Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication In Los Angeles, California


I need a dr that will prescribe heavy pain meds and Xanax in the Pasadena California area.

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I'm sorry, but there is no directory of physicians according to what they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to for you. Additionally, due to the new directives set forth by the DEA last year, you'll need to see specialists to have such medications prescribed, so in your case, that would most likely be one doctor for pain management and a psychiatrist for the Xanax.

The FDA classifies Xanax as a benzodiazepine that's most commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. It carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

Do you currently have a PCP that may be able to refer you to someone? If so, that might be the quickest and easiest way to find the help you need.

Can anyone recommend good doctors in that area?

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does anyone know of a doctor close to riverside california who will continue my pain medication that i've. been on for 3 doctor passed away an now i cant get my medication

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Hi California Posters, I will correct something I was seen in California for 5 years (am a rare case and needed specialist who is the best and he is in California). Most PM specialists also utilize medications like Xanax in conjunction with opioids just like they used to use Valium to relax muscles. Further due to low dosing the increased anxiety is resultant from untreated pain. My physician did and this is recent.

California did just change regulations for out of state clients which is why I am looking.

Dr.F. Tennant in West Covinia, CA has come out of retirement and treats specialized intractable pain and to get in his program you must be legitimate. I went from Texas out there 5 years and still need the help but due to the new regulations many of us were released. He has a younger physician in his network Dr. Hy also up in that region try them thanks.

Peace out.

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California isn't as hard as other States, particularly in the South to find the medications you seek. If you are from out of town that is a different story. Try little California towns on the border!

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Eddy I am a rare case so saw Dr. F. Tennant for five years for 10 years prior my specialist in Houston who died unexpectedly--the new regulations greatly chance the ability for out of state thanks for your in put..

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I like your approach although it sounds expensive. I try not to tell others as Verwon does that for Pain Meds you need to see one specialist and for Xanax you need to see a Psychiatrist. That is just not true for all states. In fact my Xanax PCP also prescribed Norco when I was hit by a Semi. I didn't take that much of it so I have some spares, but am dependent on Xanax, don't take a lot but have a good amount. I don't want some people who need medicine to not attempt to see their PCP or give up!

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Eddy well put if you read some more of my posts on the other areas you will learn more about me I saw the famous Dr. F. Tennant the past 5 years due to my Central Pain Syndrome I can die literally from pain. Now due to out of state patients not being allowed high level opioids which I need due to my P450 I am searching help immediately anywhere in the U.S. but Texas or Louisiana is closest--I must have brand patch and only one generic oxy sln. due to allergies and P450.

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Please do not throw out DEA directives unless your a doctor or pharmacist. There are general practice doctors that prescribe xanax and piano meds. No need to scare or shamed those in need

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What little border towns? Any ideas? Or names of the places??? I'm tired of the doctor treating me like a weirdo when I tell him I'm suffering from pain because I have had 4 surgeries in 1 year

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At the end of California, near the River where Arizona, California and Nevada meet!

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hey did you ever find a place?

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I live in Micbigan. My doctor prescribes me Oxycontin for severe chronic pain with Dilaudid for breakthrough pain and Xanax for a different form of pain and assistance with sleep. The group he practices with is trying to set a limit on the number of milligrams a PCP can prescribe because of CDC/FDA/DEA stuff. The fact is, nothing that has been put out by these agencies is law or regulation; they are "suggested guidelines." And they try to send doctors into a panic about their prescribing by publishing the names of what is literally a handful of doctors who've been prosecuted and lost their license for gross overprescribing--which is actually a relatively infrequent occurance. The point he makes with his colleagues is that, one, he has some patients whose pain is not controlled by the level of medication they want to make the top dose and, two, a patient who has been taking these medications for years at the same dose with no increases is both responsible and also can't just have the dose slashed because of physician cowardice and government interference. Also, such "suggested guidelines" don't take individual needs into account. We decided to try a pain clinic (my third try). The "pain" doctor, by his own admission, knew virtually nothing about fibromyalgia, couldn't answer my basic questions about the disease, left the 20 minute appointment three times to attend another meeting (after making me wait 2 1/2 hours past my appt. time) and kept his eyes closed during most of the appt. He asked me no questions, suggested no solutions--basically, did nothing. Then he charged me $300. My other two pain clinic experiences were equally horrific. One doc said he couldn't find my records and couldn't help me--this was immediately after walking into the examining room and not talking to me or examining me. (The records were at the front desk--I picked them up on my way out of the office.) I also saw the head of another pain clinic and didn't have a good feeling about her. WHen I asked her opinion about fibromyalgia, she said, "Some people just like attention." These three clinics were in three different states. Pain clinics are not the answer. Prescribing needs to be done by a doctor who knows you and your whole health picture, and who has built a trusting relationship with you based on KNOWING you. I'm glad if some have had a good pain clinic experience but I'll never darken the doors of another one. My PCP apologized profusely for letting me go through such a devastating experience again (he knew about my prior clinic experiences) and promised he'd never make me do it again. We will continue to work at controlling my pain with the least medication I can possibly take.

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Still looking? Orange county I used to get 90 2 mg xanax bars a month prescribed, in Santa Ana

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Hi... I'm looking for a dr that will prescribe Norco 10 in the San Pedro, CA area. I have acute ostio and rh arthritis. Please help me...

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It isnt about these non-existent 120 mg per day lies. Its the Lobbyists for Insurance and other medical type in Government who have no idea what Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (or what you have). The furor makes it so that Doctors are rightfully worried their insurance to Practice Medicine will go up even more, different states and specialties different prices. I've been a "pain patient" since 1968, when Reagan became President it was nearly impossible to get medication until things calmed down. Unfortunately Pres will Bush then Obama hear these words like addict or other prompt words from Lobbyists looking to make their drug #1 the Lyrica was fast tracked and is slightly different from another medication, if you get a little sleepy maybe you feel better, Fibro and Neuropathies many other maladies allow little or no sleep. I feel if I put a name of a prescriber, he will be triple booked so fast that the people in the most pain dont always get them, I find it hard to believe but a very honest person told me she is offered $25 for Morphine and has kids that she can barely afford to feed after losing her husband oversees, things like this should never happen and it is addictive behavior that keeps us from getting the meds we need. though my meds are more important than money I outlived my wife and my daughter is grown up. There is no right, sometimes all I can do is beg you to take your meds as prescribed. Good Luck.

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Doctors in California,

I don't live in California. One is near Downtown Covina I think or maybe its West but lots need it and take a bus a few hours once a month or if you only want Xanax and Norco maybe each 90 days. Another is in San Jose I think. I have to beg some of the Doctors (Im on SS too). I don't know if anyone will want a Doc if you need what they call in California a "Triplicate" like Oxycodone (That's Percocet or OxyContin). You must get it monthly. I get nothing out of this. I'm too poor to get to California but know more Doctors than one in Calif.

Please tell me what your diagnosis is because you must bring it from your Doctor to the pain management Doctors, and I know more than one, I wish I lived in Calif. Are you able to get any pain meds in the State you're in? (I hope Calif only because different states have different laws on what they pay for.) I wish I didn't have to help anyone in pain out. I'll call a Doctor nearest or best for you and beg them to take you. The strength of Codeine #4 and Soma (Carisoprodol) double each other and aren't good. Soma is very potent in that way. I was a Nurse and only help because its in my oath to help. I do not want to make you a drug addict if I can help you. Drug dependent means you neither sell or give even one away, so you may not want my help. Good Luck. God Bless You.

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I have RH in my right thumb and the middle joints of my middle and ring fingers. I have RH in my left pinky and index finger. I also have RH in both knees. I have ostio in both elbow, both wrists and right hip side. I also have plenty of other issues that relate to my pain problems. I'm happy to give you my personal info if we can figure a private way to do it.

Looking forward to ur response...

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Hahaha. Forget it. They no longer ridk their license or jail time for those who don't want to get help to cope with life. Medications aren't the way out. Try loving life and seek.out help for your mental condition.

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I'm in the same position and am looking for a doctor to help me out as far as pain medication goes. I moved to California recently from Louisiana, I have an amputated finger and nerve damage in my other hand. I have my MRI results and paperwork from when I was prescribed to oxycodone 15mg in texas. I can't find a doctor willing to prescribe me anything strong enough to help with my chronic nerve damage pain. Its unbearable pain and I cant find the right doctor that will help. Please help.

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I have chronic arthritis and I need a knee replacement, that's already been paid for. I just need a permanent address to get my operation done and I need a doctor (in los angeles, ca 90018) that will prescribe me some Norco. Thank you. Please help.

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Re: Eddy (# 30) Expand Referenced Message

It’s absolutely absurd isn’t it? He used to say to “Lock Up” every single person addicted to drugs into jail and throw away the key.. After he gets addicted himself and then he begins to doctor shop for OxyContin and then he began buying them off the street… Well his housekeeper actually located and purchased them for him with his cash which is ultimately what got him arrested.. I actually never really thought about the irony of that punk Trump actually gave him that medal of honor.. Obviously after getting arrested and going through the whole court system begging to be differed into a drug rehabilitation program that of course isn’t inside of a jail/prison; which of course his white privilege & notoriety which did in fact get him just supervised felony probation and a fat fine and a long inpatient drug rehabilitation… the hypocrisy of it.. AHHHHHHHHH

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Re: Lori (# 29) Expand Referenced Message

First, I wanted to mention that the date on each page is the same for each post with this upgraded software. Yes Lori, Rush Limbaugh used his money & power to obtain narcotics. Doing so ultimately led to his Presidential Medal of Freedom, go figure?

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for always being so through in your answers to everyone’s myriad of questions.. Being a chronic pain patient for close to 30 years now the very last thing any doctor wants to hear out of a possibly brand-new patient is “Are going willing to prescribe me schedule 2 narcotics?” HAHAH

I mean seriously, with this whole war on scheduled two drugs ever since Perdue introduced OxyContin and upper class supposed normal people from all walks of life became addicted then Rush Limbaugh also became addicted to them and he began doctor shopping and purchasing them illegally on the “Black Market” and if you got arrested for it and he got convicted of it and ever since then that is when this whole war on prescription drugs and all the BS that comes along with it making it very difficult for real chronic pain patients to get what they need because why should we suffer it’s totally 110% wrong.

But I strongly suggest do not ask when you go call for a doctor excuse me are you gonna treat me strong narcotics?? Obviously they’re going to say no.. Just Saying

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No more Forrest Tennant. I read online where the DEA finally took him down as well. The government is charging him as a DTO. It seems he was writing scripts on a split deal.

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Re: Jjagger (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I am in need, can I get the information please? I'm right outside of Santa Ana. I am visiting in California and need an RX for a benzo. I don't have insurance. I have been on these before and I was wondering what to do / where to go to get a script easily and as soon as possible? Preferably xanax.

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My best friend had a terrible accident 8-10 years ago. The only medicine that would take most of the pain away was the Fentanyl Patch. Now her doctor will not subscribe it to her and her quality of life as well as her mental health has been deeply affected. I cry to see how far she has slipped. Please help! She has never been a drug user and she uses the patches as directed. Are there any doctors who will prescribe this type of pain medication in California?

{edited for privacy}

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Re: marcos (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Can you please help me find a doctor who will treat fibromyalgia, sciatic nerve pain and diabetic neuropathy, causing chronic and constant pain?

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Re: john (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

What are piano meds? Sorry, I have no clue...
Thanks! I like to learn new things...

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Looking for a new doctor in Los Angeles to prescribe any of the following (Xanax, Adderall, Percocet, Norco, Ativan). I've been seeing the same one in the valley in Woodland Hills for about 3 years. She is super smart and can't communicate well with others because she is out of this world smart and her personality is lacking. She will prescribe me anything I ever ask for but after seeing her for about 2 years she wants me to go to a pain management dr. I'd rather just go to one primary care or internal doctor and get what I need. Anyone know of any awesome doctors? I have amazing insurance. I definitely don't look like a drug seeker and my doctors usually like me! I'm looking to find someone new. Please help!

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Pain and anxiety is a vicious cycle. My Dr of 15years retired a year ago and it took me a year to find a good Dr. I wish anyone who suffers like me luck. Find a good internet and fight hard to gain trust in your Dr. That trust, not abusing your prescriptions and stick to 1 good pharmacy, like Walgreens, and rally build a good relationship with your new Dr and it should work. I take 2 controlled meds. Morphine sulfate ER and Xanax. It works around the clock. Just take as prescribed. Good communication, no red flags and it works! Good Luck from Sacramento, California!

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