Pamidronate And Dehydration


How important is hydration before and after 90 mg IV

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Hello, Cord! How are you?

It really depends, it can cause diarrhea as a side effect in some people, so in that case, dehydration could be a concern, as listed by the FDA.

However, conversely, it can cause lowered urinary output or urinary retention in some people, as side effects, so taking in too much fluids could be dangerous in such cases.

What did your doctor advise?

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Will it was not discussed by Doctor. They gave 4 hour dose Sunday at 6 to 10 pm at midnight put on pto no fluids than Monday at midnight pto again no fluids. 48 hours no fluids Thursday morning had renal failure as of that Monday test for kidneys was fine. Passed awary 4 days later. All the doctor commented was a unexpected turn around. The IV line for chemo was put in that Tuesday. Befor kidney failure on thursday

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