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Is it ok for my baby who is 1 yr and 3 months old?

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Ma’am ilang ML po binigay nio sa baby nio? 1 yr & 10 mos palang
Baby q e. Binili ko narin mosegor

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Hi. My daughter is 7.2 kg only and she is 13 months old. Can i give her mosegor vita? If so, how many ml can she take? Please give me a reply. Thank u

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Ilang ml pg 1yr and 6 months old.

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How many ml of mosegor should i give to my child? She is 1 yr and 7 months old now. My sister bought mosegor syrup and the age limit starts at 2 yrs and up.

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Ask ko po my baby is 13 months mahina po uung immune system nya mbilis xa mgkadipon at mgkaubo dhil s climate at enviroment nkktulong b ang mosegor ky baby. 8 kilos po sya ilng ml po if ever.

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Pwde po b ang mosegor sa 10 years old. Ang payat po kc nya parang 7 years old po.

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My Daughter is 1 year and 6 months now she's going 19 months on June 6 and her pediatrician recommend to her to take mosegor vita syrup
2 ml bedtime :) hopefully she will gain weight soon because she only 10kg but she ate more now than before I was thinking cos she's really active to play she always playing to her slide in our room.

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how many ml shoul i gave to my baby who is only 1 yr.and i month old?

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