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I'm a nursing student and my patient had an order for Mary's Magic Potent - 15 ml po qidr - swish and swallow. I cannot find any information in my resource books for this medication - usual dosage - used to treat what - drug catagory - nursing considerations - etc.
Can you help - please - thanks - CForster, NS

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Are you in the U.S.? There are no prescription drugs in the US under that name. I checked all the databases I can find, my best guess is that it is some form of an OTC supplement.

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My husband was also prescribed this medicine, so I decided to research it. What I found out is the pharmacist mixes maalox, benadryl and lidocaine together and then you have Marys Magic Potion. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for providing that information Cary.

Being something the pharmacist has to mix would explain why it was not listed in pharmaceutical directories and databases.

This gives me the impression that it was once a product available for sale that contained these types of ingredients, which is no longer sold, but some doctors still like to recommend its use, so the pharmacist has to mix and equivelent.

I have to recommend being exceptionally cautious with this mix, be very careful to use only as directed and measure dosage amounts carefully, ingesting too much Lidocaine could cause severe health problems and/or overdose.

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Oh and to the original poster, if you still cannot find a pharmacist who will mix/compound this for you, there are other options available. The main purpose of this one, with the Lidocaine in it, would be to treat mouth, throat, or stomach irritations or pain from something, and there are other things you can use that are just as effective, without having to find someone who will mix it for you, which will also cost extra.

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I take the presribed Mary's Magic Potion. I have had mouth, tongue and gum sores for years. Doctor says that there are some people that just have them and they do not know the cause. This is the only thing that will help heal them for me.

My bottle from the pharmasist says that it is....
Is this the same mixture that Cary says or if not....what is this mixture I get? Whatever it is it has been a lifesaver magic potion for me!

Thank You

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Mary's Magic Potion
My 2nd cousin who has recently returned from Iraq was visiting us and had chest pains. We called an ambulance and they took him to the VA Hospital..They gave him this concoction and he said it did have a numbing effect but did not help the pain. After six hours they gave morphine..and after three more hours released him with no diagnosis. (probably Gall bladder) The foriegn nurse said this medicine was first used during WW1..Wierd!

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Just this morning I was given a prescription for Mary's MP, and so I am surfing a few sites trying to learn something more about it. (Seems to be a well kept secret!) As for me, I had melanoma in the neck area, and radiation is currently being used as follow-up to a radical neck dissection... and it is these radiation treatments that are causing me to have severe difficulties when it comes to swallowing and eating. I have been told that Mary's will help to relax or lubricate the throat muscles to make eating a bit easier(?) I hope that my experience with it is successful. Jim

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I was given Mary,s MP, for a mouth condition called Thrush, which is a yeast infection, that men and women can get. I have been using it for about 2 months now, but if I stop, within a few days its back, any advise?

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you best bet is to ask the nurse you are working under or clinical instructor. it could be a concoction of many things.

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I recently had a gallbladder removed and i have had a severe sore throught from the anasthetic tube used to help me breathe while under surgery. i am on mary's magic potion and it seems to help but it is not curing my sore throat. How long will this take?

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Mary's Magic Potion is a combination of prescription/OTC products for oral fungal infections, specifically candidia spp.

Each pharmacy may make it a little different, but most places for a 240mL bottle will combine:
1.5g Tetracycline
60mg Hydrocortisone
60 mL Nystatin Suspension
180 mL diphenhydramine 12.5/5mL

Hope this helps.

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This medication is used commonly for mouth infections, sores and/or mouth pain. It can have different ingredients. If you stay in nursing this will not be the last time you see it. It is almost always Mary's and usually called Magic but it can be called a mouthwash, potion, swish, or cocktail.......

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Mary's magic potione is used a lot for chemo patients that have developed sores in the mouth. It has a numbing effect..It has benadryl and lidocaine and 2 other drugs. Will find out on Friday when my husband see's his oncologist.

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I have a brownish/yellowish tongue, and a bad taste in my mouth. (no pain/sores)I've had this for over 2 months. I got this soon after taking antibiotics for a kidney stone. My doctor recently prescriped this stuff. Anyone ever heard of treating this symptom with this stuff? Thanks.

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I am on Interferon treatment for HepC, and have had a sore mouth for months, along with sores in the corner of my mouth/lips that would not heal. I was perscribed this potion and my mouth corners were healed within 2 days. Mouth & tounge feel much better as well.

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my mother has myelodysplasia (sp?) and has been prescribed mary's magic potion for severe mouth ulcers due to stromatis (sp?). i was wondering if the lidocaine hurts on contact before it numbs the area? any help would be so appreciated. thanks

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I get lie bumps every now and then, there little white dots that are really really painful. I think I get them whenever I eat salty food or something like that, although im not sure. Anyway, when I went to the health center for this problem I was prescribed Mary's Magic Mixture, from what I remember it worked pretty good.

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Mary's Magic Potion is used to treat Thrush (a yeast bloom in the mouth/throat that can result from antibiotic use).
It contains: Benadryl (diphenhydramine) elixir; nystatin suspension; hydrocortisone; and tetracycline.
The mixture that's made of maalox, lidocaine viscous and benadryl (diphenhydramine) elixir is what I've known as: Esophogeal Mix - for chest pain resulting from severe acid reflux, etc.

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Almost any anaesthetic can burn a little before it begins numbing. If you've ever had a cut numbed before it was stitched, you know what I mean - and the stinging/warming from the novacaine when you get a tooth filled.

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There are several compounds called Mary's Magic Potion/Mouthwash.
The ones for Thrush don't usually contain lidocaine; for chemo-related sores, it may.
I've seen MDs write for Mary's Magic, and give the recipe for Esophageal Mix.
There are many variations, used for mouth sores resulting from many causes.
The Esophageal Mix is often given to people in ERs with chest pains caused by a severe reflux attach.

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Sounds familiar. My friend (I’m caregiver) was placed in hospital after his 2nd week of radiation treaty to neck/throat. He was experiencing the same symptoms as you. Seems physicians will prescribe MMP if you are inpatient, but if you are an outpatient the prescription will be the high dollar (probably more effective) Gelcair Oral Gel Packet. $1,000+.

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Yed I have used it because of the antibiotics make my mouth sore. Works

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This is the same thing as Mary's magic potion.

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my mother used Mary's Magic Potion for all of her breast cancer chemo treatment side effects of sore mouth, 3 times over 15 years. She also had to have radiation of the upper neck for cancer in the upper spine to relieve pain for the last bout of cancer. Mary's Magic Potion was a GREAT Help in helping her to be able to eat. She took a 2-3teaspoons as I remember, dosage was recommended by the oncologist, about 15 min before she ate and it worked really well.

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Yes its a well kept secret due to the name usage. Was originally made by pharmacists a St Vinicint Hospital Indianapolis for Mary Yeager.

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I have taken Mary's Magic Potion many times and it works well for me, however, NEVER have I swallowed it. Are you sure you are supposed to swallow it?

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My dentist prescribed "Mary's Magic Potion" for sores on gum after tooth extraction. Gum is so sore I cannot wear lower dentures. The teeth were pulled more than 3 weeks ago but just started on MMP yesterday. I am hoping it helps with the pain when I put in lower dentures. If not, I am affraid I will never be able to wear dentures.

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I have a question to go with this. I had a yeast infection orally that was treat with the 10 day pill medication. Now I have started using Marys Magic Potion, but I feel like its starting to come back. If I continue to use just Marys Magic Potion, will it most likely go away soon?? Its not nearly as bad as when I first got it, but it was completely gone by the last day of my pill dosage... and after one night with my guy, its starting to come back a little

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the version with lidocaine besides being used for ulcers/reflux is used for esophageal/stomach cancers and such to help with the pain from swallowing and otherwise

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I currently use what you ate calling esophageal mix. But way out in our neck of the woods it's referred to as green lizard. It is a miracle medicine for those with acid reflux or stomach ulcers as it numbs the pain almost instantly with just a small amount, 10-15ml or approx a tablespoon.

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