Ky Doctors Willing To Prescribe Oxycodone 30mg


Hey I just moved from pa to ky and looking for a dr that will prescribe my oxycodone 30mg that I have been on for years.. I haven't had any luck finding a dr that will prescribe my meds. I have had several back surgeries and need another surgery but don't have insurance right now. Does anyone know of any doctor around here that will prescribe my meds? I have medical records and MRIs that prove I need surgery and in severe pain!!

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Hi, Sasha!

Unfortunately, without insurance it is going to continue to be difficult to find a doctor willing to prescribe it and, if you do find one, you'll be on another adventure to find a pharmacy that will fill it.

Paying cash is one way that people have used to doctor and pharmacy hop, in other words to scam and get multiple prescriptions for controlled substances, thus most will shy away from prescribing or filling prescriptions for someone doing so.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a way to get help in that area?

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Thank you! I just want a caring doctor that will listen to me and know a good neuro for when I do get insurance! If anyone has any suggestions around the Lexington, KY area, let me know please!!

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I live in the pittsburgh monroeville area can you tell me the doctor that is treating your pain? I have a badly broken leg with other problems. Been on percocet 30 s and 40mg opana. Need a PCP that will write, i am in bad pain, nerve and muscle damage with a lot of other problems with my leg. I need a new PCP

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If you can get them to prescribe them to you in ky (which is uncommen) then I'd be surprised.

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Need a pain doctor who will prescribe pain medication in Phoenix Arizona

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