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I spent a week in the hospital with Covid a month ago. I'm 71 years old with asthma and COPD. After being released from the hospital, I thought I would start feeling better. Unfortunately, I think I may have Long Covid, as I have brain fog, significant nausea, and no energy at all. I can't get an appointment to see my doctor for 2 weeks. Has anyone else had experience with Long Covid, or are these symptoms just normal for Covid? It's really hard to get any info here in Australia, as it's all so new. Thank you.

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I am 91 and experienced all of the symptoms you mentioned, plus a loss of 55 pounds due to loss of taste and smell and no appetite. Have gained back 20 pounds in the last nine months. Still a lot we don’t know about COVID in USA.

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I had covid 6 months ago. Still can't taste. Lethargy legs ache. Foggy. I hope mine n every one's symptoms clear
Ps I had 4 pfizer shots prior to contracting covid.

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Seems very similar to what I've been experiencing. I'm worried because it's been a month since I was released from the hospital and I'm still very lethargic and always tired but not sleeping properly. Also, I have asthma / copd. I'm 71. I'm just hoping I start to feel normal soon... and it is long covid. Take care. I hope you're feeling better. P.s. I wasn't real impressed with the hospital here in Australia. The night staff is very slow responding to the buzzer. No information about what I might feel like post-covid. Thanks.

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Hi Colleen what country are you from ,iv also had 4 booster shots to prevent covid ,I'm 71 in Australia I can't believe how tired I get poste covid I have asthma my symptoms seem a lot worse .I spent 4 days in hospital without getting any info of what I may feel poste covid I'm hoping it's not long covid ii wouldn't like to catch flu on top of having covid I was given paxlovid anti viral in hospital as I was regarded in possible complications chance with my lung problems I think it is banned in USA.. ? Take care

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Hi Lou. I'm in the USA I was given nothing. I was in bed for 10 days. It hit me hard. I hope ur doing better real soon
You too take care of yourself

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Good luck John. I am in Australia. I'm 71. Released from the hospital 1 month ago. I also have asthma/copd. I don't know if I am suffering from long covid or my copd asthma is getting worse. I've got mental blocks forgetting things, no energy, nausea, plus my breathing isn't good. Any info would be appreciated.

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A month since having Covid, I checked my blood pressure yesterday and noticed I had an irregular heartbeat. Since then, I have been told that it's common to have high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat after Covid. I'm hoping it's not Long Covid. I'm 71 years old, asthmatic, and from Australia. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Colleen really hope you are feeling better ,it's been near 3 mths since diagnosed pos ,I thought I would be feeling bit better ,as I have asthma may take longer ,no one over here seems to.know anything about it.besides taking panadol my memory an brain fog are a pain. Take care

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