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My pain management doc got investigated and now hes closed his practice down. I was getting 30mg oxycodone 5 times a day and morphine 15mg 2 times a day. Does anybody know a doctor in huntsville alabama that will keep me on my meds, need answer ASAP!

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My doctor office just shut me out cause if got investigated and if was prescribing me 30 milligrams of roxycodone 4 times a day and I really need it does anybody no of any docs around Huntsville Alabama that Will sick me back up and continue with my meds

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I may not have a doctor I can refer you guys to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service in so far as finding pain management doctors within your general area...

Just input your city or zip code for narrowed results:
{link removed because site no longer exists}

I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if they are accepting new patients.

I hope this info helps and wish you all good luck on finding the right doctor!

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Yeah, I go to aggarwal too. Not sure what to do. He helped me get my life back. I could work and be productive at home. Now I will be in pain and withdrawls. This is gonna be tough if I can't get in somewhere else

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That is alot

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most drs even pain drs dont rx that much.... thats a big reason he had his license taken away. he didnt just close for being investigated. he was shut down

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Try Tennessee valley pain consultants

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I Don't understand.....Why bother to ask others for help with a new doc...Why would anyone want to share that type of info. That's the type of behavior that f**k's it up for the whole class!!!!!!!!
Thought that was obvious. What happened to people being able to keep their mouth shut??????

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I passed along the info because the man has obviously been over medicated. And just because his doctor was a pill pusher, doesn't mean the patient should suffer. Aren't we here to help each other. And the doctors at Tennessee valley will not write any prescriptions unless his injuries or ailments warrant such medications. Not only do they treat, they try to heal through physical therapy and surgery. Its a great clinic, but they will not push meds.

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By reading all these posts I guess I am lucky because my Dr gives me 10 mg oxycodone 3 x a day. I'm in TN but yall have me scared that this will trickle down to TN although it partly has because it's very hard finding a Dr that will give me oxycodone but I guess II got lucky. The DEA are not Drs so how can they tell a Dr what to prescribe a pt. I may write a petition on the white house website. Makes me wonder how much Obama has to do with this because isn't that about the time all this started when he was elected?

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Goodluck finding those kinda meds/dosing were lucky that you found a Dr whose pen and pad weren't scared ..Obviously a're screwed was fun while it lasted..right

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he wrote to every dope head an their brother an sister. an screwed the people that needed it. if u gotem, an didnt have the history,i hope u dont getem . an suffer like i did. thank God, i had a medical history.

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u dont know what pain someone has or what tolerance a person has built up over time . i get pain meds cuz i need them . i cant even do the dishes on my pain meds. it is only a matter of time until the state gov. is forced thru . fed law suits to give people back thier pain pills they need to survive . it is not my fault others abuse pain pills. the feds need to grow up and stop sticking their nose into my health care . where in the world is the HIPPA law ??

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I did need the pain meds but after having to deal with some withdrawls, ive decided to just stay off them. The dr that my last pain dr referred me to called to set up appt but i just decided not to. I will just deal with the pain. I do have herniated/buldging disc, and degenerative disc. I will say that NEURONTIN helped tremendously on withdrawls. Didnt have hot and cold flashes, no stomach cramps with diarrhea, no restless legs til i quit the neurontin and a little anxiety that was only pretty bad for a few days.

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I am looking for a new Pain Doctor in the miami /montgomery county Ohio area . I have cronic back pain ..

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Yep !!!! I can't wait till he's kicked out

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Anna canyou help me ! I WAS GOING TO SAME DR BUT NOT THAT KIND OF MEDS.I need a new doctor quick.

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Yes but not gonna post name here. Look close and you'll understand {edited for privacy}. This site makes you leave out emails so if you're sharp you'll understand.

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i had to go to back to murota and get an epidural and still in alot of pain the spine center dr didnt have the balls to tell me I was not a caniadate for surgury.His nurse told me over the phone. She said that my back wasnt radiating and I asked her why I am I in so much pain she told me she didnt know. Had a mini stroke because of bloodpressure so high dnt know what to do I live in Boaz AL. I even calle the DEU of montgomery and asked for advice he didnt know how to help me.

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Unfortunately, writing to the white house won't help. Obama believes docs have over medicated the pin patient population, and there is no future lawsuit that will force anyone to give patients "their pills back". The docs who over medicated are getting their licenses yanked. Yes, patients suffer, but you need to blame the doctors who wrote the rx in the first place, not the DEA. Now, docs not willing to write rx's for any pain meds at all for legit patients are themselves to blame or being bullied by the DEA. It's highly unlikely, unless you have a very painful type of cancer, that you will find another doc willing to prescribe both those drugs and in those doses, but that shouldn't matter- only taking what works for your pain should.

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Scott, the HIPPA law doesn't apply to this situation, and pain pills are not needed to survive. To live a better life, yes. But if you're not able to get any pain meds at all, that's not the DEA causing it. If you go to multiple pain physicians and none give you rx's, then you either don't have medical proof of a need for them or you have displayed drug seeking behavior. If you ask for narcotics by name, stop. You will never get them. Otherwise, it's simply a few doctors afraid of the DEA that refused them. Others won't if you actually need them.

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Re: Carol (# 75) Expand Referenced Message

I’ve had RA for 31 years & it got so bad I had to retire! I had a wonderful RA and Fibromyalgia Dr, since I’ve had that too 2012.. Dr was giving me 4 hydros 10 mg a day and joint injections. Does anyone know a Rheumatologist that will keep me on the Hydros 10 mg 4 times a day and do my joint injectables in Huntsville AL

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Re: chronic pain patient (# 67) Expand Referenced Message

I totally agree with you on everything especially the last part!! Heck, the Government is already started controlling us!! I bet all their family members get pain meds easily! Go on YouTube (Struggle Jennings & Katelyn Curtis) vid - (God We Need You Now!!) give u chills ! Talking bout how the government have us like puppets on a string!! Anyway he has sum more too! Check out if u hv time! Hit me back too if ya want !! :)

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Re: justin (# 62) Expand Referenced Message

Justin, thx for the info! But are ya saying he only gives (4 Norcos), (4 Barr’s???) Most Drs give a Month Supply! And the visit prb cost more than the meds!! I’m close to Athens, can ya write back please! Thx :)

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Re: Christian777 (# 59) Expand Referenced Message

I went to Guliti too and I hv major issues but just got little bit pain pills and Xanax ( only cause I hv a long history of being on em ,from my abuse!! But I think he’s shut down! And it’s 2020 I noticed these r 2013

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Re: Anonymous Person (# 89) Expand Referenced Message

Ty ya for ya info, been trying to find a Dr (hv several issues) but if u hv to pay ($500) first time, do they gv u a lab test or is that what UA is? And do u still get meds no matter what the results are?

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Re: hoss (# 86) Expand Referenced Message

I just seen your message .I'm DESPERTLY trying to find one myself and was just wanting to see if you found one...hope your feeling better...God bless

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Thank you poster From Australia. You Hit The Nail on the head. You're correct! :) Glad your Country has pain care and Can see the HUGE mistakes USA is making and harming it's own people. I'll tell ya that there are Patients with sufficient funds that are looking and Willing to move out of the US. Looking to move to a modern country that treats pain properly. There's a few countries. Portugal, Costa Rica etc.. I don't see this ever becoming Balanced Again. The pain care Advocacy we have in the USA isn't large enough but those few people we have are Fighting like HELL. Fighting for some quality of life. If Americans in pain had pain bad enough to need opiate pain medicine, then they need to join the fight, or get a family member, caregiver or friend to join the forces in this Advocacy and FIGHT. Real AMERICANS have always fought and won their battles with their Government. Stop letting the bureaucrats shame you or the good doctors and take a stand for your human rights! Also, the FDA is asking for public comments before July 10. Look up FDA and search under Pain Management Task Force. Leave your voices! Without public advocacy and people remaining to be shamed because they have real pain is outrageous! A very sad state of social justice for a supposed Super Power Nation.

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Re: Patient Advocate (# 215) Expand Referenced Message

You are quite correct, I have not personally experienced the levels of pain and suffering described by many folks in these pages. I apologise if my anger with your health system and the historical treatment of pain sufferers has come across in an unsympathetic or accusatory manner. From way over here in Australia I am horrified at what I see happening in your great nation. Its just incomprehensible on so many levels. You are absolutely right, people have a right to relief of their pain and suffering and opiates are a miracle worker and should never be withheld without extremely good reasons. It seems to me that your system has flipped way too far in the opposite direction and pain relief is now tyrannically withheld, for mostly fear-based reasons, fear of the law, fear of drug seekers, fear of misuse etc. We have those same issues here in Australia but our doctors have fought hard not to succumb to the paranoia and prohibition style thinking that places these kinds of concerns so far above basic human rights and patient care that precious few can access the relief they are entitled to. Its a constant struggle for moderation and compassion in the face of increasing regulation. You folks have already lost that war and there is almost no going back. Its a f*%king crime how pain patients have been treated in your country. The over prescribing of opioids in the past is not the patients' fault, but in rectifying these practices there has been absolutely no transition period or backup plan or any plan whatsoever for the pain suffering citizens - just cruel stigmatisation from the health sector, ridicule, abandonment, lack of empathy and dignity, and nowhere to turn other than the streets or methadone centres. Its a national disgrace and the rest of the world is appalled at what your government authorities are doing to its own citizens. So please accept my apologies for any offence I may have caused - I'm just mad as hell about your terrible situation and wish there was something other nations could do to force change for the better.

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My doc stopped writing my pain pills because of the regulations they have implemented. Therefore she doesnt write a script for me. I havr been going to ER's for injections and pain meds. I cant afford a pain clinic cause I have no insurance and the out of pocket cost is too high. Are there any pain docs that charge a minimal amt? Can anyone help me?

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Poster #214 has never been severely injured or had a bad enough disease to experience what Chronic Pain really is. Therefore should not advise nor judge another. Each person should be treated humanely and properly according to their health or pain condition. Opioids are not evil. They are a Godsend for some patients as they're the only thing left to allow any kind of life. Forcing human life to be bedridden while modern day medicines are available is not acceptable and it's downright EVIL. Most all patients who require opioids have tried every single alternative before hopping on the Opioid bandwagon. Nobody sets out in life to decide to have pain everyday that's so severe they can't focus on anything else. That idea is just ludicrous.

I think we all agree that opioids were once given out far too freely in the past but they're not anymore. In fact, many people are suffering now and committing suicide because of the lack of pain care. The only people who should be getting treatment from these medications are patients with well-documented conditions stating everything else has been tried and failed. By cutting every patient off their therapy that was successful in keeping them functional is nothing short of pure torture. The population is the largest it's ever been and there's going to be many people with all sorts of disease and conditions that I can't even pronounce who do have chronic pain. There's no cure and the NIH isn't looking for any either. So the humane choice should be to keep these people comfortable. What the hell is WRONG with that? In the old days, people grew the medications they needed, long before any FDA or DEA. The Government agencies today are trampling the human rights for legitimate pain relief. Yes, we need to try to get rid of the Illegal Drugs that are killing people but my guess is that isn't ever going to completely happen. So treating those with mental health issues/addicts with legal medicine should be appropriate and should be advocated to save their lives. On the other hand, legitimate pain patients with well documented medical records, those patients should continue to be permitted to receive their life-saving medicine as well. It's keeping them from suicide. Why can't USA be fair balanced? Fair to ALL? It's never going to be perfect. It's not a perfect world.

Right now, it's completely BIASED from the president down. I say legitimate pain doctors now need to unite and stand up for what's right medically. They need to stop being cowards and stop burying their heads in the sand. Patients have been advocating for over a decade to preserve their quality of life and protecting the good Drs. Until all these issues are fair and balanced, deaths will continue to rise at alarming rates. Wake up people. "Prohibition" to medicine is EVIL. Withholding medicines that give a patient quality of Life should be advocated for by ALL Americans who believe in the Bill of rights and the Constitution. I don't care what it is if it helps people medically, including marijuana, opioids or whatever it is. What is NOT medically helpful in any way shape or form is ALCOHOL, cigarettes among other things, not to mention automobiles and bad food choices that are killing even more people than legal pain medications but no one's talking about or outlawing those substances. Alcohol alone is actually killing more people than any other substance and it's legal. It not only harms the user but has killed other innocent people. Rant over. I wonder how many legitimate pain patients agree with all of this?

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