Propan With Iron Multivitamins Is It Good Heart Problem


my husband have 3 times stroke ,the beat slow hard to breath ,now he has pacemaker put this end of may 2014 now his heart beat 60 regular now ,but he become sknny lose weight139 befor 170 Iwould like to gain the weight of my husband , , somebody till me propan iron multivitamine is good ,is it good for my husband to take ,thank you ,

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i took one capsule of propan with iron, and the day after, i felt so sleepy.

is this the common side effect of taking propan?

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Hello, Tom! How are you?

It is just a nutritional supplement, so it may not help him gain weight, or anything, it depends on many other factors. Additionally, it may interact with some medications, so you should check with his doctor, before giving him anything new to take.

Pol, no, it shouldn't cause that.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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hello!is propan with iron really effective to gain weight?i was so thin as in bones..(",my doctor gave me a vitamins to sleep better but its not effective.i feel like a zombie because of sleepiness,i think this is the reason why im so thin and feel dizzy because lack of sleep.tnx

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Hi is propan with iron is bad for the heart i read the side effect and it says that pain in the heart its that true?and it my lead to heart attack

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My Daughter is 22, can she take 2 caps before sleeping?

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