Generic Percocet 10/325 A333 Are Making Me Extremely Sick To My Stomach


absolutely not one shred of pain relief. This medication against all the scary stories about narcotics, I was desperate for pain relief, so I needed something, have been getting my scripts now for almost two years, with my periodic UA, which is all good. Because of the help of this medication, I have been able to return to school and not too farm from earning my Bachelors in clinical psychology with a focus mental healthcare, especially PTSD from childhood trauma and PTSD from our veterans from combat. I desire to really help others with ADHD/ADD, childhood abuse, addiction and recovery, there is a huge difference in taking medication which is regulated and not mis-used or abused, than taking for non-pain related reasons. I have even been able to enjoy my grandson that just turned three, and until I started on my generic percocet taking with precaution, as directed and if not needed, then not taken. But now, there is no pain relief and if I take even one of these A333 it just adds insult to injury, the horrible stomach sickness, nausea and even weakness and just plain weird feeling and sick. I had no stomach upset, dizziness, lethargic or almost comatose from taking just one of these generic oblong white pill with A333 on it, The generic percocet I have been taking for severe pain relief for almost two years now were round, I believe the manufacturer of those were Watson. They worked well for my severe degenerative disc disease, the foreign objects in my neck, also my RA and my severe knee pain, which I believe is OA, I have been advised I need knee replacement surgery, I also suffer from diabetic nerve pain, especially in my feet. I want to work and be productive until I am dead, it is a shame how aging people and veterans and those who have been injured from auto accidents, to work accidents and then the generic medication that worked well, they pull it and replace it with not only the active ingredients are no longer active to help the pain, but the fillers or inactive ingredients actually have components, materials and elements of the motor oil used in your vehicle. It is time to contact an attorney for a legal suit, before people start dying from this huge money making deal for the pharmaceutical companies and all those whose pockets will be lined with extra cash at the expense and cost of the elderly, hurting, cancer patients and so many more. Please, if you can relate to any of the aforementioned regarding this generic A-333. Please, be on the look out for a Post Office Box I will secure tomorrow, as to get something done about this. Compensation, restitution and more. I will be back tomorrow with a Post Office Box address, this generic is literally and slowly killing people.

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Hi Regina, How are you? I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the A333 Percocet from Actavis. From what I've been reading throughout the forums here, there seem to be an astounding number of people who've reported the same types of problems using this particular brand.

Actually if you type "A333" into the search bar on this site, you'll come across several related discussion threads regarding these problems. However I went ahead and posted links to a few of the more popular one's below, so you can try to get word out a little easier:




I hope this helps!

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Please let me know if you have anything going on with this. I too have had the same problem and ended up in the e.r several times I informed the pharmacy and after complaining to him he refused to fill my rx.I also informed my m.d.and he stated there's nothing he can do change pharmacy I also notified the f.d.a.these drugs are not regulated the way there supposed to be they keep changing the manufacturers and they keep changing ingredients in meds it is a travesty to all that are suffering and dying

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I AM 100% FOR WHAT YOU SAID, WHY ARE THEY DESTROYING PEOPLES QUALITY OF LIFE? I have been researching, each pharmaceutical company lists their active & inactive ingredients on their web sites. I read a interesting article about small claims court & pharmaceutical companies. They tried to mandate a law that consumers could not sue pharmaceutical companies but the judges will and do hear cases. The writer of the article stated that people win more times than lose cases & could not understand why we as consumers, tax payers, allow this unethical bs to go on. Unless people stop being "afraid" and start speaking loud this will only get that possible?

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Tina and Regina this is happening with the hydrocodone/acet 10/325. I have had many problems. I was told by the pharmacist the drugs were designed that way to stop abuse and that nothing has changed B.S. I AM with you all for any legal suits against these people who are trying to kill us. Please post any information on what your going to pursue. I am in.

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Regina I live in texas.I have neuropathy in left leg.I also have a severe case of interstitial cystitis and back problems.I just started the a333 brand and it's horrible what is your o.o box so I can sign up

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I been getting the round ones from my drugstore and they were out, so I had to go to walgreens and got the a333 and they do me the same way as this person described
No relief at all. Have been sick since I got them, in bed all day today.

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Patricia, what brand name were the round ones and did they work well for pain relief without making you tired?

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They are " Rhoades" 10/325 generic percocet. That's what I have been taking for months. My pharmacy was out in June and I was given the A333 from Walgreen. The A333 just about put me down the whole month. No pain relief, stayed drained and tired all the time. Stomach cramps and nausea. Had some running off of the bowels. It was a nightmare. Suffered the whole month. Don't know what these A333 are but they should be done away with. I have been on pain meds for years and have never had this problem.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I recently went through a similar issue with a hydrocodone I'd been taking for years and it is so horrible to have to suffer the whole month. I'll be switching to Percocet so I'm trying to get firsthand information in advance so that doesn't happen again. Now that I have Rhoades written down I will see if my pharmacy might order them for me. I'm not positive, but I think your A333 might be made by Actavis - I am on their hydrocodone right now. It is brand name and costs a fortune and makes me extremely tired and can't think straight. I hate it. I think they are messing around with all of these and it makes it so difficult for us in pain. We have enough to deal with! Thanks again.

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You are so welcome. I was really glad my pharmacy got mine back in. I fell and broke my shoulder the end of May, and i'm 68 years old. I really suffered last month as far as pain. No energy, didn't even have the energy to shower. Just about stayed in the bed the whole time. I couldn't lay down, I had to prop pillows up and sit up and try to sleep. Wish you luck. Maybe one day we won't have to worry about things like this.

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Yes, maybe one day ....
Bless you Patricia, hope your shoulder heals well :)

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Thank you and God Bless you. Anyone that doesn't have to deal with pain and pain meds is blessed.

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Please keep me in your box and informed. I am for whatever we can do legally.

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I had my great toe fused to my foot bone and the entire joint cut out. I have a plate and 2 screws. Got put in an aircast today. No weight bearing for at least another month. I refilled my Percocet 10s today at Walgreens. I have not taken one yet. I came across this and wanted to know if anything has been reported, yet, about what you all have gone through? If I had the same symptoms and no pain relief I will have a lab test for every ingredient, active and inactive. If no pain relief, I, like you, will want to persue accountability. Pain meds are to have pain relief. I have documented my surgery and every hour after and those a333's should be 100% reliable to uphold the same pain relief, exactly, as the others. $96.00/40 tabs. I am to take 2 every 4-6 hours for pain. I never knew so many generic drugs exist until now. It is concerning.

I will repost, after a couple days of taking these a333s. We are entitled to pain relief and should not be handicapped to anything less than that intended by our doctor.

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Would like for other people to post about these meds. Most of the posts are older posts. Would like to see some updates on the A333's. I did not realize they have been around that long. Had never heard about them until I received them one month. Thanks.

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Yes this is happened to me too very recently I was in agony and was desperate and a friend gave me a Percocet a 333 it is absolutely nothing it tasted like an aspirin it made me sick nauseous people please be very careful what you're doing please just get it from a well-known doctor

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If it's causing pain then you're allergic to them the only thing generic is the manufacturer that's it

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i have been on percocet for 4 years now they worked great for my back pain I have had 3 surgeries now. This last script i got was different they make me very sick i puke and feel like i have the flu plus it hasnt touched my pain. They are the A333 pills I called the pharmacisy and they pretty much told me I was crazy, so i called my old pharmacist that is very wise to these things and he said it very well can be the fillers they use. Its been the worse two weeks of my life taking these I even had my doctor call in neasua medication and am still very ill.

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Re: Patricia (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

The Mallinkrodct does this to me!! Makes me feel like I've had the flu the whole entire month. I will be going to another pharmacy next month and getting another brand. I just don't understand how 1 type can make me feel great. And the other like complete poop!!!

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Re: Patricia (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I have been researching to see if anyone was having this problem.
I have had the same experience.
My usuall meds are round but my pharmacy was out and I went to Walgreens instead.
The a333 pill is what they gave me and I have been sick ever since I got em. It’s been a week now and I thought I had some kind of food poisoning.
I don’t know what the difference is but these things are aweful!!

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April 2018 my 80 year old mother got extremely ill after taking a couple a333 pills recently plus it offered no pain relief at all. I decided to research and found posts from 2016 of people from on other states with the same complaints. It appears locally walgreens and potentially CVS may be pushing these nasty pills on suffering folks so I've decided to file complaints on their sites. These pharmacies need to be held accountable for ordering from actavis. I encourage everyone effected to start campaigning directly with your local pharmacies for the drug companies only care about money and will just peddle their drugs elsewhere but local pharmacies need our business so they should take action more quickly!!!

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Re: Percocet generic quality inspections; non-working generic Percocet 10/325 seems to be stemming from different brands of generic manufacturers in every pharmacy. They take the best deal without regard for quality and effectiveness.

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