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I spent a week in the hospital with Covid a month ago. I'm 71 years old with asthma and COPD. After being released from the hospital, I thought I would start feeling better. Unfortunately, I think I may have Long Covid, as I have brain fog, significant nausea, and no energy at all. I can't get an appointment to see my doctor for 2 weeks. Has anyone else had experience with Long Covid, or are these symptoms just normal for Covid? It's really hard to get any info here in Australia, as it's all so new. Thank you. ## I am 91 and experienced all of the symptoms you mentioned, plus a loss of 55 pounds due to loss of taste and smell and no appetite. Have gained back 20 pounds in the last nine months. Still a lot we don’t know about COVID in USA. ## I had covid 6 months ag...

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Has anyone taken Paxlovid for Covid? I was prescribed this medication and could only take 2 of the 5 day prescription due to the awful side effects. Number one was the medication made me feel worse than I felt before taking it. Number two.... It literally felt and tasted like someone was continuously spraying hairspray down my throat for hours until the dose wore off. For me, the side effects were much too harsh and bothersome and unfortunately, couldn't complete the 5 day prescription. Has anyone else had any experience taking this medication? ## I was prescribed Paxlovid for Covid in August. Within 3 hours, I felt like a new woman! Seriously, the cough lessened up, the fatigue lessened up and I could breathe again. The milder symptoms did persist for about a month or so though. Th...

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