Betacap-tr-40 Uses


My Dr. advised me to take this medicine. Please tell me about the uses and side effects of Betacap.

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Does the using of Betacap TR40 MG harmful in the long run

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This is another name for Batamethasone, this is a type of steroid used for it's anti-inflammatory and immunosupressant properties.


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what is side effect of betacap plus 10mg

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i m taken this pill for most then seven month so i wanted stop taking it ples can u help me

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i have been feeling tremor in my hands which subsequently started in my head also. Dr prescribed me Betacap tr40. and am taking this medicine from last 7 months. Though i feel 50% relief in my tremor , should i continue it further as i have recently come to know that it is a sort of steroid.

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sir, i am taking Lonazep 1mg, Betacap TR 40 & Nexito 5 since 12 years. I smoke 10 to 15 cigarrates per day. is there any side effects for long time using? also i want to leave the tablets how? please advise me

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Me male 40 years, my weight 93kgs. I smoke 10 to 15 cigarette per day.I get swearing head and body at the same time i get more swetting and heart beats. First at the age of 25 years when i got an angry i got swearing. then it was ok. i am not able to go to crowded places like functions, meeting. then i got the treatment in NIMANS (Bangalore). Doctor advised me to take morning BETACAP TR80 and Lonazep 2mg each one tablet morning and Nexito 10 and Lonazep 1mg each one tablet night.they it was fully cured. later he asked me to reduce the dosage BETACAP TR40 and Lonazep 1mg morning and Nexito 0.5 and Lonazep 0.5mg each one tablet night. then he asked me reduce the dose and stop the medicine. but, when i stop i feel same, i am continuing the min dose. past 12 years i am taking the same. recently i went to one more doctor and told the same problem. he advised me get T3,T4 and TSH tests. In that he found Hyperthyroidism and given me a Thyronorm tablet for thyroid. he asked me to stop all those tablets and given me the Mysoline 250mg. he asked me to take 1/4 four days, 1/2 four days,1/3 four days and 1tablet four days and asked me to see him. but, i took 6 days i.e 2 tablets then i could not take the tablet, because, i was not able to go out. heavy sleepy , drozy and vision is not clear (what is happening behind me even i am not aware). immediately i went to the doctor he told me to continue the old tablets asked me stop Mysoline 250mg. i have stopped 21 days before even now after leaving the Mysoline 250mg my vision is not clear like previous. 1).still how many days it takes to clear? 2).how do i stop Betacap 40mg, Lonazep and Nexito? if i take a long duration what is the side effects?

Even after taking the above tablets still i have head shaking, neck pain and swearing some times.
Please advise and help me out of this problem

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I am suffering from eyelid drooping &headach at backside, dr. suggested me this medicne. I am taking this twice a day from last 1 year .Is this harmful for long run? what are the side effects?

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Can you pl. tell me for what disease nexito 5 and Betacap TR 40 is used?

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sir, i am taking Betacap TR 40 since 5 years. I was smoke 10 to 15 cigarrates per day now i stopped smoking since 3 months . is there any side effects for long time using? also i want to leave the tablets how? please advise me.Smoking times i was having digestion problem like (motion was not be good )but after the stop cigerate smoking now motion is good. i want to say one ting but now i am getting headache and feel more tiredness .

Please advise and help me out of this problem.


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hi dear friend i am having this same problem,i was smoke 10 cigerate per day .,i am having betacap tr40 since 4 years.i can't go crowded place like function and all.,
now u have feeling the same or got relief?
i would like to know your present situation and also how to stop this medicine permanently.

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I am facing this same problem,i am taking betacap tr40 since 5 years,i am smoke also,please tell me about you are you relief from headache or still having this tablets?i want to know,i am very suffering about this problem.suppose i stopped this tablets one or two days so that time i fell headache too much and fell abnormal also.i think this my anxiety.any how sir please tell me your present situation.

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Dear reddy
i am from AP.I am having same problam. and dr. given me betacap.I need your suggetions.

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if you are a chain smoker then please quit smoking habits.after quit smoking definitely you have to stop betacap tr40.

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Hi bro, if ur bp is normal then try nutrilite daily & Siberian gensing

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Hello. I got this problem when I was 29 years old and even today I avoid functions, trips and also lost communication with family members and friends. It kills all the relationships. My parents will cry. What happened to me? I was such a braver guy (now zero) without medicine. Yesterday I travelled from Bangalore to Brussels and I use betacap tr 40, for use only when I travel and daily I take Doxid 50mg and clonotril only in travel. My suggestion, don't keep high expectations in life. Be simple, plan your day, do yoga, don't be in a hurry, try to be in a crowd for at least 30 mins every day. You get confident, talk to people but you may get irritated. Still try. Take medication at low doses always. If you want to come out of this you have to work hard a lot in yoga. Only yoga, meditation and relaxation will bring you out. Tell your problem to older people as they know what it is and they may help you out. I had a bad reaction when in South Africa. Better to be on one medicine and in low doses. Try Ayurvedic medicine parallel with tensorid 1 0 1 or manasamitra tab and mahakalanayaka ghee 1tsp 0 1 tsp and also take English medicine and try to cut down the dose slowly. Good luck guys.

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Sir,im taking betacaptr40 since last four years.i want to know how long im to take the same?

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I head sheaking and no strength to walk nervous problem

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