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Hey guys.

Most of us are probably in the same boat--our Adderall doesn't work and it's horrible and we can't function well and it's bull**** and we all know that, but there are other threads/forums to vent frustration. We need a thread with the basics to help us all get going again or to know what to avoid (even though that seems like all of them these days, ha.)


4. YOUR LOCATION (if you are comfortable with that)

Generally speaking, chain pharmacies use the same manufacturer at all of their locations throughout the country and that will make it easier for us to either get a hold of that specific manufacturer's Adderall, OR to avoid it if it's a bad batch.

Replies to other posts are allowed, but please try to stay on topic so that the thousands of people viewing this thread can easily keep track when they are going in for their monthly prescription.

Thanks so much!

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One more thing: if you are a lurker here who never posts (like me, until now) PLEASE just scroll down and post a reply answering the questions. I know it will help all of us HUGELY and you don't need to register on the site! It just takes a minute!

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I take 30mg IR x 3 times a day (if i need to) I’m in the Atlanta Ga area. Filled at CVS- the peach colored U31 round tablets. Not very impressed with these. I have had just about every brand, color.. i don’t know all the manufacturers- but, i like the football shaped ones, the bigger orange tablets round, and i even like the Hot pinks, but i am not impressed with these peach ones. I always fill with CVS, but i would rather have anything but the peach ones, where can i get the others!?

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I totally agree. Great thread. SANDOZ are very effective for me specifically. THE Instant release. I use to be able to find that manufacturer 30 mg my doctor could get no problem. For the past 3 years. Now apparently there is a issue with them. Back order I'm told. I don't understand why. He told me he can't find a Sandoz supplier. He even called around to various pharmacies for me. Nothing. I'm hearing they only make 20 mg now. I'm going to call Sandoz today and ask questions. I can't tolerate much else. I live in Orange County by the way. COSTA MESA to be exact. Last prescription I got I risked it and went to CVS. I got the Auro U31 instant. They use to be horrible but seen to have reformulated? Anyone else agree? You must get the drug code. The manufacturer will give it to you. Pharmacies will no longer give over the phone info about which brand they carry. Why? I hear because it prevents people from robbing or ?? - No straight answers. It should be mandatory we get the info. After all we pay good money and why fill something that rodent work and we are stuck for a month suffering. Once we turn in that script they won't always give it back. Core pharma is horrible. At least for me. Yes. We need to keep this forum thread going and give each other all the info we can share to help one another. DON'T purchase meds on the internet. Stupid. You don't know what u are getting and it's usually counterfeit. Plus it's illegal I believe. We all have each other's best interest at heart. I am taking my script in. I believe they only have the Teva...brand. The oval ones that tastes like sugar. Ugh. So frustrating. CVS on Santa Margarita Parkway in Lake Forest, CA has the 20 mg instant. Stamped U31 I believe. At least they did a month ago. The wait there was almost 2 hours. Try the smaller ma and pa pharmacies. But try to stick to one. Otherwise it raises a red flag that now we are pharmacy shopping?

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Alex is correct, no registration is required on this site, the site administrator wanted to allow people to get answers to their questions, while still maintaining their privacy. Whether someone asks about a medical condition, side effects, an addiction issue, or etc., they felt everyone deserves the same dignity and respect. So, anyone can respond, or make a post and not worry about it, you always remain your username.

As to the last post from T, pharmacy shopping is not a concern, unless you are getting controlled substances, like this, filled early, or at the same time, at multiple pharmacies. If you are only getting your one fill, as permitted, you can switch pharmacies as often as you like. There are people who switch regularly, to take advantage of the ability to get free giftcards, when they transfer a prescription.

The FDA does warn that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, anorexia, insomnia, and headache.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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1. MFG = ACTAVIS (first script)
2. 30XR @ 30 caps [each half of the cap solid yellow stamped 3061.]
3. Fred Meyer
4. Northwest
5. Side effects: Very nauseous (and I never get sick) stayed in bed, couldn't wake
up & when I tried to function my head felt like it was full of concrete. *
* after 2 days I saw my doctor, explained. He wrote a new script with a detailed explanation. I took this prescription to the Sheriff's office for destruction. THEN,
I had the script filled again so to answer questions again:
1. MFG = PRASCO (2nd script)
2. 30 XR/30 tabs
4. Northwest
5. I can barely type this out. I am not nauseous but cannot focus nor think clearly. very disheartening.

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YES! I would be more than happy to let you know about the pharmacy I regretfully made my primary.


I have had major issues with their MALLINCKRODT NORCO and the ACTAVIS 20mg XR generic adderall.

The MALLINCRODT NORCO was tested by myself and 5 other people : result showed no hydrocodone in a 60 pill supply.

The ACTAVIS generic 20 mg xr Adderal is so bad that I have taken 3 in one day. Now that is just down right ridiculous. I am a 130lb female, I do not overdose on medication. This medication is a dud. It is a waste of my money, everyone's time and completely unethical.

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20mg orange oval - fruth pharmacy in Charleston WV carries Teva manufacturer which are the ones that work. If not mistaken they're the same Adderall formulation and the only manfctr that can legally label as substitute instead of generic.

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Re: ssw (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

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I take a relatively large dose and have for over 15 years. I am extremely sensitive to subtle changes in generic formulations. I finally found a generic that really works but can't find a pharmacy that consistently carries it anymore. I was taking Sandoz 20mg IR tabs. I live in Portland OR, if anyone can help me track this manufacturer's product down I would be eternally greatful! My most recent script was filled by brooklyn pharmacy, I got a version I've never tried b4. Manufacturer: Sun. 20mg tabs, 2 tabs TID, same as always. They are round and bright yellow, markings MP with the number 446. They are slow to become effective and then leave me wired, feeling strung out at the end of the day. Not at all therapeutic. And I'm constantly nauseous. For years I took brand name only, but my insurance won't cover it now and few if any pharmacies even have enough on hand to fill my script. Sandoz generic was absolutely the best for me, if anyone in the Portland area is reading this and knows a pharmacy that carries it, again, I would be so greatful for help finding it.

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Re: KayLynn (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Yes that's correct I have been taking it for 5 or 6 years and I've tried different kinds the only one that works is Teva oblong orange 30 milligram twice days when I take there are some months they don't work don't know why but most the time they do work Walgreens is where I get them. The yellow ones that one lady was speaking of OMG it's not right something should be done to give people this stuff and then the pharmacy tells us it's all in our head at least they tell me that. That's just like I get oxycodone 15 mg my Pharmacy gave me some that look like little yellow beads I've never seen them ever of course they didn't work I'm tired of this generic stuff they don't work don't. We all know it's not the same exact medication. I think people are noticing it more and more I hope something can be done, but I doubt it just like everything else consumers complain about especially prescription meds thank you

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Sometime over the last year or so I noticed my ADD being far worse and that the Adderall wasn't managing it. I had been on 10mg and w/i 18 months because I was complaining it wasn't working Dr. upped dose to 30 mg. Still wasn't working.

In December 2016 it finally dawned on me that it was a generic and maybe there was something wrong in the raw materials or the dosage, etc. I looked online and started seeing these other complaints about Teva -- Teva sold this line of drugs (Adderall ER/XR) to Prasco.

Told Dr. and she gave me 20 mg to see if it was different. It is. I just took it today. Something isn't right. Usually if I took too much Adderall it would make me drowsy. This has made me tense and given me a headache on the back of my head.

I can take the 10 mg non XR/ER and that works better than anything by Prasco.

Everyone experiencing anything similar needs to complain to FDA at:

This is causing me serious problems getting my work done. I think we need some attorneys.

Worthless. Does nothing: 30 mg Adderall dispensed as "30 mg D-Amphetamine Salt XR (ER)" manufactured by Prasco sold by Walgreens

Bad. Causes jitters and headache: 20 mg Adderall dispensed as "20 mg D-Amphetamine Salt XR (ER)" manufactured by Prasco sold by Walgreens

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Re: Nancy (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Oh. That is a good description. Head full of concrete. That describes what the back of my skull feels like. Heavy. Full of concrete is apt.

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1. Teva generic
2. IR 20mg, orange oblong oval (football shaped) b973
3. Rite Aid - January 24, 2018
4. Michigan, Metro Detroit Area
5. Feels less than 50% effective compared to the last few scripts I received from the same pharmacy (which were Aurobindo round light orange and lots of people seem to dislike). Taking the same dosage, there is hardly a noticeable effect. If I compress my dosage (not going over the prescribed daily amount), I start to notice some effect when taking a full pill (vs the 1/2 I was previously taking) at one time, but it doesn't last long and it feels really mild. I suppose I'm lucky to get some effect compared to some of the stories in which it was completely useless, but this seems really messed up. We pay taxes for public services, one of the more serious ones being regulation of medications for efficacy and safety.

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Erin (# 8) --

How are you doing Erin? Were you able to get your prescription?

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Jan (# 13) --

Hello, this is Erin (post # 9). And I can almost always get my Rx filled. What I struggle with is finding a form of the generic that is therapeutic. I can definitely relate to everyone else's experiences, cloudy headed, strung out, jittery, anxious. I will be filling my script next week, and will again be calling every pharmacy within 20 miles looking for one that carries the only generic that I've found that works. I did that last month, had no luck and so I reached out for help. Fingers crossed, thanks for asking!

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So tired of this nonsense. Can’t concentrate or focus...tired of missing the mark. I feel I’m becoming some what of a useless embecil. Can we contact the FDA? What can we do? I mean if diabetic medication was “played” with like I’m thinking the Adderrall/amphetamine medication industry is - for whatever reasons...usually it’s about the money, but come on that’s dangerous-what can be done? How do we start an alliance of some kind? What damages does this have to cause in order to get some attention to resolve this matter? How about getting some pharmaceutical representative assistance to look into this? Sorry to sound so pathetic, but I have read different posts about the same problem with this medication. We can confidently conclude that many others are experiencing the same problems with this ADD/ADHD/Narcolepsy medication. The people I have been privileged to talk to, tell me the same thing. They can’t seem to find any longer, the brand/dosage, that has been working for them. The available generic(s) are like taking trash, they’re a joke, a placebo, grrrr the frustration!!! This is really happening, it’s obvious! Please someone help!!!

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Re: David (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

1. Teva (I think, honestly with the way they work now I couldn't tell)
2. IR 20mg twice a day. Light Orange football
3. CVS Jan 2018
4. Right outside Pitt
5. I got a script last month (December 2018) from a giant eagle (same mgs/area) of teva from a giant eagle and the pills are SO much more potent than the new ones i just picked up from a CVS this month. I could go to sleep even when I take 40mgs this month at once as opposed to 20mg last month. This is absolutely ridiculous.

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Posted this on a similar thread, but it's important so I'm posting it here too.


Been suffering for almost a year with horrible Teva Adderall. Felt druggy. Depression, exhausted, everything bleak. It was just not like how it used to be made. And I recently developed a weird reaction with an inflamed mouth, sores, throat issues...I was sick for the last two months, doctors couldn't figure it out, but it would all go away a day after I stopped taking the Adderall. I did it three times as an experiment to confirm it was the Adderall. Yup! (ANYONE ELSE HAVE SOMETHING SIMILAR? VERY CURIOUS!)

Signed up on this forum just now to let you guys know I did the usual BS, calling all around my area (Denver) to see if by chance anyone is carrying Sandoz, Core, Sun, etc. Something other than Teva, Aurobindo, and Mallincrap.

Turns out, Sam's Club had Mylan. 30mg. I hadn't read much about Mylan before, as an Adderall IR generic, but I got excited and told them I will have my doctor send them a script. Hadn't ever been to Sam's Club, but you don't need a membership to use the pharmacy.

Well: it's working. My depression feels at bay. I'm not drugged out, nor lethargic, nor speedy. Just focused and doing my thing. Like how I remember it used to be when I took Sandoz. I woke up feeling GOOD. I haven't felt that in months. It feels nearly identical to how I remember Sandoz, almost three years ago, confirming to me that it has all been crap, crap, crap for the last year or two. Confirming that it's not just in my head, that it's not all about me hitting tolerance or coming up with some rationale. It's a revolting industry that has control of the people and they can do anything they want. It all comes down to money.

I have found that taking Teva has been better than taking nothing, but barely. It's like settling in a relationship, versus actually feeling alive and inspired. Teva is so hit-or-miss, but I'm sure y'all know this and feel the same. I used to be a skeptic but I've tested enough and observed enough to know that all of this is very real, and very sad, and very unfortunate, and it's just not stopping. Which is insane based on how many thousands of us have complained to the FDA. They're all in on it. Money. It's easy to ignore how bad it is until you yourself are suffering. Then you see the sad, bleak reality.

Anyway, Mylan! Sam's Club!

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Teva - light orange round stamp U31, yellow round stamp MP447
IR - Amphetamine Salts 30mg tabs twice daily
Weis Pharmacy - Jan & Feb 2018
North of Philadelphia
No motivation, in trance, headaches, nausea, rapid heartbeat, anxious, can't function, can't think clearly, jittery, no life, didn't even do taxes-post more later

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Re: Bend back (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Hello out there to those that know what I am about to discuss-please feel I need to hear some encouragement or tell me to shut up its Ok... But I'm so pissed. Ok My Dr. for @least 9yrs that has prescribed different things until we found that the Adderall 30mg 2xs daily not extended release -but regular Adderall results were fantastic. I also am prescribed other meds but this last visit he says we are going to try you on something different other than your Adderall. I asked why? He said well there's others that are not addictive. What? 9yrs - and now you want to talk addictive? I can't function - he said please will you just give these a try called strattera. Now you can't take your Prozac anymore with strattera or your wellbutrin anymore not even the trazadone anymore. The pharmacy didn't have the straterra in stock had to wait for 3 copay was $257.13. However, hope I can finish this post without something you know how it goes with our attention span. I better stop now. But straterra isn't Adderral-please fire away-and yes I can't get through to Dr. Just yet. Said try at least+ week or 2 but shouldn't I wean off of Adderall? I mean all no anti depressants no Adderall I've not felt very well. Waited about week before started strattera. Had been off of my Adderall already for 2 1/2 weeks which was killing me -but everyone had been sick with flu here at home so as mom I had to cancel my appointment and reschedule then had to cancel that appt because then my youngest had his turn with the flu so I couldn't keep my appointment. I rescheduled. So I'd rather have my generic Adderall which is generic "amphetamine salt com tab 30mg manufactured by corepharma- PINK ROUND TABLET !!! ONLY ONE THAT WORKS!!!

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Re: Jay (# 105) Expand Referenced Message

Same story except that Rhodes is even worse. Hard to believe.

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Re: CC (# 109) Expand Referenced Message

Finally! I hope Rhodes is next. Seems someone cares a little.

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Re: Geo (# 76) Expand Referenced Message

Dead on! ADHD patient for my whole life. Tried them all (manufacturers). Doesn't matter XR or IR. They've all dropped in treating symptoms but RHODES should be stripped from all shelves. How it is even allowed is beyond me. And trust me the pharmacies are MORE than well aware of we are. Rhodes is a CHINESE manufacturer. All Rhodes medications are the lowest quality permitted. Their oxycodone is going through many legal suits. Global isn't what it used to be but I can read and play chess so.... Taking 20 mg. XR twice daily. Mallinckrodt is 2nd for garbage meds.

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Re: Patti B (# 87) Expand Referenced Message

ADHD patient my whole life basically. Gonna keep this short. All generic brands have definitely CHANGED but by far and I mean should be illegal is Rhodes. And not just their Adderall, EVERYTHING! They're a Chinese manufacturer if that tells you anything. Taking Global now and it's better than nothing. I can read, play chess, etc. not with Rhodes!!!

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I've been taking/prescribed generic IR Adderall for over 10 years. Ingested alot of different manufacturers at all different doses. (Costco Pharmacy) Whether it's Barr/Teva, Sandoz, Elite, Core, etc etc, they are all alittle different. Same drug in each tablet, but what's different are the binding agents used by manufacturers to help you absorb it. Only one I've ever had an issue with was Core.
It was like hippie speed. Jittery,
Anxious, not at all focused.
My doc told me to never fill with "the pinks" . Core tablets have a distinct darker color.

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Re: ssw (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Psych shared that MALLINCRODT NORCO Generic Adderall was discontinued and pulled off the shelf due to quality.

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1. Elite Pharm
2. IR 10 MG Light Blue Oval Shaped
3. CVS End of July 23 start of August 23
4. South Jersey
5. Bad - Tired, Foggy, Ocular Migraines, Not effective in managing symptoms even at a higher dosage.

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Re: Jay (# 105) Expand Referenced Message

In Los Angeles and can’t find Teva 30mg IR anywhere. I’m stuck with Sandoz 30mg XR at Walgreens. It’s doing absolutely nothing for me. Have taken this medication for over 20 years and have never experienced anything as bad as this Sandoz. No pharmacy around here even carries IR. Teva is by far the best.

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Re: Cody (# 103) Expand Referenced Message

Lol. Sun pharmaceuticals.

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Re: HCStymie (# 99) Expand Referenced Message

Aurobindo is the absolute worst. I’m almost sure it has almost no active ingredient and is all chalk. I will make 20+ calls to pharmacies until I can find Teva, which seems like it’s not as good as it used to be but still better than any other generics I’ve tried (which is most off them). ‘Bindos should be banned imo

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