Doctor In Georgia Who Prescribes Roxycodone


I'm prescribed Ultram, which doesn't ease my pain and I still suffer from the lack of sleep due to pain. Done my research and found a lot of info but need help with finding the right Doctor who will help. I'm just tired of being in pain everyday and night. Please help

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Hello Gr8yota,

I hope all is well....or at least ALOT better for you!?!? See I Prefer The Ultram over These Tyl. #4. In Fact With it being The Holiday Weekend I Can Not Even get in to see my Doc. to get my Ultram until after they come back from Vacation (of course HAHA)!!!
Maybe we can talk back & forth.....from one PATIENT OF PAIN TO ANOTHER :( {edited for privacy} I hope that I hear from back from you.... Have a Great Day.

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I need a dr in atlanta or suburbs area who will prescribe percocet 10 for fibromyalgia and back pain

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