Chronic Pain Patient With Severe Anxiety And Panic Attacks


I'm a patient going to pain management receiving OxyContin for chronic lower back pain and nerve damage in my feet and legs! I'm also seeing a psychologist who has diagnosed me with severe anxiety issues and ADHD disorders! I have hardware in my lower back (plates and screws), back fusion from S1 through L5 L3 L2! I've been disabled for 14 years!

My question is, can my pain management dr tell me I have to pick and choose which meds I need the most? She's telling me I can't receive my pain meds and my Xanax too! I have a contract with a comprehensive pain specialist. Can she kick me out of pain management because of the new guidelines in Tennessee? I'm going through a divorce and I've lost my son in a car wreck! I'm in constant pain and I'm having a panic attack right now! I'm scared to death and don't understand what's going on! Please help me?

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Timothy I'm real sorry to hear about all the stuff you're having to deal with right now... The last thing you wanted to hear was your Doc telling you that you have to make a choice right? Wow brother, I feel bad for ya.. I live in TN also, and I moved here in March. I've been with PM doctors for 6 years in 3 states, but it wasn't until I moved here that I was told that I couldn't be prescribed Valium with the pain meds I'm on.. That was 5 months ago and I'm still having a hard time without the Valium... My PM doctor here has set me up with an appt. with a psychiatrist who will be able to write me an Rx for Valium, but I have to wait until November, and even then I don't know if I'll be able to fill it.. I'm on 30 mg Hysingla er and 15 mg oxycodone x 4.. Did your doc have any suggestions for you? Did they just tell you that you'd have to pick?

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Re: Elam (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Yes Elam! She told me I had to pick and choose which medication I needed the most which I need both my pain meds and my xanax because of panic attacks and severe anxiety! I don't know what's going to happen when I go back on the 28th of this month! If you have any knowledge about what I'm going through I would certainly appreciate any advice you have for me! Thanks bro! Good luck to you too!

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Re: Timothy (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I live in Oklahoma and I was also told that. I picked to stay with my pain meds since I need them the most.

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Unfortunately, yes, she can do that. Doctors are allowed to set their own requirements and they are not obligated to continue treating anyone, unless they are in life threatening danger. This is the way things stand under current U.S. law.

The FDA warns that these medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth.

I know my providing such details on the law is not very helpful, I am just telling you the legalities, at this time. I really hate to see anyone suffering and I know it is very frustrating.

Timothy, have you considered seeing a psych, if this doctor will no longer prescribe everything you need?

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Re: Timothy (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Were you in the same situation as Timothy? He sees 2 doctors, A PM doc and a psychologist. They're 2 different doctors, so I don't know why they would want him off of Xanax when they're not writing the Rx's (the PM doc) My PM practice has a psychiatrist on the staff to help people like myself, that can write me an Rx for diazapam without interfering with the PM doc who is Not allowed to write it.

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I get Klonopin & have for over 10yrs. My family doc is my provider & I have a pain specialist that is in a hospital in a state over only because that is where my neurologist sent me. I haven’t had any issues with having both? Is each state different. I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble I would recommend that you not tell them you take it anymore but I know that they can see your records from the pharmacy you use no matter if you change it or not. What I don’t understand is the fact that you lost a child and she should understand that! This is why I have been fighting my butt off about the so-called opiate problem when it is in my state. It really irritates me to read or hear on TV considering that the FDA is the same people who used to shove it down our throats and now it’s a problem which makes me wonder if they’re not getting paid anymore. If you’re on the border of a different state tried looking into a new pain doctor that would understand or talk to your neurologist or whoever did your surgery maybe they can help. I’ll be praying for you and I’m sorry for the loss of your child my sincere condolences?

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I've had three knee operations and a spinal fusion S2-S6 in the last 2 years. I've been taking Suboxone for 12 yrs for opiate addiction. It actually saved my life but it's not for everyone. I had to get off Suboxone for the surgeries and take oxycontin. Suboxone worked better than oxycontin. You are really not supposed to take xanax with Suboxone but I do. I have very little pain and anxiety, PM doctors don't agree because of the abuse problem. I found a doctor that will write both but will count your medicine occasionally to make sure there is no abuse.

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Timothy, yes they absolutely can make you choose. I also live in Oklahoma. I've had spinal fusions as well. I'd choose my pain medicine if given a choice. Pain causes anxiety. Too many folks overdosing with that particular combination.

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Charlie (# 6) --

Hi! I'm on Xanax & Suboxone for pain control of my CHRONIC headaches. WHY aren't both supposed to be taken together?

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About time you face facts. There are other ways to deal with pain and anxiety besides drugs and it's why they need to cut you off. Back in the day we had pain also but didn't need all the narcotics that are used today. Be a man and fix yourself and stop whining about getting drugs.

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Any suggestions for pain, anxiety and deep depression? I take Xanax and Wellbutrin, when I have gotten oxycodone I sleep pain free but they won't prescribe. Anything over the counter is a joke! Also how do you find a psychiatrist on your own that will take medicare?

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Hi Timothy.
She does sound a little cruel. But, with all of the new crazy laws a lot of these doctors are either petrified to prescribe or they're on a power trip. There are a few good doctors left but not many. Unfortunately she holds all of the cards. In my opinion most doctors are just on a power trip.

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Re: Elam (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Yes Elam! She told me I had to pick and choose! It's happening everywhere! Good luck bro!

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Re: Jim (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

I live in NY. I do a search for psychiatrists in my area and then check out their credentials and insurance. Call if I have to verify. I prefer the older doctors.

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Hi! I know what you're going through. My Dr. put me on ativan and took me off Xanax. Maybe you can ask the Dr. about that. I also take Paxil for panic attacks.

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I'm very sorry to say, They can do Anything they please. They do Not Care. I was a pain patient for 18 years and I have the same story. On paper and in their Books, opioids and Benzos can be very dangerous together- They say. At first they took my pain prescription away and now they've told me that they will make me so a fast taper off of Xanax. They really Do Not Care! I never for into Any trouble- Never misused Anything. These medications were Not of any danger to me while taking them together. They are watching their own asses. I blame the DEA and the FDA, while They continue to okay drugs that kill people Every Day.

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Usually if a psychiatrist or another doctor prescribes anxiety medications, pain management doctors don't have as much of a problem with it. Pain Management doctors do not treat mental health problems. But, it is up to each pain management doctor to set their own rules.

If you have Medicaid each state has their own rules regarding what Medicaid will pay for and what Medicaid doctors can prescribe Medicaid patients.

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Re: Vinny (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

You don't know much about chronic pain and anxiety!

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Hi Timothy, I went through worse during 12 years of my RA Pains that caused all the bad effects in my mind, body and soul. Afraid it would compel me to be a wheel-chair dependant, met one Rheumatologist Doctor three years ago and in less than three months time, all things have changed for the better with his treatment that includes one DMARD drug, one pain killer that I now need only occasionally and one vitamin Tablet! To offset side effects, I take one Tablet of specific Herb of alternate medicine to which my Dr was very skeptic but later on he approved it and said 'phenomenal improvements' after seeing results. My suggestion to you is, too many drugs would only destroy you mentally and physically, not the disease. At times, out of the box thinking is needed.

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Re: Vinny (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Ur ignorance re pain & anxiety especially severe is shockingly cruel ! If it was that easy the newest demographic, which includes millions that r being cut off the meds they've been tkg responsibly for years,wldnt exist ! Go crawl bk in ur hole of blissful ignorance.

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Re: Dogs Rule (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Why are you so rude. Do you really think someone going through any type of this situation needs for you to be a total jerk and rude I think not. Maybe you should get off of this thread and never come back.
Karma will find your address for just being a jerk and rude. No one has time for your rudeness. I just wasted 2 minutes of my life responding to you. That I can never get back.
Mr, Jerk shame on you.

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The medications that you are on are so dangerous. With the medications you're on your brain is up and down up and down it doesn't know what to do. You should definitely be weened off of your Xanax. Xanax is a horrible Dangerous Drug. Maybe they should try another type of anxiety medication for you.. Just please be careful. Pain is real and it hurts. But it's not worth dying over.
Try yoga meditation it does work. It truly does. Good luck to you. My neighbor was on Xanax for years and I don't have to tell you what happened to her. Just try to cut back on some of your meds. I'm not preaching because I as well take medication for anxiety and pain. But you're on a lot of stuff.

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I'm a little confused why your doctor won't help you with some type of anxiety medication like your Xanax. There's something you're not telling. Most doctors are not just going to pull you off of your Xanax or your anxiety medicine out of the blue. Just not going to cut you off of Xanax or Klonopin or Ativan they know better than that. Because if they would cut you off like that and you would have a seizure or possibly die they could be in so much trouble. You can have seizures and other horrible side effects. Sounds to me you didn't take your medication right and you were busted and they refused to give you any more anxiety medicine because the doctors really do not feel like losing their license and it definitely sounds like they had given you more then one chance. I'm sure they warned you more than once . I'm sure they tried to ween you off as well and you didn't do that right. So before we can reach out and help you, you need to be honest with us. But if you're going to talk about it you need to tell the truth. I've lived in many States and I have never ever been turned down for my anxiety medication ever. Good luck to you. Just take your medication the right way.
Of course I don't know you but if you're not taking your medication the right way you will end up being a statistic in a morgue somewhere. Happy holidays.

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Re: Verwon (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Right. Doctors can do that BUT more likely it's because they're paranoid over the FAKE "OPIOID HYSTERIA".
You can thank the CDC for that!!!

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Re: John (# 34) Expand Referenced Message

Yea, I feel the same about Vinny, but he probably has no friends, and the only way he can get attention is to be an a**hole to people cause that's the only way he gets attention. Just look at all the posts that people made to him. He took the attention off of Timothy and got them to focus on him... Not worth the words, as you said. Take care bro.

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Have you tried to use CBD Oil? It can help with anxiety, feet, legs and back pain as well as headaches. It also has no THC. Just a thought. Hope things will work out for you. Good Luck.

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Re: John (# 34) Expand Referenced Message

To Vinny: I'm sure you have more compassion and empathy than you seem able to verbalize or demonstrate but please unless you know of someone's else's pain don't demean them. Everyone's pain threshold is different so there is no right or wrong to it. Let's take your genetic disorder, isn't passing a stone like giving birth? Millions of women do that daily. Are we suppose to be supportive of you? Please be compassionate; offer positive feedback and well wishes or don't respond. On a positive note I'll pray for you both as both conditions are bad. Good Luck and GOD Bless to you both.

P.S. My point is my statement is off base and lacking emotional affact as I don't know all your case history or you. Don't be that kind of person.

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Re: Timothy (# 26) Expand Referenced Message

Hey buddy, I hope you're doing ok without the x. Maybe kratom will work for you. I tried it and it didn't do anything for me unfortunately. I was bummed because a lot of folks swear by it. Maybe I didn't have the right vendor, but they had good reviews. Make sure you do research on the vendor before you buy. Good luck brotherman.

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Re: Jamie (# 33) Expand Referenced Message

I came across your post and noticed you have a lot of kidney stones! I have lupus and was dx 4 months ago but I get stones a lot too and my daddy, uncles, aunts and sisters do as well. I have 4 small ones but never large. I guess the pain is all the same but what I was wondering is did you get a nagging pain like someone stabbing you in the kidney area? My psi is different from before and I have the protein, leukocytes & blood on my U/A. It's worse whenever I walk so I've stayed in bed and made my son run our family business the past week Bc my gosh it is weird how that stabs me and hurts to touch. Did you find anything out about what causes yours? And your right about the person who commented on pain meds so rudely as if they have all the answers to something they know nothing about! I bet if he/she had a few stones they wouldn't say that!!! Anyways, I hate that for you! Their beyond painful and I get them about 2 or 3 times a year so I couldn't imagine how you function. I think it feels like labor (back) pain or worse!!!

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Re: Vinny (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

I honestly don't have much to say to you man. You're not worth all the words I would write! Bottom line is you're extremely ignorant so you shouldn't even comment! You should be logging off and stay off of this site because you're not helping anyone making that type of comment.

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