Why Is Phenazopyridine (pyridium) So Hard To Get Ahold Of


Have used pyridium (generic) off and on for 22 yrs. for chronic flare ups of Urethral Syndrome. Now can't hardly find it or it has gone up to $1000 for 3 mo supply. What gives and what else can I use. It is not an infection but chronic pain condition.

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Hello, Marge! How are you? I'm sorry that you're having so much trouble getting your prescription filled.

The only thing I've been able to find is that there is a shortage due to manufacturing delays, which explains why it's hard to find and so expensive, when you do find it.

There is one available over the counter, have you looked for it? It's sold under the brand name Uristat.

Otherwise, I'm not seeing any other alternatives available. Did you ask your doctor? They might know what else would work.

Side effects to this medication may include headache, dizziness and nausea.

Does anyone else have any suggestions to offer?

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Wow I was shocked when I went to the pharmacy this morning. A 10 day supply for post op was going to be 132.00 after insurance. I'm going to call my doc and get him to write for something else but I can't remember the names of other drugs. I know one had Hyoscamine and new metheline blue but can't remember the trade name. Any help would be appreciated with the name. Also there is Azostandard over the counter but I'm not sure of its efficacy. Best of luck to all in our searches.

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Although I am presently off the pyridium, the prescription cost is prohibitive. My ins will not even cover it at all. I had purchased a 3 mo. supply from Canada for $75 and when I went to renew it they said it was going to be $500+. I can get it OTC under AZO or store brand but have to take twice the number of pills and run around to different stores as only just so many get put on the shelves. This is a total and greedy rip off by the pharmaceutical companies. It is happening to a lot of generic meds. that people are using. I hope someone starts a legal case against these makers. People are going without the meds. they need due to greed.

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