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In Canada I was taking an extra strength robaxacet for extreme lower back pain due to an old work injury. I am currently staying in Mexico and did not bring enough with me. Does anyone know if there is anything here that will work the same? I am in extreme pain every day when I wake up and can't bend what so ever. If anybody knows of a similar product or even something better I could find here that would be a great help.

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Tramadol 100mg... Take 2 2x day. (400mg). They work. I truly believe Tramadol in Mexico is stronger than in the US. They also come in 50 mg capsules. They also have 100mg injectable available. 50 pesos for 5 viles. Every pharmacy has a different pill call Tramadol. Crazy I know. They are strong. Be careful because they are extremely addictive. I had both my knees replaced and pain level was a 7-8. Tramadol saved me. Good luck.

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Good luck avoiding seizures and serotonin syndrome

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I was taking Tramadol for years & it didn’t work at all for back pain. I’ve been on Soma & it works much better than any dose of Tramadol.

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Soma is a muscle relaxer, Tramadol is for pain.

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