Paracetamol, or any other updates on Oxycodone or Percocet generics?

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I will report back on my experience with the efficacy of qualitest percocet tomorrow after I get them filled and try one. Just in case somebody happens to read this thread.

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I have been taking opiate pain meds for 10 years, and I also get kidney stones. Please be aware that acetaminophen has been
known for liver/ kidney problems, and should be avoided if possible, especially if you drink alcohol to any extent.

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Re: rattusnor (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

It does depend on what kind of stones you form. Mine are the least common; Uric Acid. Aspirin raises uric acid levels in the blood so i've been told to avoid that. Toradol, a prescription strength NSAID, works great but can only be used for 5 days total.

Acetaminophen doesn't seem to bother me so much. I seldom take it. Usually only when taken in a formulation that includes and opioid. Like percocet or norco.

Thanks for the reply. Do you have any preference when it comes to oxycodone generics?

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Oh btw I do not drink alcohol at all. Not even an occasional beer or glass of wine.

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To follow up, I got the Qualitest 10/325 percocet from CVS. Yellow, 4829 on front V on back.

It's been an hour since I took the first one and my pain is completely gone! No negative side effects to note. No groggy junked up feeling! These are the new #1 generic percocet on my list.

So now, based on what i've tried*, here is my new list for best generic percocet:

1. Qualitest
2. Mallinckrodt
3. Aurobindo
4. Amneal
5. Rhodes
* I have yet to try Actavis, Alvogen, Camber, or KvK. Hopefully I won't need to.

Please feel free to share your opinions on what works best for you!

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I have been on oxycodone 30 mg × 4 a day for several years. Also, Percocet 10/325 ×3 per day. It is no longer WORKING!! My legs are just very jittery! What is stronger? And no b.s. please. I have severe arthritis and occasional gout and nerve pain due to several accidents (car & motorcycle).

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Re: David (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I get really bad gout flare ups too. Gout is tricky because not even the strongest of narcotics work for gout pain. The only thing that i've found to relieve a severe gout attack is prednisone. Gout is up there with one of the most painful things a human being can endure.

I'm sorry to hear that the oxycodone and percocets aren't managing your pain from your other injuries. I don't really know what to say because I haven't walked in your shoes or had ongoing chronic pain. Hopefully someone out there can offer you some good advice. Have you talked with your doctor about your meds no longer effectively working for your pain?

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I am in the same exact boat. I agree with all you have written. My pharmacist went from Amneal to Aurobindo. The Auros are awful. And I have searched and searched in Georgia and all carrier Rhodes and Auros. Also 70% of the people I deal with at pharmacies are incredibly rude. I can't find the Amneal. Please help if anyone knows where I can get them?

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Re: Mason (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I just filled my meds for percocet 10/325 at Walgreens. They are only carrying the Camber mfr from now on. Please...Stay away from the Camber mfr! They have zero pain relief, massive headaches, nausea, drugged feeling, and dizzy.

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I totally agree...Camber is the worst as I’ve got mine from Walgreens and they do little to nothing for pain, but make me nauseated and it’s like a placebo. In fact I wouldn’t doubt if it was. It comes from India and their pain meds seem really weak. Actavis, I find is the best out of all I tried. I think they are all being made weaker and less of the pain med and more of the Acetaminophen. I think they are slowly fading them out altogether. It’s even hit the TV commercials now how opioids are killing people. LOL. Illicit drugs yes but now they are telling people pain meds that are prescribed turn us all into drug addicts. Totally absurd but these campaign ads are working and it’s getting harder and harder to even find a pharmacy that isn’t low or out of any Percocets/oxycodone. So don’t be too picky because soon in my opinion they will be completely unobtainable. A sad truth for the Chronic Pain Pt. who have life long diseases such as Fibromyalgia, MS, Cancer etc. It’s pretty scary times for people with pain these days. I’m a short term patient who just had back surgery and hopefully will not need pain meds very much longer. But as I age I worry about future needs for pain meds. I have a history of kidney problems and transplants (my twin has had 2) and kidney issues run in the family so I have to be really careful using Tylenol etc...who knows what the future holds...Good luck to you and all pain pts. are in my prayers.

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I refuse all drugs and take herbs. As for pain, I can endure the pain better than side effects of any drug. I recognize simple chemicals like aspirin is acceptable for most people, but I oppose the entire United States pharmaceutical operation. (I learned the difference from my work in 20 countries.) If I believed doctors I would have been dead already four times. Should I also take drugs they prescribe? I had no choice during my seven weeks coma (from when the drug store manager ignored my warning about it), But when I figured out what they gave me in the hospital, I through the drugs into the trash and walked out before they thought I could.

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Re: bubblewrap (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

I've taken watsons in the past and they seem to do well relieving pain . i haven't noticed too many side effects other than itchy nose and speed my heart rate up . but that was before the fda made them cut down on the strength of pain relievers/ opiods

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Re: David (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

David, I'll try to keep the B.S to a minimum. I've had Cervical Spondylosis since 1985, Lumbar Spondylitis early 2000's when I fell on cement directly on my tailbone then diagnosed with Lumbar Spondylitis just after. There is no operation that can help either of those for me. So I've had to live with it along having to WORK since 1985. I also have Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I've had a nerve tuck behind the muscle surgery in my elbow to keep the rest of my arm from going numb. I've had a Total Knee Replacement Surgery and I need another one. I've also had Hernia surgery. My hands cramp up and go into spasms where I drop stuff because of my neck. I have COPD and Acid Reflux. I am 62 years old with my share of MC wrecks myself and feeling like I am falling apart, so I can empathize for you. Dad is 92 and I think he's in better shape than me. My doctor was prescribing me 190 mgs.of Morphine both IR and ER's a day.. I can't afford his price anymore. So I am getting absolutely no pain meds now. Just mostly laying in bed all day...not that I don't want them because I can probably get up and do much more if I had something. But before I stopped going, I did cut myself back from 190 mg to 30 mg. 4x of the IR's a day from which I rarely took all of them in one day. That's 90 mgs. total per day. He did not cut it right away but thanks to the fact he did it gracefully. The question is....I've heard of stronger drugs. I don't know of how each one affects you. People are different. Some work better for others. The strong ones from what I've heard PRESCRIBED are Dilaudid, Fentanyl, Morphine, Demerol, Oxycontins, Subutex, and probably more I don't remember...... BUT, from MY experience, the stronger you want, the more tolerance you build until nothing works .Fact is, if you are awake, there is some pain you will have to deal with as far as my experience. Maybe you just have to find what works for you. I found that stronger wasn't always better for me.

If I had my choice, I would take 6 hydrocodones and 6 Soma's a day and a sleeping pill. That worked for me better than 190 mgs.of Morphine per day. Other than what they gave me at the hospital one time which I know was stronger than 3x of 5 mgs.of.Tylox per day just after my Hernia surgery. Of course from what I know, you are very lucky if you are getting Soma. ..But I do want a doc who writes that my insurance covers and they are hard to find in today's world when they are trying to cut opiates out completely. Speaking honestly, sometimes more pain meds were worse for MY condition. But in your case, more could be better but there is a limit or they just won't work anymore because of tolerance buildup. Plus when it gets too high, you will have to worry about overdosing. If you do not believe me please go see a professional. Well, I hope I didn't BS you too much David, just please be careful.

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From my experience, about 10 years, dealing with oxycodone for pain relief, the Mallinckrodt seemed to be most effective. But typically the CVS I go to provides the brand by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals.

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Re: Mason (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

When I had a bout of gout, I first researched it and found the best thing was tart cherry juice. I purchased it from Amazon! It was in a black and red bottle from a Sports Med place? Black not too large oval pills that worked very well and also help my insomnia! Good luck!

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Endocet 10/325 yellows are the best in the business

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I got hit by an 18 wheeler and have had 2 back surgeries. I have 7 Titian rods in my back. I very taken everything but Percocets. For me. Nyucenta and hydrocodone and 80 morphine takes the edge off except for Cold weather

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Re: Sparky (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks for your input! I am a CPP and believe me, my doctor pushed me to my limit and I had a "melt down". I was in so much pain I called his office to speak with his nurse. He is located 65 miles from me but where I live now, there isn't one doctor that will help me with my pain. He realized his error then. I am now on a 25mil. Fentanyl patch and 2/5 oxycodone for beak through pain. So I feel your pain! One day at a time!

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Amneal is garbage! Now that is all Walgreens distributes. I have nasty side effects from this crap too! I am mad at myself because I didn't check the medicine before I left. The Walgreens pharmacist did not tell me they changed to Amneal. Now I'm stuck with this s*** for a month!! I HATE IT!! Garbage made in India!

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Re: Herb (# 37) Expand Referenced Message

He is 1000% correct!! Generics are allowed a 20% difference and still pass. The 20% isn't likely to be higher than the brand but if so, still passes.
Take our word, that is the LAW!! 20% difference is exactly correct story!!

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The doctor prescribed me oxycodone HCL‘s 10 mg which help me now they gave me oxycodone 10 mg HRHO‘s they don’t work why

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Re: Mason (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

stay away from camder they are junk

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Re: Mason (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I went with Mallencroft and they have been okay. Stay away from Camden.

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I'm now on 30mg oxycodone by Mallinckrodt manufacturer that make me very sick. Can anyone suggest a different manufacturer that is better?

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IMHO stay away from CAMBER, pure poison.

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Re: Sparky (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Order kratom and capsule it. It actually works.

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Re: David (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Are you taking Rhodes they cause crazy Sciatic nerve pain

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In my last post late last night I failed to complete my thoughts. When oxycodone was reformulated there reasons were to reduce drug liking and addiction. I believe this step was in response to the abuse problems. End result went too far by taking away some of the analgesic powers as well. All forms from brand to generic were affected by changing the main ingredient oxycodone. However this change that was in good faith left a problem. Mallinckrodt at that time made a superior product rated amongst the best. Actavis as well which is difficult to find, so no matter what you choice or what is available still include the same main ingredient. Other companies used an array of binders that don't agree with everyone. So your body chemistry dictates what will work for you. No two people will have the same effect is why there is so many different opinions. So now choosing is a difficult one. Many pharmacies make there choice based on cost, strength and what's best for there customer. When food becomes an issue its not about what you eat as it is when you eat. Hope you find something that will work for you and control your pain, that is what we are talking about!

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I'm reading these comparisons in a new light tonight. Percocet at one time was very effective. There were no generic drugs. Just brand name. They were used for post surgery and most severe pain caused by accidental injuries. The DEA.... is responsible for the reformulated oxycodone to stop drug liking. High doses weren't needed before this whole darn mess with abuse. If oxycodone was returned to it's original formulation you and many other people would not be suffering. This may not be a popular version of why they don't work but it's nothing but the truth!

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