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I live in Chicago, Illinois and I have been on Oxycodone 30mg for 3 years. My doctor retired and I haven't been able to find a doctor since to prescribe them. Can you help me and give me a doctors name that will prescribe this medication in the Chicagoland area...

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@Dino- I need ur help also. I don't know if anyone's replied to me earlier.

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I'm also looking for a new doctor, as mine has retired & he had been my prescribing Dr for 6 years. I'm not asking for a "dirty" doctor or pill mill - I've tried over a dozen pain doctors, all of which say they "don't prescribe opioids here" or "go to the VA if you're a veteran!" (I tried once, after waiting 6 hours & getting nowhere, the staff at the VA said that I'd have better luck at a civilian clinic. I understand the DEA is coming down hard on doctors, but I'm only asking for somebody to take a legitimate patient.

I am simply looking for a doctor to pick up where my old left off, to be clear. I have imaging, copies of Rx & medical history etc... but because of my HMO, I'm being turned down everywhere. Nobody will even hear me out, as if I'm a criminal, the second they hear an opioid of any kind.

I take OxyContin for my three fractured vertebrae & also have chronic sciatica. I have been told multiple times, that I'm this lucky to not have been paralyzed. This has left me with severe lifelong pain, as shown in my file. So why are they playing hot potato with me?

I'd also like to mention, I've never been arrested, never had trouble at any pharmacy or with a pharmacist. I've been prescribed these medications for the past 6 years, without any issue. My doctor has just retired & cannot find a replacement doctor in Chicago. Do not want a "pill mill" or "dirty doc" - asking for legitimate references / referrals only.

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The Web Doctor --

I'm in chicago, new here, and looking for an oxycontin prescription. Let me know if you can help me find a doctor to prescribe them.

{edited for privacy}

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Re: Brittany (# 43) Expand Referenced Message

I am also in Chicago. Any luck finding a doctor who can prescribe oxy?

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Re: Blueyes (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Did u find a doctor? Any recommendations? I too need to find a doctor have had multiple surgeries.. and now my doctor is retiering

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Re: Leonard (# 44) Expand Referenced Message

I too need a doctor did u have any luck? I see everyone asking for help but no info on if they have! Or a doctor who does! I understand they’re cracking down but there is us who have real pain!

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Re: Cashie (# 46) Expand Referenced Message

Please let me know if u find one! I’m really struggling. My doctor retired I’m in real pain! I’ve had multiple back surgeries and can function with out! I tried the whole suboxcen thing and hate it!!

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Re: Chiraq (# 42) Expand Referenced Message

I’m a vet too! In the same boat! Any luck? Wish there was a better way to contact u directly!

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Review all medical records as you can remove inaccurate information that bad doctors have falsely put in.

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I am in chronic excrutiating pain. Besides many doctors not taking my ins i have no transportation. I also am allergic to over 50 meds I cannnot go on much longer like this. I am not t suicidal, but I am losing my mind. My medicine is not working as it did, and I an't find anyone to give me anything stronger. I can provide the mris that prove most of what is wrong and the scopes that show the severe barrette's esophagus,and a severely compromised lining of the stomach and esophagus where i don't eat or sleep for as much as 6 or 7 days at a time. the treatments given by gis aren't working and I am in constant chronic pain. I cry all the time.. I have so many things wrong I can't get fixed and I can do nothing but run to to the bathroorm, throw up and cry all day from the pain. I can't even leave my apt most of the time and the loneliness is overwhelming. I am not looking for pain pills, I am looking for pain relief I have more than 20 medical conditions and allergic to more than 50 medical
almost killed me inclkuding going into alaphylactic shock. can someone help me.

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Re: Jessalactapus (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

I have seen him personally and as of 2019 he is not prescribing any opioid medications. I have a broken back in 3 places, a new herniated disc at L4 with a pinched nerve that sends shooting pains down my entire left leg and into my left foot. I’m also diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and have narrowing of the spine at L4 and L5 and all this doctor told me to do was go to a rehab despite years of properly filling a number of opioid medications that can be seen on the PMP system. I personally don’t suggest wasting your time with Dr. Blum.

I am also looking for a new doctor to prescribe me some sort of pain medication for all my spinal cord injuries and would be very grateful if anyone had a suggestion on who to see. I’m not playing any games or drug seeking in any malevolent manner. I had, on my own terms and decision, decided to wean myself off practically 90% of the opioid medications I was prescribed to from 2006-2018 and now the degenerative disc disease has brought on a number of additional injuries and severe pain and I was hoping someone would know of a doctor in the Chicago suburbs or the city who would be willing to prescribe me a low dose of a mild opioid medications so I can continue to lead my life, go to work and go back to school to get my masters degree in social work.

Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated!

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Re: Chiraq (# 42) Expand Referenced Message

I know this post is so old but….Did you ever find a doctor min just retired after 15 years being with him. Haven’t had to get a new doctor in forever. I have records and everything I’m also not looking for a pill mill just a compassionate do for that will understand my pain and just continue what I have been doing for almost 20 years. I feel off a balcony when I was 8 and I have had problems ever since. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!

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Re: Cash (# 48) Expand Referenced Message

Let me know if you ever found anyone! Mine just retired! Ugh! I don’t want to have surgery!!!

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Re: Gonz007 (# 51) Expand Referenced Message

Let me know if you found anyone! Bad pain and doctor retiring!!!! How can they do that without finding you another doctor. I have been on oxycontin 20mg LA and oxycodone 10mg for break through pain. From 2003-present so I can’t just stop! I don’t know what to do??? He retires very soon!!

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