Need Doc In Denver I Have Chronic Pain And Anxiety My Pian Getting So Bad Can Hardy Work Most Doctors Are Afraid To Give Out Meds Now Days


Any help would be great I just move here and not know what to do. Can hardly walk anymore can't sleep so I'm in very bad way
I need a caring doctor that will help me I can't live this way much longer . I have unrepairible neck and back issues plus my artificial knee has never stop hurting
Thank u

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Hello, Jerry! How are you?

Due to the new regulations that were put in place this year, if you require controlled substances for long-term treatment of chronic pain, you'll need to see a pain management specialist.

Do you currently have a PCP in your new location? Having one refer you would most likely be the quickest way to get the help you need.

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Look on medschat for doctors willing to prescribe heavy pain medications in Colorado..You will find all the help you need!!

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Verwon - Most insurance companies no longer require a referral from your PCP to see any kind of specialist. The patient is often able to go directly to the specialist they need without the wait and expense of first seeing their primary. It's worth checking one's plan to determine what is acceptable.

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I would try Buspar for the panic attacks non addictive works bettter than xanax for me.

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I'm new here on website. How or where does a person look on medchat to check docs plz? I live in kingsport Tennessee. I don't know how to find out information I got long list of things going down and have sle lupus and recently broke my tailbone but laws are getting hard for ppl who do suffer. It seems like the drug addicts get better treartmeant

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Jerry the PCP primary care physician is the way to go. In Ca. You have to be see a pain management doctor for everything but a toothache

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hi jerry, im lori and comin out soon to be with my boys, im havin a multi ACDR C5-6 in a few weeks, and hope to be there by this time next year UNLESS you are about to tell me that there is NO PAIN MEDS OUT THERE :( cuz i still have migraines, fibromyalgia, and two torn lower lumbar disks. so I'd really like to know how YOU are doing and if this marijuana has made the medical folks think that's enough, cuz it isn't really. it helps though, but i couldn't get up and do my housework without meds, nor could i try to get a job or have ANY LIFE WHAT SO please, write me back. thanks very much, this will let me dose is 4 norco 10 mg per day and idk what you think but to me that's not so bad...honestly....thanks for listening. I haven't left my house since my fiance left me 2 yrs ago....

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My niece is young and has lived in Denver all her life. She has been diagnosed with fimalgeria ( sp), Lupus, ms and line disease. She can't hardly walk. She is in chronic pain. She has been going to many doctors for months now and she can't get any help. They have sent her to pain management. She has never been a person to take anything. She has been talking natural herbs and different natural products to try and help her. She is waiting on a tilt test and as of now she hasn't gotten anything to help her.

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Hi I'm wondering if the same thing is happening in Ohio. Right now, I am very sick and coming off of my Valium. Also, I have a brother who's doctor will not continue prescribing his Xanax. I have been on Valium for 10 years. Has it become a requirement for patients with anxiety will have to see a phyciatrist. Instead of seeing our PCP? They are talking about putting my brother in a induced coma so he can come off of his Xanax. It is something I really want to learn more about. I am concerned for my well being. What should I do? Who can we talk to?

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