Active Ingredient(s): Ibandronate
FDA Approved: * May 16, 2003
Pharm Company: * ROCHE
Category: Osteoporosis

Ibandronic acid is a bisphosphonate medication used in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and metastasis-associated skeletal fractures in people with cancer.[1] It may also be used to treat hypercalcemia (elevated blood calcium levels). It is typically formulated as its sodium salt ibandronate sodium. It was patented in 1986 by Boehringer Mannheim and approved for medical use in 1996.[2] Contents 1 Medical uses 2 Adverse effects 3 Pharmacology 4 B... [wikipedia]

* May have multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or labelers.
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Dosage List

Boniva 150 mg Oral Tablet
NDC: 0004-0186
Genentech, Inc.
Boniva 3 mg/3ml Intravenous Injection, Solution
NDC: 0004-0191
Genentech, Inc.
Boniva 150 mg Oral Tablet
NDC: 54868-5322
Physicians Total Care, Inc.

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