Mosegor Syrup For Kids Side Effect


Just want to know the side effects of mosegor syrup for children. This medicine is recommend of my sister in law not from the pedia. My son is six years old.

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My daughter is 7month old she is not eating anything
Please tell me can i give mosegor syrup or not and how much i should give and tell me the side effects also

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can i ask if mosegor is safe for the baby? because i want to try it for my 1year old and 1month son, because at his age he gain only 6.7kls. and im worried about him. thank you.

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Ok po ba ang mosegor sa malnourished na bata like 2yrs old ?tataba ba sya dto pag pinatake q sa knia .

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My daughter is one year old.she is nt eating solid food...plz advise me can i give mosegar and tel quantity and timings

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Ok po ba ang mosegor vita for 20months old en 6yrs old

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Hi everyone! May gerd po, pumayat po Kya neresetahan po ng gastro ko Vita capsule. Tnx God tumaba po Alo at nwala anxiety ko, ask ko po pwede ko po Kya painumin anak kon 16yrs old kc sobrang payat po nya. Slmat po sa sasagot.

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