Need A Psychiatrist What Psychiatrist Will Prescribe Ativan For Anxiety And Panic Attacks Disorders


I need a psychiatrist near Athens Georgia or Gainesville Georgia that will prescribe ativan or klonpin for servere aniexty and panic attacks and I need the phone numbers for them please THANKYOU VERY MUCH

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Instead of those medicines try Buspar it worked to prevent the panic attacks in the first place for me for 4 years. It is not addictive like Klonopin either. Any doctor should be willing to prescribe to you. I am a big guy and take 30mg twice a day. It is generic so cheap too. Good luck be patient.

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I loved loved loved Buspar. Def takes away anxiety.

BUT.... makes you gain a ton of weight. Even with dieting.

Sad, because it worked so great.

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Im in hemet California and need a doctor that will prescribe ativan or colonapin im manic depression and panic attacks make me crap my pants

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