Muscle/nerve Ache With Eliquis And Niacin Or Statin


Since starting Eliquis, I have felt much stiffer and sore in the mornings and during the day with muscle tightness in my neck and back affecting my upper arms. A general sense of early aging that is unpleasant. Anyone else with these symptoms?

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Hi Larry,

Based on my research, the following symptoms are listed as serious side effects of Eliquis (apixaban) that should be reported to your doctor immediately:

-numbness, tingling, or muscle weakness (especially in your legs & feet)
-loss of movement in any part of your body.
-joint pain or swelling

Do you think that the muscle tightness could possibly be related to any of the side effects mentioned above?

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Eliquis Details

I hope this info helps!

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Thanks, my tightness and swelling is in my neck and upper back. I am stopping my statin (after 12 years) to see if that is the culprit and if not, I will go back to Coumadin.

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After taking Eliquis for ten days I began developing muscle pain. I contacted my doctor and his nurse told me to take Tylenol. Needless to say I stopped taking the medication. Five days have passed and I'm still having these symtoms. Should I be worried? The nurse told me after five days the drug should no longer be in my system.

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Hello Olivia,
How long did it take before you saw a change in your body after getting of Eliquis....
My Mother experienced the same joint pain and extreme fatigue. She has been off 3 days, but no change at all.

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Yes! My legs are stiff. It's difficult getting out of the car or bed! I'm 63 and felt fine before I started taking these new meds. First it was Xarelto, which caused back pain; now, it's Eliquis and I feel stiff all over!

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I am hving cervical neck pain also, along with hip pain. I stopped Eliquis several months ago to get injection into hip and my joint pain symptoms disappeared. More recently, I had severe neck pain along with muscle spasms. My MD gave me an injection of an NSAID. IN two hours I could turn my head fully. So I contacted my Cardiologist about discontinuing Eliquis for 3 weeks while I took Motrin to see if NSAIDS would help. Much to my surprise, within 24 hours after stopping Eliquis my neck pain had a noticeable reduction. Plan to only take an aspirin for a few days to see if neck pain is related. More studies needed on cause and effect of joint pain while taking Eliquis. Recommend contacting manufacturer and filing report with FDA. Maybe related, maybe not, but needs to be researched.

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Is there anybody out there without any side effect?
Please let us know.

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If related to Eliquis, pain should subside within 36 hours. If you are taking a Statin drug, it might be the cause.

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Hi all,I'm on Eliquis and Statin for about 9 months.I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.Stiff back and pain all over,legs,arms,shoulder and back.I'm 74.
After BF I force myself to ride my bicycle first very slowly and go for about 5-10 miles.After getting home pain is gone for the rest of the day.If I don't bike I'm in pain all day.I guess we all need more exercise even if we have to work trough the pain.Good luck

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I have muscle pain in my neck and in my legs and take eliquist. I complained in the hospital about the neck pain and got no response to it. I don't think they were giving me eliquis yet because what I was getting was in an IV. I was given an antibiotic and maybe I was given the eliquis. I know it was the day before I left the hospital I got the neck pain and I still have it.

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Since responding last year about neck and hip pain that went away when I stopped Eliquis to get hip injection for diagnostic purposes, i resumed Eliquis at the insistence of my doctor. Then I had cervical neck pain & muscle spasms so bad that my doctor sent me for a myelogram. Once again, I discontinued Eliquis in order to get Myelogram. Two days later I was pain free. When I discussed with cardiologist, he stated that ( was the only patient who complained about this.

I asked him if he asked his patients about joint pain since most would not correlate this pain to Eliquis.

In prior years, I had total body muscle pain while on statins.

When I contacted the Pharmaceutical company about Eliquis joint pain, they said it was in the Product Information circular. It is, but is very well disguised. Suggest everyone with this side effect contact Bristol Myers Squibb and file an adverse event report, and make sure your doctor knows about it every time you visit him/her.

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Yes I have been so sore and stiff in the mornings it's like I've aged 5 yrs. I've also had extreme nausea that I have taken meclizine for. I just went off of it for 3 days for a dental appointment tomorrow. I am considering staying off it and going back yto coumedin.

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I got really bad neck pain I have to stop Eliquis!!!

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This is not indicative of aging. If you have the least bit of arthritis, the inflammatory process stimulates the production of Platelets. If taking anticoagulants, it somehow interferes with normal platelet function.

Discuss with your doctor, and file a report with the manufacturer.

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At first on Eliquis my back was very stiff...gradually it went away in several months...I used to have a lot foot pain before taking seems to have improved after taking it. My cervical neck arthirits and upper body pain however seems worse...not sure if, it's Eliquis or from auto accident injury several years ago.
Seems like missing doses and screwing around with dose times makes bruising worse too. Try to stay regular...I have been on it since October 2013..

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Oh, yes. I was and energy plus person and now the muscle aches in my legs and neck are bad. I have no energy and feel much older. The neck pain came after taking two eliquis. They also gave me Toporal twice a day (50mg) and that could be part of it. I have circulation problems in my toes and fingers too.

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I just started eliques. and could not belive that all of a sudden had a lot of muscle pain,neck,back arms. i decided to check for side affects and now i know it is the eliquis.

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After taking 5mg Eliquis 2x/day for 2 months, I now have neck,shoulder and back pain. I also am beginning to have hip discomfort. I was fine before Eliquis. Is it all a coincidence? My cardiologist said my symptoms not a side effect

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Its not your imagination. I am taking eliquis 5 mg twice a day since march 1 2015.
The last month I started getting muscle pain in my arms and stifffness in my
hand joint. I am having getting off a couch, kichen chair and a Toilet seat.
Getting in and out my car is difficult. I am a pharmacist for 38 yrs and I am 61 yo
and now going to a Rheumatogist . She on a witch hunt thinking it might be gout.
After reading these blogs i am convinced the smoking gun is eliquist.
I got to have them get me off this crap before i turn 62 sorry i mean 92!!!!!!

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Re: Bill (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

I have nerve pain in back, hips and legs. Have always wondered if Eliquis might be causing it. Hard to know since I’ve had 2 back surgeries and other problems but seems pain got worse after taking it. I have A-fib and had a blood clot after back surgery. Hard to know what actually causes so much pain.

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Re: Dee (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on xarelto fir 3 months than eloquis due to dizziness and pain. Now my hip is badly effected. X-ray says severe arthritis. Which I knew but also crystals like gout and liquid cysts in hip joint. So sick of how I feel since blood thinners!!! No Drs can explain.

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Re: chris (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on Eliquis for 3 yrs. Have Fibro, some arthritis and 2 back surgeries but pain seemed to get worse after starting Eliquis. Also on a statin. So how does a person really know for sure. Mobic helped my pain but had to quit taking it when I started taking Eliquis. It’s puzzling! I don’t think there is a way to really know what’s causing the pain when taking several meds.

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Yes, same here. Have been taking drug for two weeks. Have call
In to Doctor to discuss.

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Re: Neil (# 200) Expand Referenced Message

My advice, Neil. Get off the Eliquis, but you likely need another type of blood thinner. So I switched from Eliquis to Coumadin, and I got my life back. Talk to your doctor, but lots of them tend to deny that this is the Eliquis. Do not relent here. SWITCH, but it must be closely monitored at first.

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Re: Neil (# 200) Expand Referenced Message

I also experienced these same symptons after starting Eliquis and was distraught over the situation. However, within a month or so the symptons vanished and I feel pretty normal now....thank heaven!

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Yes, i have been very active i life and feelmas thoigh I have aged 10 years the several months I have taken Eloquis.

My bavk and hips ache to the point of i’m ready to give up. Neil

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I reported on this blog several months ago that I had severe muscle aches and suspected Eliquis. After several months, the soreness in my knee went away. Then about 4 months later I developed a severe ache in my pelvic/hip area. After x-rays and MRI, doctor thought it was inflammation around the hip joint due to osteoporosis. Now after about 6 weeks when I could hardly walk, the pain is going away. I have wondered if we could be getting bad batches of Eliquis. I even had the pharmacy call and ask what color my Eliquis pills were???? I hesitate to go back on Coumidin as I reacted so severely to that and they were never able to get my level regulated. Any suggestions?

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I had a second back surgery 1.5 yrs ago and had a blood clot which was not discovered until a month after surgery. Put me on Eliquis! Also have fibro! Have had worse pain ever since was put on Eliquis. Doctor doesn’t think pain is a side effect. Also was put on potassium and metoprolol for atrial fib. Hard to know if or what could be making pain worse. Frustrating! Has 6 injections in back recently for pain. Doctor told me exercise was best thing for pain. They really don’t understand! More frustration! I really don’t know how you figure it out!

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Re: Margie (# 196) Expand Referenced Message

If your experience is like mine with Eliquis, you may be pleasantly surprised how much better you will feel with the Coumadin. Coumadin still has some side effects, as do all the blood thinners.....period. But all I can say is that my muscle weakness and fogginess are GONE since switching to Coumadin. Don't know why this happens with Eliquis for some folks.....remains a mystery to me.

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