Yellow Football Shaped From The 70's


used in the 70's when we had menstrual cramps. The side effects included a strange feeling in your body, loss of appetite, calmness, just wanted to sit and feel good, made everything in the world wonderful, Very addictive.

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I'm sorry, but from this description, I really have no idea what it may have been.

These side effects are common to many medications, both old and new and the description really doesn't help narrow it down.

It could have been anything from a narcotic to an early Benzodiazepine.

Does anyone else remember what this was?

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this pill i believe was called daprazol although i may not be spelling it right but thats how we pronounced it. Many of us guys had girlfriends who had prescriptions for these pills for menstrual cramps in the 1970s. So of course we begged a few off of them. I remember they had an amphetamine of some type in them, a little phenylbarbrital to take the edge off the speed and maybe some asprin?? made you feel good

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I tried Edrisil and Daprisil for severe menstral cramps. My spelling of these is phonic and probably wrong. The Edrisil was small round green, and the Daprisil was oblong yellow. My pain lasted four hours on the first day, and it was completely disabling. Only one of either of these medication‘s would take care of the pain completely if I took it early enough. But the Daprisil made me euphoric for a couple hours, then I came down for awhile before levelling out. The Edrisil didn’t alter my mood, so I got a prescription and took one pill a month for a year, got on birth control pills for about 3 years, then stopped taking them. Then we had two boys in a span of 14 months. I never had cramps again that were so bad ibuprofen couldn’t take care of it. Sorry, wrote a novel here

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