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what is the difference between Meganeuron and neurobion ## Hi Jess, There are some differences in the ingredients between these two supplements, which you can view below... Each Neurobion tablet contains: Vitamin B1 100Âmg Vitamin B6 200Âmg Vitamin B12 200Âmcg Each Meganeuron tablet contains: Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) 750 mcg, Alpha lipoic acid 100 mg, Folic acid (Vitamin B9) 1.5 mg. I hope this helps! ## Whether Meganeuron and Neurobion can be taken together, if taken together any side effects? ## Slightly numbness and tingling in my left hand and thigh, can I take meganeuron od+. At night, please suggest ## Neurobion and meganeuron both cap can I take together ## Difference between Meganeuron and Neurobion Forte. Which is recommended for nerve pain

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Is Btrex a complex of B1, B6, and B12 vitamins? My doctor has prescribed me this vitamin, and I consider that a 30 day supply is expensive when comparing prices with a B-Complex bottle. Your advise is appreciated. ## I was unable to locate sufficient information on this supplement, possibly due to the spelling or if it's only manufactured overseas. Do you know if the spelling is correct? Also, does this supplement have a label on the back with all the ingredients? I only ask because I can tell you based on the ingredients and price if this is really worth what you are paying and whether or not you can find something with a better nutrition profile for a cheaper or equal cost. If this is in fact a B Vitamin Complex and only that, then there are certainly many other brand alternatives...

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What is Pedivit and what is it used for? ## The only information I can find on this lists it as multivitamin/mineral supplement. ## Can Pedivit pills be used as a male libido enhancer? ## Can Pedivit Forte capsules lower blood pressure? ## Can Pedivit be taken to help with weight gain? ## Is Pedivit Forte recommended for use in women only?

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Small circle pill but thick. Easy to scrape coding off but no numbers only label ML. I found it in my older sisters room under the rug. What is it? ## Sciatica Relief (homeopathic formula) NDC: 57520-0581 Active Ingredients: - Capsicum - Citrullus Colocynthis Fruit Pulp - Magnesium Phosphate - Dibasic Trihydrate - Pseudognaphalium Obtusifolium Inactive Ingredients: - Lactose - Magnesium Stearate - Cellulose, Microcrystalline ## I have found three pills as you described; small, white, round with ML on one side & blank on the other side. I have no idea what they are. If any one does know, please tell me. I have a few friends that take a variety of things if they can & I worry that one time they are going to get something very harmful. ## Has any one yet ID'd these pills? Small...

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Anyone else have this problem while taking Rosuvastatin? My feet swelled after couple of weeks. I'm afraid to keep taking any. I do appreciate any feedback, thanks. I'm 69 yrs old. ## I have been on rosuvastatin several years and oddly, the past several weeks my ankles & feet have been swelling, making it painful to walk. Sure hope someone has answers for us! ## Hello! I take Rosuvastatin( 10mg) five years ( daily) and I had never any problem. I think you must talk with your Doctor. ## Rosuvastatin has been known to cause edema as a side effect in some people that take it, according to FDA reports. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, and joint/muscle aches. Rosuvastatin Information Have you informed your doctor? You will most likely need to switch to ...

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Can I take expired Supradyn [Multivitamin Tablets with Minerals & Trace Elements]?


Tribedoce compuesto - I was told this Mexican pill would help relieve pain in my legs. I walk three miles daily and it has helped or its my imagination. What is the pill used for? Is it safe? ## I am needing to get a hold of a medicine called Tribedoce. I am unable to go to Mexico to get it. How can I get the medicine to me, or can I find one similar to it in the US? ## I have not seen Tibedoce in the US, but I have used it 5 years for my sciatic nerve. It contains B12,B1,B6 and diclofenaco for the inflamation. It works. I use it everytime my sciatic nerve acts up. Your sciatic does run down you leg this could be why it helps your legs. The doctor had prescribe the diclofenaco by itself for my back but it would upset my stomach. when I found the Tribedoce I told a friend and she said sh...

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I began having a dull ache at the base of where my neck meets my head. Left side. I was 19. They tested everything but my neck. Fast forward 17 years and a chiropractor orders an mri of my neck. The diagnosis was severe right foramenal stenosis c3 c4. This was 6 years ago. My symptoms at the present time are dull ache l side of neck. Severe morning stiffness to the point where i can barely get out of bed. Neck pain. It feels like when i wake up that there is a hump sitting on top of c7. Like a 25 lb barbell is there 24/7. My posture is bad. I get numbness tingling in my hands and fingers. Very bad in am. I have had 3 epidurals. Useless! Seen 4 neurosurgeons . 3 said it didnt look bad at all . Why would a radiologist say severe r stenosis!? The director of neurosurgery at new england bap...

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I had nerve pain in my forehead (on the right side above my eyes), diagnosed as fibromyalgia or a mild form of trigeminal neuralgia. I have been taking Pregabalin OD 100 mg twice daily for more than 18 months and Tegretol CR 200 - 1/2 tablet three times a day for 12 months. I also take a vitamin supplement daily. No other medications. My age is 71, male. I have not observed any side effects except for increased appetite and some memory loss, which may not be related to these medications but just age-related. Can I continue these medications for so long without causing kidney, liver, or heart damage? ## I have PTSD, extremely bad anxiety and my back has been broke twice. I was on Xanax and it helped me so much. I have Medicare and want to find a Doctor who believes Xanax helps patients #...

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I need help finding a similar alternative to Daflon that's available in Australia... I tried many brands and nutrition doesn't work. Please reply. Thanks. ## can I get Deflon in Australia/any alternative medication for deflon ## Hello Miro, I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling to find medication or a diet that helps you with your situation. Daflon is most commonly paired with it's use to treat hemorrhoids, and going off that assumption I have to say that there are too many different brands of hemorrhoid medication to list here. In addition to that it would not be safe for either of us for me to recommend you any medications as I do not have access to your medical history. I know that you mentioned that nutrition doesn't work for you but in the mean time here is ...

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Are the green capsules of Evion 400 vegetarian? I am a strict vegetarian... Can I consume this medicine? ## Veg or non veg please let me know so that v veg can use it fr hair fallw ## @Prachi / Shah bindu, Have either of you tried contacting the manufacturer of Evion capsules for more specific details on their tablets? I did a little digging on this topic myself and it appears that the Evion brand originates from India. However I haven't had any luck pinpointing the manufacturer itself. Do you happen to have a package (that came with your product) displaying the list of inactive ingredients? If so, please post them here so that I or someone else may be able to better assist you. ## I need information on whether the green capsules of evion 400 are vegetarian, because i am vegetarian?...

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I'm curious to know if cinnamon supplements can cause bleeding in women who have uterine fibroids? Is it safe to take cinnamon supplements? ## Actually, I have been taking cinnamon supplements for a couple of weeks now since I learned that one of the benefits of taking cinnamon is controlling your blood sugar. Yes, it definitely normalizes my blood sugar. I hate taking synthetic drugs because of side effects. However, my cousin, who has myoma, experienced bleeding when taking cinnamon supplements. So, I advised her to stop taking cinnamon for the time being. ## Can u please alaborate, give more detail, bout the cinnamon? My wife has high blood pressure, shes type 2, nhas CHF, depression, PTSD, XTREM BAD GIRD, n there's nothing more that I wud love to do for her by getting her of...

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I have been taking Travacor for a couple of months and started to have difficulty staying asleep. I now cannot fall aspeep without a sleeping pill. ## Been taking travacor for 10 months. Started waking up several times during the night, now not falling asleep. I have also taken a couple of sleeping pills or benadryl to fall asleep. I also take calm prt with the travacor 1/2 hour prior to dinner and 3 kavinace at bedtime with melatonin and and ativan. Getting discouraged! ## I took Travacor for two weeks--slept great,then one morning after that I woke up and could not walk without falling down(dizzy) it took me two days to get back to normal. I guess I had gotten too much seratonin--needless to say I have not taken any 5HTP since then. Any ideas?? ## I started taking Travacor (and Kavina...

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I took five iron infusion to try to build up my blood count, but in the process my hair came out all over my head. My doctor said he looked up side effects and didn't see that one. Told him I would bring him a copy that it is so. Help. I know it comes back but does it need help? ## It actually isn't a listed side effect of supplementing your iron, it is usually caused by your being low in iron, so it was more than likely caused by the deficiency that required you to undergo the infusions. Rectifying the problem, since you've had the infusions, should help it to correct itself. There are some medications and supplements that may help, but they also carry the risk of side effects, so you may be better off to just let it grow back on its own. Are there any other questions? ## I...

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Trying to identify a white oblong pill with ES on one side and nothing on the other. No scoring, just plain on other side. ## What is it? Found in daughter's room. ## Excedrin extra strengh ## It can be a vitamin, nature made D3, 2000 lu, ( 50 mcg ) the oblong in white vitamin has ES in center of one side and nothing on the other side. Hope this helps.

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Found a red barrel shaped pill with just 85 written on the side, any idea what it is? any help would be appreciated :) ## By barrel-shaped, do you mean oval or oblong? Or is it actually wide like a barrel too? Right now, the closest match I'm finding is a maroon colored, oval, scored, film-coated tablet imprinted with "AP | 85". This is identified as Bifera Rx Oral vitamin and mineral combination. Can anyone else confirm what this might be? ## Red to Maroon, Capsule shaped tablet, 85 on one side - no other marks Please help me identify this... (Australia) ## I've been informed that it's adderall but I took it and it didn't do s***, so idk but that's what I was told. ## Hi Rob I found the same pills. Did you end up knowing what it is? Cheers (Australia) ## Did...

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Hello. I'm on Methotrexate for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and my Dr writes me two 2mg of folic acid to reduce the side effects. I ran out of my script because my Pharmacy ran out and has not gotten them in yet. This has been over a week. I'm experiencing side effects and bought otc folic acid. The highest dose is 450 micrograms. How many of the microgram pills do i need to take to make 4 milligrams? Please help me. The worst side effects are blisters on my face that pop and make me look like I got burnt or pick my skin off, etc. ## Hello, Teresa, how are you doing? It takes 1,000 micrograms to equal 1mg, so you'd need 4,000 micrograms to equal the 4mgs. That 8.888_ tablets at the 450 microgram dosage. However, before taking that many, you should double check with your doctor, o...

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I was waiting in may on 28 to receive my period. It didn't come. Every now and then I have a little blood in my discharge. I started taking spring valley fish oil with D3 2000IU (1200mg) heart, immune & bone.. in may on the 5. I'm worried because I never missed my period before besides when I was 13. Please don't mention the doctors. I need to get my period back. Doctors don't really do much but make matters worst ## Hello, Kristy! How are you? It may be due to the vitamin D in this, since it is actually a type of hormone, not an actual vitamin, so it can affect the other hormones in your body. It might just be affecting you too much. Have you tried stopping it to see what happens? ## I have stopped. I can feel my body recovering slowly. I thought I was missing some ...

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Is Evion cream a day or night cream, and can I use it on an oily face? ## Evion is an over the counter cream that uses Vitamin E as its main ingredient to nourish your skin. However, I don't have any other information on it, so you should follow whatever directions are on the package for safe recommended use. ## My skin is very tough, oily skin and has pimples. My problem is that many dark spots are coming on my face. And my color tone is also fading. So please tell me, will Evion cream be a solution for me or not? If not, then which cream should I use? ## Can this cream be used during the daytime?

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is it possible that if you took propan with iron capsule for a month however stop taking it for two weeks and take it again, is it still be effective?thanks ## Propan with Iron is just a multivitamin nutritional supplement, so it isn't going to lose effectiveness because you've been taking it for awhile. Your body will still require certain amounts of the nutrients it contains each day and it will continue to provide them. Learn more vitamin details here. What are you taking it for? ## I was been taking profan with iron for months and i gained weight fot almost 10 kilos. But now now i noticed that its not effective as before i now begin to lose appettite eve im taking it. What is the best thing to do.i want to maintain my weight.thanhs

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