Need A Good Doctor Who Prescribes Oxycodone In No. Illinois


At 60, I now have a full disability because of chronic pain from cervical and lumbar radiculopathy and attending sciatica. For 12 years I've gone to a GREAT doctor in Chicago. But this neurologist has retired, only to be replaced by an anti-oxycodone Chinese anesthesiologist who is very authoritative and just a damn unpleasant lady. After driving all the way in to see her yesterday, she took me off my oxycodone 30's and 15's and gave me a prescription for oxycodone 40, for a month--and there is no such thing, as I discovered last night--only Oxycontin 40, and she didn't write for that.

I'm quite screwed.

I have ample medical records. Medicare, too. Is there a good doctor in the Rockford/Naperville area that some god soul can suggest? I would be sincerely appreciative.

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Hi Gary,

Sorry to hear about your situation in having to put up with such an unpleasant person. It sounds like she probably had a bad day or just doesn't like her job one bit. For some people it tends to be expressed in their personality or presence. Unfortunately for others it might also be expressed in their ability to write a valid prescription.

Overall I think you're making the right decision to turn towards another doctor. And if it helps at all, listed below is a webpage specific to locating pain management doctors in a given area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results:
{link removed because site no longer exists}

I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if they are accepting new patients.

I hope this info helps and wish you good luck on finding the right doctor!

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Thank you, David--thank you most kindly.

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Hi! I'm 67 and I hav serve pain and I'm in need of a great pain Dr to help me with my problem in Chicago area help plz....

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