Cephalexin Cap 500 Mg Side Effects Hiccups


My husband has been taking this med for a virus. He will eat something small before taking b/c it upset his stomach. Shortly after taking he will get hiccups that will last for awhile. Can this med cause this and should he keep taking?

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First of all, Cephalexin is an antibiotic, so it is only effective against infections, it will not do anything for a virus, since it's not an antiviral medication.

Did his doctor prescribe this?

That is why antibiotics cannot be used to treat cold or the flu, because they are caused by viruses, not bacterial infections. Using them inappropriately causes the risk of developing antibiotic resistant bacteria.

As to the hiccups, it is probably because they can cause some gas in some people, if he is taken it with small amounts of food and gulping a fluid with it, this will just add to the amount of air in his stomach, that causes them. He should try to take it with a regular meal and not gulp the liquid he is taking it with, slow sips are best.


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Im also taking cephalexin 500mg cap and i got it prescribed by a doctor to take it for 10 days but the problem is im feeling soo tired, feel like throwing up, headache, some other weird things so just wondering whats wrong is it normal and Im not really a person who takes a lot of medicine only when im really really sick..

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ive been taking this medicince for my strep throat since monday and ive been getting the hiccups after i take the medicine that last a few minutes

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My husband has been taking it for a sinus infection and he has had the hiccups for 3 days and cant sleep. It is definitely a side affect.

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My husband is taking this same medicine, and shortly after he takes it he gets the hiccups. Today is the first day he takes it. He took the first pill in the morning and had hiccups for about 8 hours. Finally like at 8 pm he took second dose and hiccups started all over again. For sure this medicine is causing the hiccups.

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I've been taking this medicine fir sinus infection and had hiccups for two days, and the hiccups hurt

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I just started taking them and I've had crazy hiccups . Usually starts shortly after taking them.

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Same issue. Hiccups.

It's really bad. Kicked in on the 3rd day.

It's so much of an issue we may have to see a Doctor in the morning to change the Meds.

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My husband is taking cephalexin 500 mg. His hiccups are so bad he can't sleep at night night and I can't either because they are so loud. The hiccups makes his chest hurt. I am wondering are these meds really worth taking?

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I found this thread because I too was suffering intolerable hiccups after taking Cefalexin (prescribed post-op following knee surgery). After 5 hours of non-stop hiccups and trying all the usual breathing tricks I finally decided to have some greek yogurt. After three mouthfuls the hiccups stopped and haven't returned. That was 8 hours ago. I know that you should take yogurt following a course of antibiotics however couldn't believe how fast and effective this was. Hopefully this thread will be helpful to the next person who stumbles upon this thread in the same situation.

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My husband had wrist surgery 08/20/2018 and was given Cephalexin 500mg capsules (antibiotics) because he is diabetic to keep him from getting an infection. Hiccups instantly started from the antibiotics because it was the only thing different that he has taken. I read one of these comments that recommended Greek yogurt which has probiotics and his hiccups instantly stopped.

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Re: Josh F (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, I had my husband try the Greek yogurt that has probiotics and it worked. He’s had hiccups all day until now. Thank you for your post!

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Cephelexin is the generic name for Kaflex. This is given to people who will continiue to drink alcohol while taking antibiotics.

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Stuff is nasty! Gave be Sibo, IBS, made my hair fall out, gave me tinitus.

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In my opinion, it's nasty! It ruined my digestive system completely! I never had any problems, until I took it for a week. It was after a bunion removal. I have had seven surgeries prior. Much more serious than a bunion removal. I had antibiotics during surgery for all, but not after. I think they are over prescribed. So I now have a bacterial infection in my small intestine, SIBO. It attacks your immune system. It also gave me Leakey gut. So now I have at least four food sensitivities. I lost forty percent of my hair. That happens about two months later. It wipes out your vitamin b 12 and hemoglobin. Sends your hair into talgan phase before it's supposed to. My eyebrows thinner, eyelashes fell out. Finally growing back a little after almost a year. I have IBS C, it's a symptom of SIBO. My skin is dry face is puffy, I wake up in the middle of the night. I can't drink coffee, or my hair starts falling out again. You can treat it with rifaximin unabsorbed antibiotic, but in about two to three months, it comes back. More hair loss also. Especially if you're about fifty five, menapausal, or post menapausal. I bloat and have abdominal pain every time I eat. I have depression anxiety heart pulpatation. If rifaximin doesn't work, and it won't, 916.00 dollar prescription. They ad neomycin to the rifaximin. My ears ringing still from the keflex. Neomycin has a black box warning. It can cause deafness. Kidney damage to. I'm telling you, unless it's do or die! I'm staying away from antibiotics period. They don't just kill bad bacteria, they kill the good as well. But a few bad survive, rebuild, and now you have infection. Candida, h pylori, Sibo. Sometimes all three.

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My dog took her 500mg this am with food but vomited all food 3 times aa couple hours later. Got her some vanilla yogurt will that interact with her meds?

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Same here with the hiccups. No sleep at night and constant hiccups for the last 48 hours. Eating some foods like WheatThins buys me 30 minutes of hiccup free bliss. Cant wait to try greek yogurt to see if that works. I'll be discontinuing the medication, not worth the side effects. I only took it because we have a newborn son and I came down with Strep Throat a day after he was born.

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Thanks...the yoghurt trick worked...so happy that we found your comment

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Re: Josh F (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

It worked! Man do I owe you!

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I'm so happy to have found this thread. I've been on Cephalexin 500mg for 3 days now (for tonsilitis) and have had chronic hiccups throughout. Having tried everything to stop them (without success), the Greek Yoghurt worked. Literally straight away! Thanks for the great tip!

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Re: Josh F (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

THANK YOU!! After hours of hiccups and scouring the internet for any trick I hadn’t tried, I found this. I had already eaten Greek yogurt this morning to help with gut health while taking this, but it worked like magic immediately for the hiccups!!

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Put on Cephalexin 500mg as precaution after foot surgery. Hiccups immediately within 10 min of taking with water after eating.

So wife the dietician had Greek yogurt, said then take a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter then honey. Still there 10 min later, but then did breathing method.

That is take deep breath, push down on diaphragm in bottom of stomach, hold for 30 seconds or 1.5 typical hiccup cycle, exhale slowly, may need to repeat multiple times. This has been most effective way to rid, especially after spicy food. Works very well with typical hiccups, usually within 3-4 tries.

This worked, so not sure which works best, but wife indicated Greek yogurt highly recommended as antibiotics and be problematic for gut health. Good luck!!

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I’m so glad I found this thread as well! My son is taking it for strep and has had the hiccups for 24 hours. The Greek yogurt worked within minutes! Thank you!

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