Vitamin D Tablet Tayo 60k How To Take It Chew Or Swallow


How to take tayo 60k medicine? Should I suck it or swallow it.....????

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I just want to know that how i should take tablet tayo 60 k .. I should swallow it or chew .. Let me know quickly ...

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Tayo 60 k tablet how many tablet I can take and how many days I have creatinine problem and my arrvarag is 3.58 I had so for taken of no is 6 and balance is 4 tablet

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In general, if it is a tablet then it should probably be taken orally and swallowed. However you should take a moment to double check the dosing guidelines on the package to see if you have some sort of chewable version. I know that my vitamin D-3 pills are supposed to be swallowed as are typical multivitamins that contain different forms of vitamin D.

Did you get these prescribed by your doctor? If so, dosing guidelines should've been given, so you may need to contact your doctor about that if no instructions were provided. If you had purchased them over the counter then the packaging itself likely has all the information one would need to take it properly.

I hope this helps!

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1.Best Time to take Tab Tayo60K
2. Should it be after Eating OR Before Eating

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I prescribed tayo 60 k one per week... i swallow 3 tablets 3 weeks instead of chew... is there any problem

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