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I have CLL/SLL with 11q deletion, recently I have been having several problems and cannot find the right information on this drug I am on called IMBRUVICA or IMBRUTINIB, my issues are side effects related such as liver issues and skin rashes of which in the past I have only had skin problems in the past but now my skin rashes are getting worse and with just having an MRI of my pelvis they found I have problems with my liver ie; damage suggesting blood backing up without any bleeding of the veins. any help greatly appreciated.

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How long have you been taking it?

Cancer medications are notorious for causing side effects, according to the FDA and the NIH, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, and hair loss.

Are you on any other medications?

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I am on a myriad of meds ie; back pain for 3 levels of fusion, OxyContin 30mg x's 2, 30mgs oxycodone for breakthrough pain, and Ibuprofen 600mgs added to pain meds, but I have many pain issues over the years from hard work and now need hip replacement (L) side. I take the least amount of Ibuprofen as possible so only once a day and 3 times a week. I take Lisinopril 80mgs per day for blood pressure, 1-10mg Diazepam for bad muscle cramps due to IMBRUVICA-480mgs normal dose per day, Allopurinol 300mgs for chronic gout with no attacks for years but minor issues week to month time to time. OVER THE COUNTER: I take 2 Cranberry pills, Vitamin D-3 for very low D3 in my blood per regular blood work due to Cancer blood levels so I do that for good sake, Vit.D levels are less than Half of Normal levels or lower. Always borderline levels of blood work most times when blood evaluations are done. Also take Cinnamon 2 caps daily, and lastly from memory with all I listed I take MILK THISTLE 1000mgs 2x's daily for liver heath and since I'm having issues by MRI/CT scans with injections of agents to follow area's of damage or what ever, but my liver has issues now and I have pruritis in my left arm and neck, also back of head but seems to be clearing up some since being on Milk Thistle. My liver enzyme levels come back normal but I do have fatty liver and have drank alcohol over the years but now not much if any like maybe 3 beers in a week. Yes I know I should not have but then my dr. said it would not matter. I have Chronic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Leukemia with POOR PROGNOSTIC MARKER's - if markers are needed just ask and I will post, but 11q deletion etc. No remission and now a lymph node in liver is seen on last MRI slightly enlarged but not large compared to initial findings of CLL/SLL. If there is anything else I can take to help my LIVER besides no alcohol which I know, and or Over the Counter Herbal meds please advise... I get fatigued very fast and I suspect from liver issues. Help. But I also need any information on this drug IMBRUVICA-IMBRUTINIB (and how it affects the liver and or the blood supply, etc.) - The CHEMOTHERAPY drug I am taking in pill form, 3 PILLS 460mgs PER DAY, once a day. And I've been on it for now going on 2 years. Dr. says I may be on it for my life and at age 62 this year I am worried as to how long I may be able to take this drug before it may Kill me. HELP...

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I have been diagnosed with CLL in Sept 2015. Dr recommends taking imbruvica. Anyone out there taking imbruvica from singapore?

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Will the negative side effects go away if I continue with Imbruvica? I have had Waldenström’s since 2007 and started Imbruvica on Nov. 15th

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