Round Tan Pill With "! Thc" Scored On One Side Inside A Square


I found these pills in my son's room. They are off-white in color and are scored with "! THC" in a diamond on one side. I have scoured the net and can't find them anywhere. Any help would be great, thanks.

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I have found the exact same pill and have scoured the net looking for it's identification. I'm baffled but don't want them ending up in my kids' hands.

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After scouring the threads for a possible answer, I discovered one mention of this possibly being a THC mint, also containing CBD for added pain relief.

While I usually don't encourage anyone to take something that's unknown, perhaps tasting whether it has a mint flavor would reveal if this is indeed accurate.

I'm also not sure of how much THC or CBD it contains, but a lab analysis would certainly be able to offer you more specific details.

I hope this helps!

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A company called "Dixie Elixirs" is who sells them. They are in fact a relaxing mint that you could get your hands on in a dispensary where it is legal or you could find them online. Harmless. I mean I guess not for kids who don't consume cannabis or want y'all to think it at least, but in a general sense they are harmless. Technically the contrary.

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I have seen these and they are CBD with a minimal amount of THC...just enough to activate the CBD it shouldn’t have much, if any psychoactive affect.

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