oligocare tablet

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Please post related drug information including common uses, side effects, and any personal experience with this drug. Also, symptoms and conditions for which Oligocare was prescribed would be helpful.

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Oligocare appears to be a vitamin supplement which is supposed to help increase male sperm count. The recommended duration is 3 months, with periodic testing of sperm count.

According to Dr. Aniruddha Malpani "there is no way of improving sperm count or motility. Please get it re-checked again. If it is persistently low, then your best option would be ICSI" [1]

What other information or experiences have you had with this? Any other questions or details please post back...

[1] http:/­/­www.shaaditimes.com/­health/­infertility/­vitamin-080312

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I am Diabetic Peasant Last Two Years And My Sperm Count is Nil, I Take Oligocare Tablate
It is Possible to Increase Sprem Count ?
Please Guide me

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is it possible to incease count to using medicine like oligocare

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I am not sure if it can increase sperm count. But I get good erection, so my guess is it increases the blood flow for erection as well as one thing which I am pretty much sure is it increases the motility of sperm to reach the egg..

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i am suffering from olligospermia should i use oligocare forte will it increase count

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what are the effects of oligocare forte on women .. if taken by mistake..only 3 doses taken...
Need quick reply please

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My sperm cout was 48mili is there, normal sperm 2%, abnormal 98%, rapid progressive 0%, I taken oligocare for 3months and addyzoa & paternia for 3months then also there is no change in report what to do plz advise.

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what is the effect if a woman drinks oligocare 3 dose by mistake istead of ovacare.

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My name is were. I have been taking this medicine but since I started taking this medicine my sexual appetite has suddenly come down and it's now almost impossible to get an erection. What could be the actual problem on me or its a side effect.

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