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Hello. I am 16 months post epclusa and feel worse than when I started. I was a server for over 40 years. Full of energy. Then hep c happened. I had epclysa for 12 weeks. Now I am in bed most of the tune from no energy. My ears are ringing. I feel deflated. Anyone else feel like this? My hep c nurse waived off my complaints.

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Hi Kathleen, I really feel for you, I finished Epclusa a year ago and like you I've had so many side effects l can hardly walk most afternoons due to leg joint pain. I get exhausted so easily, nausea, numb toes/fingers; probably a circulation problem. I did not have any of these problems pre-treatment. I've also got Edema on my legs and my stomach is really swollen. I feel so uncomfortable and unbalanced. If I mention this to the hep C liver people they just say, "oh it wouldn't be the treatment". So far the virus isn't showing, but I think I'd rather have the virus then feel like this. All I hear from the liver people are lies, plus no support when I ring them. I'm in Australia. I feel like a guinea pig and my life is wrecked. I think there is going to be a lot of very sick people in the near future. They know nothing about what DAAs do in a couple years time. Really hope you are ok. Take care.

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I am very sorry that you've both been miserable, I know it is very frustrating. The issue, however, is that the virus can be fatal, so the issues caused by the treatments have to be carefully weight against potential death.

Epclusa has been known to cause side effects, such as anemia, weakness, unusual tiredness, trouble sleeping, cough, and depression.

Issues similar to what you've both described have been reported, but it is hard to say if they are from the virus, the treatment, a combination of both, and/or how long they last after treatment.

Is there anything I can help with?

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Re: VerFree (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I'd like to see the percentage of people over 40yrs old who have done treatment who now have major health problems some fatal instead of being fed rubbish about very few sideeffect s ,I think that there would be a lot of people who would have not done treatment ,and took there chance with hcv instead of living in severe pain every day ,knowing that there's no body out there with a clue with what is going on with our bodies or any idea what damage the DAAs have done or what they will do , Also no support from the people who convinced us to do treatment ,I think it's about time some people looked up Epclusa post treatment side effects .

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Re: VerFree (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I think it's not a coincidence that a lot of people have lived near normal lives untill post treatment ,my virus has gone thankfully but so has my pain free days ,ears constantly ringing nausea total exhaustion numbness severe joint pain Edema infections ect .but oh I forgot very few side effects, sure thing mmm.

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Hi Kathleen, hope you are doing ok. We've still got fires and smokey air, not much fun with breathing problems. My breathing problems don't seem to be responding to the cortasteroids; just bloated and exhausted as usual. Now I've got a letter telling me I have an appointment for a stress test on Monday on a treadmill. Not looking forward to it much, as I seem to have a lot of symptoms that go with heart problems. If that's what it is there's not much I can do about it. I still feel Epclusa has caused my problems. They will never admit it. The thought of going on treadmill scares me, as I haven't had much energy as of late with the bad air I've been breathing. It's been near 3 months now. Sick of it now. I feel I've just about had enough of doing tests, paying out money and getting nowhere. Hope you're ok. Sorry for the whining, bad day today.

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I am a 54 yr old female. This is my second round of treatment for Hep C. The first involved shots in the stomach once a week and two pills daily. That was a nightmare hair loss, restless leg syndrome, vomiting, weakness, similar to chemo. But I understood sometimes it takes a poison to kill one. Now my Hep C has returned. Just started Epclusa and I have to take it when I come home from work. It puts me in a deep sleep. So deep that if the house was on fire I wouldn't wake up. Also I get strange heartburn even without eating. I feel bloated but my scale says different. I have someone at home when I take it so nothing happens while I'm sleeping. But that is it. These issues are nothing compared to the last time. And 12 weeks is nothing compared to a year. I am sorry to hear that you are having a these issues.

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Re: VerFree (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

It's more than a coincidence ,that so many people have gotten sick, shortly after starting Epclusa DAAs don't you think, IV heard too many times from ignorant people that they have never heard of that symptom before ,and try to blame it on something else ,when is somebody going to aim up ,and admit that very little was known about the wonder med ,let's find a minority group of guinea pigs and make some $$$

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Hi Lou we are on a group of people harmed severely from these DAA with no support from Dr they all say the same thing it’s not from the med it is not a coincidence that all these same side effects are happening to us. {edited for privacy}

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Re: Lou (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

These side effects were not mentioned prior to treatment if they had been I would not have taken this treatment I have severe tinnitus 24/7 hearing loss. My head is always clogged up, neuropathy through my body. Hands and feet are the worst. Extreme anxiety, awful brain fog, and confusion rashes that never went away since treatment. My Immune system is so messed up I have muscle spasms, and something happened to sleep pattern, breathing problems and I have been to Drs for 4 years during treatment. My Dr said like all of you it’s not from the treatment. Well it’s not a coincidence that these side effects are the same we are all experiencing. {edited for privacy}

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Re: VerFree (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I.m also having restless leg body jerks every day also really bloated around stomach ,but I haven't gained much weight also ,I'm worried they say virus is cured ,but I have definitely got liver symptoms happening,the liver people who signed me up are no help at all , favourite line is damage was probably done years ago would not be the DAAs ,I'm forever dropping coffee cups due to numbness feet puffy toes look puffy anxiety there's heaps I could go on for ages,I tell my GP all he says is oh I spoke to liver clinic they said treatment wouldn't do this ,mmm it all seems to much for him,I had abdominal xray yesterday I wonder what or if it finds anything ,I'm 66yrs old I was Geno 3also VL very high before tx .cheers take care

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Re: Friendz4 (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Sounds very similar to me. My breathing seems to be getting worse. What kind of breathing problems are you getting? So sick of bloating and body jerks, it's like the treatment has effected everything. I felt so much better before I touched Epclusa. Anyway please take care, we are not alone.

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Re: Lou (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Lou it seems the miracle was not a miracle drug after all. It was pushed through too fast not enough time to see the side effects they are devastating unbearable. Harvoni and Epclusa posts have so many people in the same situation. I have gone to Drs for 4 years had every test and scans and feel something happened to my immune system and I am in overdrive.

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Re: VerFree (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I call BS. Just like Harvoni this drug is making people sick, sicker and killing others. My husband had NO CANCER in his blood work or scan. Started drug and died 5 months to the day of start treatment date ... liver, pancreas and adrenal glands. Follow the patients after treatment.

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Re: VerFree (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

So you work for the pharmaceutical company?
Many of us were symptom free for 35 yrs. had these Anti virals pushed on us and life was never the same. There is more in these drugs then anti virals
Until it’s you, comment many of our lives have been cut in half post treatment. By ny virus or hello death?

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Re: New day (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Agree totally,I felt ok pre treatment,now it's 14 mths Poste treatment iv so many problems now numb feet hands swollen abdomen arthritis nausea anxiety just too many problems ,hate to think what's next,the liver clinic that scared me into doing treatment no support at all,in fact Iv had the misfortune of having suffer a lot of poor excuses over my yrs but IV never had anybody destroy my life like the Epclusa people ,not even a oh we are sorry about what our new wonder med has done to you.think the DAAs keep working on destroying things in your body long after the virus has gone ,I'm sitting here 4am Thurs morning after being awake all night looking at my puffed out deformed looking feet,anyway good luck hope people have better luck,,peace,

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Re: Lou (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

The anxiety is unbearable I am a shell of who I use to be I had no liver damage and was living a wonderful life we were not told the truth about this drug my life is destroyed Please join Harvoni Epclusa post you can search it anywhere it will come up can’t drive a car anymore or even live peacefully the drug was pushed through to fast. And we were the lab rats I have lost vision in my eye have cataracts severe floaters and my muscles spasm all the time.

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Re: Lou (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Is anyone reading these comments? Does anyone care? Where is a lawyeror law firm who will help all of Gilads victims and the families who have lost their loved one to this poison that us now under a new name. Advertising a 99% cute rate. My husband was cleared by week 5. And died week 20. 8 weeks after treatment.

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Re: Sunshyne (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. I can relate to what you are saying. What part of the world are you in? I'm in Australia. I'm in my 60s. There's a lot of people just starting to find out giliards new miracle med also damages a lot of us seriously. I wish I hadn't tried to cure the virus. I didn't feel that bad before treatment started, I would just like to see someone from giliard or fix hep C man up and admit they have really stuffed up and hurt a lot of people, maybe apologize for what's happened to a lot of us. This silence is like them just showing how little they care about us. They should just admit that $$$ is what matters to them, not how terrible we feel, like really when did people like that start caring about people like us... As I said before, bout time someone aimed up. Really sorry for your loss. Your husband was lucky you were with him..take care.

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Re: VerFree (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Hi just wandering if Epclusa effects immune symptom,since finishing treatment 18 mths ago IV had a few infections that anti biotics were used.now I'm worried about this new virus ,doing harm ,already have asthma breathing problems plus other problems since doing treatment.thsnk you any info greatly appreciated.

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Re: Lou (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Yes it does effect our immune system I was treated 4 years ago was never sick prior to treatment I am sick all the time now on and off antibiotics join Harvoni Epclusa post after treatment where there are a lot of people dealing with side effects since treatment

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Re: Friendz4 (# 158) Expand Referenced Message

Same for myself here in Australia except now I have asthma breathing issues ,I blame epclusa as I felt ok before epclusa treatment now I am trying to get over covid my Dr doesn't seem to believe long covid even happens I EAS positive in late march ,I'm still getting weird symptoms my Dr is no help I just don't know wh a t to do next.

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We all got the same answer. I can’t be the medication or we never heard that before the first time I ever heard that.

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Hi Kathleen. I've been trying to make contact. I was released from the hospital on the 30th of March. Pos for Covid. I'm still having problems. Could you let me know if you're getting this message as I need to find out few things? I'm really stressed. Thanks.

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Re: Kathleen (# 137) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Kathleen hope you are OK, iv just got out of hospital with covid they gave me antiviral called paxlovid I think it is banned in U.S ,I havnt heard from you for a while hope your ok

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Medicine helped me feel better sorry your going through this call your doctor and switch over

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Re: Adelaide (# 145) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Adelaid,just read your message , I hope you have luck finding a remote job ,what part of the world are you from ,I'm in nth nsw Australia summer is ending its been brutal .I finished epclusa about 5 yrs ago ,my Dr won't listen to anything negative about epclusa ,iv so many problems since doing treatment ,infections nause neuropatic problems can't sleep couple yrs ago diagnosed with asthma copd ( lung problems) I put it down to epclusa ,but no one believes me so looks like I'm just stuck with it I honestly felt better pre treatment ,seems a lot of people are now suffering.anyway hope you improve and find a job.cheers

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Re: Kathleen (# 135) Expand Referenced Message

Hope 2004 is improvement for you .take care hep c mate from down under .don't like the way Trump I's looking omg.

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Re: Lou (# 151) Expand Referenced Message

Hey Lou, Been 18 months post Epclusa for me. I feel like I could die some days. I've had well over $ 50,000 of tests done. Neurologist assured me I don't have MS, my legs and hips hurt so bad and I have imbalance/vertigo. I now take Pregabalin 75mg. Twice a day. Been on it for 2 months. Has helped a lot, time to increase dosage I think. What's done is done, I will survive this and return to my former self, or lay down and die. Gilead has to face what's coming their way. And to think, these self serving monsters, that have hid behind the name Gilead, a biblical town, have profited immensely from using all of us, and the $100,000 dollar cost for drugs and tests insurance paid for. All so they could look like big heroes, saving the planet from the scourge of Hep. C, Aids, Covid 19, and more. What we need is someone or one's to save the planet from Gilead. Wait till 2024 is over. Stay safe people, don't take the Epclusa, and call the FDA, and your dispensing pharmacy to file your complaints. Make sure the doctors know how you're feeling. Drug induced neuropathy, and more. Sad, but justice always prevails. Take care.

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Hey Kathleen, how are you? I've been trying to contact you. I hope you are OK. Cheers summers nearly over. I had a covid booster 2 weeks ago and it really made my asthma breathing and coughing a lot worse. Wish I could feel normal again lol. Not much chance of that. Thanks Epclusa.

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Re: Lou (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

So sorry for you from Australia, I now have asthma copd infections, lies have gone on for far too long something should be printed by gilliard or liver drs stating how many people have now passed on from there harmless wonder cure most people I know who did treatment are now passed on very sad.

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