Muscle Relaxer Pill? A 266 Imprint


A round white pill with A 266 on one side, what is it?

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I believe this is a generic Soma. They are different than the ones that I now get from the pharmacy but I was told they were Soma and saw somewhere else on the internet that they were. If anyone else knows for sure, please let me know because I'm not taking it until I am 100% positive that is what it is! THANKS!!

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I saw your post on the Soma muscle relaxant on the Prescription Drug Info site. Your were not sure about the accuracy of the generic substitute A266.
This is a valid generic substitute.
In my experience, most generic substitutes of any kind of medication are not as effective in strength or duration. However if
procured from a reputable pharmacy, the safety issue is moot.
It is much better to purchase the original manufacturer brand product, as the quality is far superior in terms of strength and duration. Sandos laboratories is the original
manufacturer of this product, and if you specify this with your pharmacy, they should comply. If not, change to another pharmacy.
Ask your M.D. to write the prescription for
Carisoprodol, which is the active ingrediant,
not Soma, which is the brand name, and you will get a better purchase price, then specify with your pharmacy to only provide the Sandos product. Also, If your insurance provider does not allow Sandos and only allows generic substitutes for price reasons, consider paying cash instead. The cash price to you is cheaper than what the pharmacy charges the insurance companies. (Its a corporate game).
I have been taking this product for many years now, and it has been a life saver for me. My other choice would have been back surgery, which I was advised had serious risks, with an unguaranteed outcome also. That is why I am on this Soma maintenance regimen. It has really aleviated the muscle spasms as well as some of my pain.
So far, after over 5 years, no adverse side effects I am happy to say.
Good luck.

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Yes, this is Carisoprodol 350mgs, a generic for Soma.

The problem with generics is the quality control at some companies. The FDA allows them to differ by as much as plus or minus 20% from their name brand equivelents, which for some drugs can be a significant difference. If they aren't strict about quality control and making sure that each pill has the proper amount of active ingredient, then you can end up with a mix of pills in the same bottle.

Some will not have enough of the drug, some are alright and some have too much.

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