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why does it smell like fish?

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I got my script refilled the other day and the new one smells like fish too! My first bottle (different manufact) did not smell like fish. Beginning to wonder if it is of good quaility

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It is an odor from one of the fillers they use in making the medication, nothing to worry about.

Since each company that makes the generic version of med can use different fillers, then some might have the odor and some won't.

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Yes, it is too something to worry about! With all the horrible cheap fillers being used these days by money grubbing foreign countrues - killing our animals and probably us too. The brand I got from Walgreens is fine - even old pills dont take on a smell. But the cheap kind sold by Walmart and as I know of, Strogers hospital in chicago smell like something toxic Ive smelled in basements and old chemistry laboratories. The stink makes me nauseus and I get diarrhea. It cant be healthy - it may be evilly intended, in any case should be taken off the market.

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my metformin smells like a woman with a yeast infection

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mmmm... muy sabroso!

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i was getting my metformin from target pharmacy, they were not smelly, and i was actually not as hungry and lost some weight with it. then i switched to bi-mart pharmacy and now my metformin smells fishy (YUCK!) and im hungry a LOT, haven't lost any weight with it...
is it just because its a different manufacturer? the target one better? because i wasnt as hungry and i actually lost some weight with that one, is the new one helping?
im thinking maybe i should just switch back.

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I was diagnosed 2 days ago & prescribed Metformin, when I opened the bottle I noticed the odor and totally agree with Joe Blow as it was my first thought.
I will seek a different source or medicine if at all possible.


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I recently started taking Metformin, and this is my second refill-the first two bottles I didn't notice anything, but this third batch smells like fish.

It's been a few days, and so far I have been less hungry and most food has been unappetizing-which didn't really happen with my earlier pills. And today I had bad diarrhea. I thought it might be because I missed a couple days because the pharmacy (Rite Aid) was closed where I ordered my p.script so I took only two a day instead of three....

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Got Metformin prescription at CVS/pharmacy. As soon as I removed the cap to take one almost I faint with that disgusting smell, very ugly, repugnat.! What a disgrace for patients. ;-(

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I was getting mine refilled at CVS, and had no problem with the smell, until the last refill, they told me thta they changed manufactures, and this last one smelled horrific, I went shopping to different pharmacies, Walgreens had the same bad one, Wal-mart gave me a better tolerating brand made by Sandoz.

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I have been taking Metformin (500 mg and 1000mg) over a year(bought from Cub Foods and Caremark). Recently my doctor changed the dose to 850 mg. I bought this from Sams Club. The taste is awful (cannot tolerate especially being vegetarian)

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I found that keeping the pills in an open box (in the air) removed the new fishy odor totally and made it again possible to swallow the 1000 mg pill.

But the open to air pills do not have the same metformin odor that the non-fishy smelling previous ones had, namely, slightly starchy. That was not at all an unpleasant odor.

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I have been taking metform for years & it has little or no odor... just opened the new bottle & it smelled like buck urine... the pharmasist traded it off & let me smell the stock bottle & it stunk too! I cannot take it now... :(

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Been taking Metformin for about a year now and the previous refills did not smell like fish. They are both manufactured by Teva the only difference is the non smelly ones had 4331 and 500 stamped on the pill. The smelly ones have 93 and 48 stamped on them. Getting not only Nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea but extreme flatulance which was not happening with the previous pills. Also, day 2 of taking this new pill I had chest pains. It was a similar incident that made me switch pharmacies 2 years ago. Walgreens listen to the complaints or you will loose customers.

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Chace or any other person that have been taking the smelly Metformin pills. Have you notice any long term effects? Did the doctor increase your dosage after taking these new pills? have you had any other health issues? Maybe with your heart?

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I have been taking Metformin for a few yrs. Last month Walgreens changed from 4331/599 to 93/48 and the smell is terrible, also leaves a bad taste for hours. Called Walgreens and Teva, awaiting an answer. I was going to switch to CVS until reading this website, I heard Target has a different supplier. We all need to located a better supplier/store! I think the problem is too new for doctors to know about.

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Manufacturer TEVA said they are aware of the problem and are trying to correct (make the smell better).
Target said there's smell bad too, Jewel/Osco didn't smell as bad.

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I finally went to Target and yes they smell bad too even when they used a different manufacturer, but I am no longer feeling the pressure on my chest. Altough I am having this weird sweet taste on my tongue in the middle of the night like I have been sucking on a hard candy with no flavor.
I wish somebody would respond to my earlier questions and this one...after taking the smelly metformin pills did you loose control and were forced to take insulin?

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I went on this stuff 3 weeks ago. Target generic product stinks bad, even in the bottle. I was in a van with 6 other people 2 weeks ago. I blamed someone else. Now, I think it was me, and I feel quite embarrassed. I have been changing underwear mid-day, and that helps. One small drop of urine has enough stench to wipe out all of Afghanistan. And, much worse than a bad yeast infection. I am going to try drinking more water. If the odor persists, I will give it up, or go to another drug. This smell has got to go!

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My first prescription pills have a 70 imprinted on one sside and the letter Z imprinted on the other. They have no detectible smell. They came from Zydus Pharmaceu. My refill that just arrived has a fishy smell and 397 imprinted. They come fromCaraco Pharm. I get all of my medications from Maxor Pharmacy through my group medical pactice. I'd appreciate any help as I seem to remember reading not to change brands on Metformin.

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Re: Verwon (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

If the smell of the meds makes the urine & body in some people smell very badly, it most certainly is a problem!

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I can't take the fish taste and smell in the Metformin I've been receiving; also the odor on my clothing. Is there a pharmacy that carries Metformin without the fishy smell?

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Re: Verwon (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Please tell me the name of the manufacturer that makes metformin that doesn't have that awful smell. Its embarrassing to go urinate at someone else house as it smells the whole bathroom up bad

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Re: Mike (# 65) Expand Referenced Message

I take this one too...Walgreens seems to be the only one carries the "berry" one....I am now receiving it through a mom and pop pharmacy...the ordered it for me.

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Re: K (# 111) Expand Referenced Message

Those are the ones I've been taking for years (z, 70 by Zydus). They don't smell like urine or fish but they are very bitter. I'm looking to find one that's coated because it's hard to take bitter pills. Besides stomach upset and frequent bad diarreah, the bitter odor comes out of my pores. I'm also not too happy to find out they put horse urine in them! Eck! Lastly could metformin be whats causing a red rashy face and puffy eyelids?

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Re: Verwon (# 2) Expand Referenced Message
Heck yes it is something to worry about especially if you work in tight areas with a lot of other people or your family. I found that the smell was oozing from every poor and everything I cam in contact with picked up the smell. I was changing my sheets daily! I finally realized what the issue was and called the pharmacy. Thank goodness I did not last more than a couple of months on this version from Tagi. My pharmacy has flagged my account and will no longer dispense anything to me from Tagi. I think they need to rethink their inactive ingredients. I have nothing nice to say about this.

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I used to gag on my metformin pills they smelled so bad. But I found a brand, Zydus Pharmaceuticals, which doesn't smell and have not had a problem since. I had to have CVS special order them. Make sure it's marked with a z on one side and the number 70 on the reverse.

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I got fishy ones from Walgreens this month, made by Sun Pharma. They have 397 on them. Gross, can't take them. I will switch to a new pharmacy that carries the other ones I have been taking for 20 years, never smelled anything like it. Smelled like rotten fish. I don't want to end up smelling nasty too. Ewww.

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My mail order pharmacy started to send me Metformin that has a grape jelly smell. I could not understand why a diabetic med would smell sweet, but maybe it's to cover up an unpleasant smell.

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I recently refilled & received pills with G 10 on one side. These pills are smaller, have a fruity taste and foul smell inside the container.

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