Mosegor Vita Syrup For 1 Year Old


my baby is 2 years old now and and he so skinny and i gave him mosegor for one week now and i want to know how much should i continue giving it to him?although i didn't notice any change in his appetit till now, will it be any harmful side effect on him?

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Hello, Koki! How are you and your son?

Young children tend to go through growth phases, so if he's in a normal phase, then he doesn't necessarily need anything to try to boost his appetite and make him gain weight.

Many children fluctuate between being heavier and skinner, depending on what phase they are in. You may suddenly see him gaining weight very soon, then it'll stop and he'll grow more and become skinny again. It's the bodies way of being efficient.

If you are really concerned, then please take him to a doctor and see if there is some problem or if he is at a normal weight and size for his age.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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My Son is 16 Month old and he is very poor appetite and skinny.
kindly suggest me what should i have to give him.
thank you

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Hello!!!my son is 1year old this April 23...I just want to ask if is advisable to give him mosegor good for 2 years old...pls reply!!! I'm shalimer

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hi good morning. can i ask my baby is 2 mos old, can my baby take the mosegor vitammins?

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HI..I have a daighter of 3yrs and 11month..she is not picky but she cant sleep very you think that i need to give her mosigor bcoz someone told me that it can help her a lot..thx hope you can help me

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Hi my son is 19mons old he's taking celine and tiki tiki. And recently i added cherifer because as per his pedia he is small in his age. And now i noticed that he loss his appetite and even drinking milk has been reduced. My worry is that he's not gaining weight because of that and his food and milk intake. Can i give him mosegor? Is mosegor really help to increase his appetite??

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hi!! my son now is taking mosegor vita .tapos nakalimutan o kase mg tanong sa doctor kong anong tama na pag inom ng mosegor pwede po ba sa after lunch ko siya papa inomin reply asap

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I'm Allyson 12 years old ,pwede po ba aqo uminom ng mosegor.

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My daughter is two years old and she is nothing to eat all day what I do

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My daughter is 1 year 2 mos
Pwede po ha sa kanya ang mosegor vita,
Ilang ml po kaya..

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Re: joy (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Before bedtime that is advice of her pediatrician to me for my daughter.

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Re: Mei (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, napainom mo na baby mo ng mosegor? Okay naman?

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18 months old na baby ko and niresetahan sya ng pedia nya ng mosegor vita syrup 2.5ml before bedtime. Picky eater si lo and mahina sya mag gain ng weight though nasa normal range parin naman both height and weight nya.

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